The Prophecy Stones


This new family of Source Stones took pride of place beside The Master Crystal Skull Solar  on his altar for the recent momentous Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024 . They remained there throughout the following 40-day Eclipse window, during which time I further encoded them with the Light frequencies of the Sounds of Sirius in several sacred ceremonies.

Many of the indigenous nations believe the April 8th, 2024 Eclipse to be the event specifically spoken about in the ancient prophecies. So strongly is this belief that, 10 days before the Eclipse, Elders from the North American Indian tribes, came together with Elders from the South American tribes in a gathering in Palenque in Mexico, a meeting that brought to fruition the Prophecy of the ‘Eagle and the Condor’.

During one of the ceremonies I was called to do during this 40-day Eclipse period, I lost consciousness. When I ‘came to’, the following words were channelled through me very quickly and with great certainty:-

“You have been downloaded with frequencies of Light hitherto never experienced.
Your spine has been straightened. The Light will now flow uninterrupted, down your spine.

These frequencies of Light have also been downloaded into each of the crystals present that will go out into the world.
You will find that there is an immediate response to these crystals because those who are meant to receive them will know.


What’s interesting is that I commissioned the carving of these new Source Stones, along with some beautiful miniature crystal skulls and ankhs, back in September 2023. Due to unforeseen circumstances however, I ended up being away from home base for several months. During which time the new crystals soaked up the energy of my Crystal Temple.

In a beautiful and unexpected orchestration by the Universe, I arrived home just one day before the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse. This allowed me to reunite with The Master Solar and the rest of my crystalline family for that momentous event. I have no doubt that Solar had a powerful hand in this timing.

Back in 2012, just after Solar and I were ‘reunited’ in Mt Shasta, against all the odds Solar managed to get himself to Far North Queensland, Australia in perfect time for the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse – to the one place in the world where he could sit under that eclipse in its full totality. The significance of this planetary event which is reflected in Solar’s very name, seems to have particular importance in relation to my partnership with him. It is no surprise therefore, that these exquisite new Source Stones were destined to remain in Solar’s presence for the April 8th Eclipse, so that they could be charged with the Phonotic Light codes and the amplified energy available at this time.


The Prophecy Stones
Ten years ago, back in 2013, I was Divinely guided to bring the first Source Stones into being as part of the Sounds of Source project. Many of these beautiful Stones now encircle the globe forming The Sacred Indigo Grid of Light. As well as embodying all the attributes of the original Source Stone template, each new family of Stones seems to be carry their own unique message and purpose. What struck me about the appearance of these Stones was they seem to encapsulate the dynamic energy of the ever-expanding Cosmos.

Because the power of the April 8th Eclipse is deeply imbued within this new family of Source Stones, I have been prompted to call them ‘The Prophecy Stones’. We are the living fulfilment of the ancient prophecies. We are truly becoming the co-creators of the New Earth. The April 8th Eclipse has amplified our ability to fully embrace that reality. I believe these particular Source Stones will help accelerate that process for their new  guardians.

During the 4 minute 28 seconds when the Solar Eclipse reached its totality, Planet Earth was held and cocooned in a bubble of exponentially intensified Photonic Light, that obliterated the power of darkness to overwhelm or dominate the Light. During those moments, millions of people across the Earth, with conscious intent, dreamed the New World of our hearts desire into manifestion, ‘knowing‘ it to already be a reality.

This was a sublime moment of choice – one where we became the Architects of our own Destiny. It was – and is –  about choosing beauty and harmony. Choosing Love, Joy, Peace and Compassion, and choosing to lift the entirety of humanity with us to a level of elevated frequency.

This is the energy encapsulated in this new family of Source Stones, an energy already rippling out to every other Source Stone in the Sacred Indigo Grid of Light. The gift of these new Source Stones is to help us remain committed to our Eclipse vision, and to strengthen our ever-expanding ability as co-creators.


Pluto Changemakers
Also present during the Eclipse ceremony and ensuing 40-day Eclipse window were some remaining Source Stone necklaces from the previous shipment, which were charged during the March Equinox 2023. The new ‘Prophecy Stones’ and these remaining ‘Pluto Changemakers’ sat together on Solar’s altar during the April Eclipse, so each is now imbued with the energy of the other.

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Ceremonial Charging of the Crystals by The Master Skull Solar


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April 8th Total Solar Eclipse, 2024
If you are interested in learning more about the energies involved in the recent April 8th Total Solar Eclipse, you’ll find the podcast below is very informative.

In advance of the event, Sacha Stone of the ‘Lazaris Initiative’, brought together a panel of guests to discuss the upcoming Eclipse. The panel included Chief Phil Lane Jr, physicist Dr Alex Ling, Maori Elder Huna Flash and others.