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Lia Scallon

Song of Revelation is a deeply moving music video gifted to uplift body, mind and soul during these times of great challenge.

It celebrates the indomitable and resilient spirit of humanity, and our immutable and eternal connection to the Divine.

As you watch, may the sacred ways and wisdom of your ancestors awaken within you the deep and sure knowing that your life has power and purpose. For you are indeed, a Divine Angelic Human.

“What a masterpiece! I felt this so deeply. Your voice is beyond what words can say. It moved me to tears. I felt it in every cell of my body…like pure bliss.”
Janine, Germany

“Lia, this is your best work yet. When the Light Language came through, my body began to shake and I instantly started getting downloads. My heart is so full and expanded with love and great appreciation.”  
Claudia, USA

“Your voice, and the energy you transmit in Song of Revelation are truly spectacular. I am deeply moved by what I hear and see…not just the images on screen, but way beyond the physical realm. Heart and soul frequency.”
Joni, Ireland

“I so love this video…it made me cry. Thank you for reminding us that we are all connected.”
Dianne, Australia

Lia Scallon
Award-winning Composer and Sacred Songtress

Lia’s highly acclaimed  Sounds of Sirius  series of healing music albums have garnered many music industry awards over the past two decades. Lia’s
 otherworldly vocals and mysterious Language of Light, instantly transport the listener to a sanctuary of utter peace. Often described as mystical, magical, and transcendent, the driving force behind  all Lia’s music is to provide comfort and healing to the listener. These are songs to soothe the soul and uplift consciousness.




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May your Heart be Moved
And your Soul Replenished
By this Profound Musical Journey