Solar Radiance – 2024 Reboot Ceremony

June 1st – Day 3 – and all was in readiness for the Sounds of Source ceremony.  The date of the ceremony had been totally unplanned, but ‘coincidentally’, the date added up to 10 – a number integral to the SOS project! Hence the 10-sided Source Stone.

10 contains the 1 of New Beginnings, and the 0 Zero point, which encompasses the beginning and the end as well as endless and open possibilities. When added together 1+0, reduces back to 1 again, reinforcing the message of New Beginnings and the perfection of the One-in-All.”

The ceremony that followed was extraordinary…

Before starting, I was prompted to gather all my personal pieces of Lapis Lazuli, including jewellery, and place them on Solar’s altar with the remaining Source Stones and Source Stone necklaces.

As soon as I tuned in, I felt the room fill with many powerful Light Masters…Thoth, Isis, the Angelics, the Sirian High Council, The Blue Light, and members of my own ancestral lineage.

Blessing of the Divine Eternal Mother
I found my attention returning to the Goddess Isis. Then Quan Yin presented, Mother Mary and finally Mary Magdelene. With that, I saw that the Blessing of the Divine Eternal Mother was being gifted into the bottles of essence through the auspices of these ascended Goddess Beings.

Solar – The Overseer
My channel opened and I began to sing. I became aware then of Solar’s magnificent Soul Presence pouring his energy into the Stock bottles which had sat beneath him for the past 24 hours. The sweet and powerful Light Language melodies that sang through me, amplified his ancient  Presence and power.

After a time, I was compelled to lie on the floor with my personal Master Source Stone placed on my solar plexus. For the next hour, I drifted in and out of consciousness, as I participated in the imprinting and blessing of the Solar Radiance ‘Stock’ essence.

The Violet Flame
The first time I surfaced back into consciousness, I saw a dramatic flash of deep purple Light strike the bottles like a lightening bolt. I knew immediately, that St Germain’s Violet Ray had been infused into the water. His Presence would now surround those who imbibed this essence. St Germain’s Violet Flame is a purifying and transmuting tool for transmuting all misqualified energy. I recalled in that moment, that St Germain is intrinsically associated with Mt Shasta where Solar and I were reunited. In photographs, Solar has often been seen with Violet Light around him. It made sense that they would wish to work together in this way.

Star Language Codes
The second time I surfaced I saw a cascade of glowing Hieroglyphics descend into each of the bottles. I was told that these Star Language glyphs contained vast amounts of information and Cosmic wisdom.

Blue Light
The third time I ‘came to’, it was to see the bottles swathed in soft whispering Blue Light – the same Blue Light that has been suffusing the Planet over the past couple of years, as described by Nancy Rebecca (see video clips below for more info).

Prayer for the Recipients
As I moved in and out of consciouness, I sent a heartfelt Prayer of Intention to Source, asking for the full healing of all who would imbibe this  Solar Radiance essence.

“May the energy of Solar Radiance suffuse every cell of your body with the transformative Photonic Light currently flooding our atmosphere through the Solar Maximum flares.

May this powerful electromagnetic energy be harnessed, anchored, integrated and utilised by each cell of your body, with ease and grace.

May it accelerate the expansion of your consciousness, releasing old patterns, upgrading all systems, and triggering the activation of your dormant DNA.”

Message for the Source Stone Guardians
As we travel through the Photon Belt, we are being triggered by our Sun. The SOS Source Stone and Solar Radiance were birthed as a pair. This new incarnation of Solar Radiance, combined with the Source Stone’s attributes, will bring the enhancement of serenity, and the ability to cope with the exponential Shift on our Planet.

If you are a Source Stone guardian, be conscious that you are part of the Sacred Indigo Grid of Light across the Planet. The collective power of all the Source Stones working together is formidable to behold.

Bathe your Source Stone in Solar Radiance to help renew and restore its energy.
When you work with Solar Radiance imbibe 7-10 drops, then bless your Stone with a drop too, thus creating a common bond of Solar Light between you.


A Final Blessing
As I finally emerged from my deeply submerged state back into full consciousness, I once again began to channel. I saw Solar’s energy radiating  outwards from him, and into the bottles of Stock Essence.

Once again, I felt the powerful presence of Isis as the following words came through me in English:-

“The imprint of the Goddess Isis is upon you
The imprint of the Goddess Isis is upon you
The imprint of the Goddess Isis is upon you.”


With that, I imbibed my first drops of the newly programmed Solar Radiance essence, and felt a sense of deep peace and serenity envelop me.


May Solar, the Goddess Isis, Saint Germain, The Council of Sirius, and the Angelics,
Fill your entire being with Light with each drop that you take.


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