February 23, 2014

Copper and Quartz Crystal Pyramid

I’ve just received a shipment of some very powerful Crystal pyramid generators, set with amplifying copper spirals. When I found these healing tools, my immediate intuition was I needed to acquire a number of them so that I could place one in the four corners of each room in my home and office. My intuition was that these pyramids would protect the space, as well as amplifying the energy and purpose of intent I consciously set within it.

As soon as I unpacked the pyramids I was guided to create a large Crystal Grid within which to lie. When the grid was complete, it incorporated 15 of the crystal pyramids, my four new extraordinarily powerful Tibetan Healing wands that were handmade by Tibetan monks, and eight Lapis Lazuli towers engraved with Reiki symbols. All these were turbo charged by 15 large Selenite rulers – a crystal that for me represents the purest White Light. When I looked at the finished grid I ‘knew’ that what I had created was a Light vehicle of some sort.


Lia’s Selenite and Quartz and Copper Pyramid Healing Grid

A Healing Generator

Pyramids harness higher level, vibrational energies. Each of these Healing Pyramid Crystal Energy Generators is a powerful energy magnifier that can be used in healing, energy balancing, spiritual centering, grid work, protection, and chakra balancing. Each one is hand crafted and unique.

Placing this Pyramid Generator in your home promotes a positive flow of energy in your space. Because of the uniqueness of each crystal, they are one of a kind.

In your healing work the pyramid can be use by placing one on each chakra or on the desired area to be worked on. A pyramid can also be placed under your healing table or in the four corners a room to protect and energise the space.

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