The Prophecy Stones

Dear Friends,

In my newsletter on the eve of the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse, I shared that many of the Indigenous nations believe this to be the world-changing event spoken of in their Ancient Prophecies, a cosmic moment that would be the catalyst for  transforming everything.

The timing of this information coming to my attention was significant, because having spent almost 8 months in Sydney with my husband attending to his medical needs, we were finally booked to return home just one day before this momentous occasion.

After years of observing the often jaw-dropping synchronicities that can occur when one is in flow with the Universe, I don’t believe in coincidences! I had a strong suspicion therefore, that our flying home in time for this event was  no accident.



Back in 2012, I found myself in Mt Shasta California for the summer Solstice. Just a week before leaving for the US, I had returned home from an unexpected solo pilgrimage to the sacred site of Uluru, a visit which by chance (?) coincided with the Venus Transit! While there in the Australian desert, I experienced a major personal initiation that was the culmination of an intense 3-month shamanic journey.

I realise now that that spontaneous calling to visit Uluru, and the prior months of intense and deep spiritual journeying, were all preparation for my meeting The Master Crystal Skull Solar (pronounced SolAr) in Mt Shasta. You can read about that meeting here 

The impeccable timing of my reunion with Solar soon became clear. Against all the odds, Solar, who had remained in Brazil with his carver Leandro de Souza for 6 years after being released from the stone, first of all managed to get himself to Mt Shasta where he could meet me, and then to Far North Queensland, Australia, in perfect time for the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse – ie he got himself to the one place in the world where he could sit under that eclipse in its totality.

It would appear the planetary event of a Total Solar Eclipse – the very essence of which is reflected in Solar’s name – is of particular significance to my partnership with him. I have little doubt that Solar had a powerful hand in my arriving home just one day before the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse, so that I could be physically present in his energy field for that powerful moment spoken about in the Ancient Prophecies.



Getting home in time for the Eclipse had some other fortuitous ramifications which may pertain to some of you!

In mid 2023 I committed to appear at a Sound Healing Symposium in Atherton in October. Solar rarely accompanies me because of his size, but this occasion was to be an exception. To mark his attendance at the event, I commissioned the carving of some beautiful miniature Crystal skulls, Crystal Ankhs, along with some new Source Stones and Source Stone necklaces, so that the energy of  The Master Crystal Skull Solar  could become more tangibly available to those who felt drawn to work with his power and wisdom.

The Universe had other plans however! Being detained in Sydney meant cancelling  my appearance at the Sound Symposium, so these beautiful new crystals ended up soaking up the energy of my Crystal Temple for the many months I was away.

Timing is everything! Due to this Divine intervention, on the momentous April 8th Total Solar Eclipse these crystals took pride of place on Solar’s altar. They remained there throughout the following 40-day Eclipse window, during which time I further encoded them with the Light Language frequencies of the Sounds of Sirius in several sacred ceremonies.





In one of the ceremonies I performed during the 40-day Eclipse period, I lost consciousness. When I ‘came to’, the following words were channelled through me very quickly and with great certainty:-

“You have been downloaded with frequencies of Light hitherto never experienced.
Your spine has been straightened. The Light will now flow uninterrupted, down your spine.
These frequencies of Light have also been downloaded into each of the crystals present that will go out into the world.
You will find that there is an immediate response to these crystals because those who are meant to receive them will know.”




Having worked with these new crystals for more than a month now and felt the building potency of their energy, I know that they are packed full of power and purpose.

Since I first starting working with the Crystal Skulls in 2006, they have demonstrated to me time and again, that they know who they wish to be with, and where they wish to be in the world. So, I have no doubt these particular Crystal Beings will call strongly to their new guardians.

What was intriguing as I unpacked the skulls to place them on Solar’s altar, was that several of them insisted on being partnered with others as matching pairs. I originally intended to offer all of them individually only, but once again, I found myself bowing to the Higher Intelligence of the Crystal Skull Grid of Light.


Miniature Crystal Skull

Miniature Crystal Skull Set




The Egyptian Ahkh is one of the most recognisable symbols of Ancient Egypt. It symbolises the concept of eternal life. The teardrop-shaped hoop represents the sun; the arms of the cross represent the horizon; and the vertical shaft represents the pathway of the sun upwards over the horizon.

In the ancient Egyptian religion, the Ankh was believed to have the power to give life, in both the physical and spiritual sense. Often shown in the hands of the Pharaoh, the Ankh was also a symbol of power, protection and good luck, and was frequently depicted on amulets and jewellery believed to have magical powers. It was also associated with the Mother Goddess Isis.

The custom-made miniature Crystal Skull has been designed to fit perfectly on the ‘loop’ of the Ankh to make a beautiful little paired set. Both the Skull and Ankh can also be purchased individually.


Miniature Crystal Skull & Ankh Set

Single Ankh




11 years ago back in 2013, I was Divinely guided to bring the first Source Stones into being as part of the Sounds of Source project. Many of these beautiful Stones now encircle the globe forming The Sacred Indigo Grid of Light. As well as embodying all the attributes of the original Source Stone template, each new family of Stones seems to be carry their own unique message and purpose.

Because of what was revealed during the April 8th Eclipse period, I was prompted to call this new family of Source Stones The Prophecy Stones. As a living fulfilment of the Ancient Prophecies, we are truly becoming the co-creators of the New Earth. This recent Eclipse has amplified our ability to fully embrace that reality.

What struck me about the appearance of these Stones is that they seem to reflect  the dynamic energy of the ever-expanding Cosmos. I believe these particular Source Stones will help accelerate an exponential expansion of consciousness in their new guardians.


Source Stone

Source Stone Necklace



As you will notice from the video of the Ceremonial Charging of the Crystals by Solar above, there are a limited number of these beautiful new Source Stones and custom carved, miniature Crystal Skulls, and Ankhs available, either individually items or as sets.

If you feel called to be a guardian of one of these crystals, I recommend acting quickly so as not to be disappointed.



The Sun Himself Is Weak When He First Rises,
And Gathers Strength And Courage
As The Day Gets On

Charles Dickens

Let us endeavour to be the joyous Co-creators of our New Earth, by dreaming it into manifestation with every thought, and every fibre of our being!

Let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.

Love and Blessings,