Miniature Crystal Skull – Set


A limited edition selection of custom carved, miniature Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls, imbued with the energy of the ‘Master Crystal Skull Solar’ during the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024 .

During the following 40-day Eclipse window, they were encoded with the Light frequencies of the Sounds of Sirius, transmitted through Lia in several sacred ceremonies.

These little crystal skulls are packed with power and purpose. They will call strongly to their new guardians throughout the globe because they have work to do. Some insisted on being paired with a companion. Having been a Crystal Skull guardian for almost 20 years, Lia has come to realise that the crystals skulls know exactly how, and with whom, they wish to work. She has therefore, made some skulls available as twin pairs.

Material:  Clear Quartz Crystal
Size:           2.5cm approx


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Lia commissioned the custom carving of this selection of miniature Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls, in order that the energy of  The Master Crystal Skull Solar  could become more tangibly available to all who felt drawn to his power and wisdom.

Each of these exquisite, finely carved little skulls have been part of several sacred ceremonies. They carry, not only The Master Solar’s energy, but that of Lia’s entire crystal skull and crystalline family, several of whom have accompanied her to some of the world’s most ancient power portals.

Most importantly, these skulls took pride of place beside Solar on his altar for the recent Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024 . They remained there throughout the following 40-day Eclipse window, during which time they were further encoded with the Light frequencies of the Sounds of Sirius transmitted through Lia in several sacred ceremonies.

Many of the indigenous nations believe that April 8th, 2024 Eclipse to be the one specifically spoken about in the ancient prophecies. So strongly do they believe this, that 10 days before the Eclipse, Elders from the North American Indian tribes, came together with Elders from the South American tribes, in a gathering in Palenque in Mexico, a meeting that brought to fruition the Hopi Prophecy of the ‘Eagle and the Condor’.

During one of the ceremonies Lia was called to do during this 40-day Eclipse period, she lost consciousness. When she ‘came to’, the following words were channelled through her very quickly and with great certainty:-

“You have been downloaded with frequencies of Light hitherto never experienced.
Your spine has been straightened. The Light will now flow uninterrupted, down your spine.

These frequencies of Light have also been downloaded into each of the crystals present that will go out into the world.
You will find that there is an immediate response to these crystals because those who are meant to receive them will know.


What’s interesting is that Lia commissioned the carving of these miniature crystal skulls, miniature ankhs and new Source Stones back in September 2023. Due to unforeseen circumstances however, she ended up being away from home base for several months just after the shipment arrived, during which time the newly arrived crystals soaked up the energy of her Crystal Temple.

In a beautiful and unexpected orchestration by the Universe, Lia arrived home just one day before the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse. This allowed her to be reunited with The Master Solar and her crystalline family for that momentous event. She feels sure Solar had a powerful hand in this timing.

Back in 2012, just after Solar and she were ‘reunited’ in Mt Shasta, against all the odds Solar managed to get himself to Far North Queensland, Australia in perfect time for the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse – to the one place in the world where he could sit under that eclipse in its full totality. The significance of this planetary event which is reflected in his very name, seems to have particular importance in relation to his work with Lia. It is no surprise therefore, that these beautiful little miniature skulls and ankhs were destined to remain in Solar’s presence for this event, so that they could be charged with the amplified energy, and the phonotic Light codes that became available at this time.

Ceremonial Charging of the Crystals by The Master Skull Solar


April 8th Total Solar Eclipse, 2024
If you are interested in learning more about the energies involved in the recent April 8th Total Solar Eclipse, you’ll find the podcast below is very informative.

In advance of the event, Sacha Stone of the ‘Lazaris Initiative’, brought together a panel of guests to discuss the upcoming Eclipse. The panel included Chief Phil Lane Jr, physicist Dr Alex Ling, Maori Elder Huna Flash and others.





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