Licensing & Copyright

Public Performance and Transmission Rights

My record label, Sounds of Sirius – is a member of the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited. As an organisation, PPCA represents Australian record labels and individual artists, by issuing music licences on their behalf. These music licenses enable Australian businesses (licensees) to play a repertoire of quality recorded music in public, while safeguarding the rights of thousands of Australian recording artists and labels, ensuring that they receive a fair return for their music.

As a member of PPCA, I am required to make public on my website, a copy of my own Direct Licensing Agreement. This document provides specific information for anyone who would prefer to deal directly with the Sounds of Sirius, in respect of the licensing of any of my musical works, as an alternative to acquiring a license from the PPCA.

Download The Sounds of Sirius Direct Licensing Agreement PDF


Music Copyright

Music copyright is a rather complex area! Each piece of music has several different copyright components. Fortunately where the Sounds of Sirius is concerned, as the composer, lyricist, performer, publisher and holder of the mechanical rights, I hold copyright for all aspects of each of the works. This makes licensing the Sounds of Sirius a little less complicated than some other music!

A great majority of the general public unfortunately does not seem to realise that when one buys a CD, one is buying the right to use it for personal use only. Copying that CD for friends or playing it in a public place without the artist’s permission, is an infringement of copyright. These same copyright conditions apply to MP3 downloads, either purchased or gifted on the artist’s website or anywhere else.

Many young recording artists starting out on their musical careers now have the ability to record their music on a home computer, and dispense it to the public through the Internet. This can be a wonderful way for a young musician to get noticed, however there are downsides. One result is that the enormous financial, time and energy investment required, to record a quality album in a professional recording studio with professional musicians, can very easily become overlooked by the consumer. Independent artists such as myself, fund every aspect of album production themselves. They rely solely on sales to recoup these costs, so that they may continue to offer music with highest production values, for the listening pleasure of the general public.

Copyright and Licensing Fact Sheets

If you are thinking of licensing the Sounds of Sirius, or any other music work for use in your business, workshop or any other creative endeavour such as video, film or live performance, here are a few fact sheets from the Australian Copyright Council that you may find both interesting and informative.

Music & Copyright
Download PDF

Copying Cassettes, CDs, MP3s &  Records
Download PDF

Playing Music – APRA and PPCA
Download PDF

If you’ve been wondering how you might go about using some of your favourite music in your next creative venture –  whether it be the Sounds of Sirius or any other music – I hope that this information serves to fill in the gaps, and give you some clarity on how to proceed.

I thank you for your understanding, for your integrity, and for your appreciation of the moral and ethical boundaries associated with your use of the Sounds of Sirius and other recorded material.

All Sounds of Sirius Recordings are Copyrighted Intellectual Property