Breath of Life



Time to leave this body
Time to go home
Eyes heavenward
You feel the breath of life
Breath of Spirit beckoning
Breath of Spirit waiting to embrace you.
The arms of the Divine Eternal Mother
are open wide to receive you.
She draws you to her bosom
Into the beautiful vastness of the Universal One-ness
The Universal Allness
Which is your home.

You feel her fingers touch your heart
As She speaks to you.
“Give me your pain”, she says
“Give me your sorrow
Give me your grief
Give me your fear
I will take it
Give it to me
And come to me.”

A wave of energy sweeps through your being
A rush of energy from above.
Surging soft, light energy from the Cosmos
And sweeps you up.
You merge into this wondrous, wave of Light
Absorbed into it
Immersed in it
You know you are home.

Looking down upon the physical body you have left
A feeling of great love floods through you,.
The physical form served you very well
But that is done…
You belong to the Stars.
It was but a brief visit
A journey
An exploration.

Your spirit overflows with lightness, joy and love!
Sparks of light fly off you, as you sweep through the universe
Part of…at one with…the Divine Cosmic Source.

Looking earthward again
You see other souls
Just like you
Waiting to leave.

You swoop like an eagle
Down to the Earth.
Part of the Great Wave of Source
You swoop
Around them
Through them
Picking them up…
Picking them up
And bringing them home.


This poem is Lia’s attempt to articulate the powerful vision she experienced during the recording of  her album ‘Breath of Life’.


The beautiful calligraphy version of the ‘Breath of Life’ poem below, was sent to Lia by Victoria Standen from the UK. Victoria and her precious canine soulmate companion Polly, received great comfort from the ‘Breath of Life’ album during Polly’s final illness. Because of the profound effect of the music, Victoria asked Lia’s permission for her Mum, a calligraphy artist, to copy the poem as a memorial for Polly’s altar so that she would be reminded daily of…

“all the love and lessons Polly has taught me this last year of her illness. I know she will love it on her altar and I can feel her smiling now at the whole thing. She has been an angel here on earth with me and I am very lucky to be graced with her company. I will always have her in my heart and her spirit and heart will always be with me.”




Lia Scallon For almost 20 years, the unique, otherworldly vocals of award-winning Composer/Singer Lia Scallon, have been transporting listeners to that sanctuary within the heart, where they can connect with their own wisdom and ability to heal. Lia’s music defies easy definition. The power of her sacred songs and accompanying ‘Language of Light’, belongs to the realm of Spirit. Many say the music reaches deep into their soul, triggering remembrance of their life’s purpose. Inspirational and transformative, yet profoundly soothing to body, mind and spirit, it could be said that the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are calling you ‘home’. Lia’s three most recent albums – Crystal Keys, The Luminous Pearl, and Song of the Sidhe, have all received worldwide recognition, and been honoured with multiple awards.

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