Words Of Solace From Asandra

“The Alchemist” by Asandra


Greetings and Welcome Friends,

So many of you want to do good in this world. That of course is an indication that you are walking a path of service. It doesn’t matter what the service is as long as your heart is aligned with the light. It is important to not look at the world around you through the eyes of fear. Remember that the third dimensional reality that you experience through your outer senses is a manifestation of a larger collective frequency that has been in motion since before recorded time.

The physical plane is not an absolute reality, no matter how “real” it may appear. The ultimate transformation for humanity is to understand itself and all that exists in form as energy. Those that do not understand the true nature of existence resist or fight against change they cannot comprehend.

Remember that you willingly entered into this consciousness so that your participation would enable you to express an illuminated energy. One does not have to be fully enlightened or perfect in any manner. You simply need to do your best to be aligned with that wisdom and light. While you are here in form you may not always understand the value of your personal contribution, but do not doubt that you are assisting in the awakening of humanity. The illusionary nature of time and space can be a trap as one cannot see the big picture at times.

Remember that you do not need to change the world or to be fearful about circumstances that appear to be calamitous. When you rise to a higher frequency you then are co-creating a reality that ultimately will find its place in the physical realm. But you cannot wait around for that to happen if you want to be a part of this evolutionary alignment with an awakened consciousness. You simply need to deepen your own communion within to a higher truth and express that light to the best of your ability. Spirit will always be with you even if you are unaware of our existence. Walk in the truth and be well.

Channeled message from Astarte through Asandra ©2021