May 31, 2019

‘Peace Song Awards’ Winner!

My dear Friends – THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! The results for the public voting in the Peace Song Awards have been announced and both my nominated songs have won in their categories, with ‘Prelude’ taking out two separate awards!

Public Voting Winner – Lia Scallon, ‘The Fairie Portal Opens’

Public Voting Winner – Lia Scallon, ‘Prelude’
Most Engagements – Lia Scallon, ‘Prelude’

This incredible outcome is entirely your doing, and I am indebted to you for your generous support! The wonderful thing is that through this endorsement, the story of the Irish Faerie people, the Sidhe, and their message of hope to humanity, as communicated on the track ‘Prelude’, is extending its reach further out through the globe, to touch and awaken more hearts and minds.

As an acknowledgement of my gratitude for your part in this unfoldment, I’d like to gift you with a FREE DOWNLOAD of ‘Enchanted Crystalline Lake’, another track from ‘Song of the Sidhe’ that has been released as a Single.

To claim this gift of the Heart, just click on the link below, follow the normal procedure for purchasing the track, and then insert the promotional code ‘enchanted’ at the checkout. May the Sidhe shower you with their blessings, and their magic, on this day!

FREE DOWNLOAD: ‘Enchanted Crystalline Lake’…/enchanted-crystalline-lak…/

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