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‘Breath of Life’is gifted to help us release core grief and fear, particularly fear of death. We are offered a glimpse of what awaits us, the limitlessness of Spirit, which is our true home, and we stand awestruck by its magnitude, its beauty and its love. Most poignant for those preparing to leave the Earth plane, and the loved ones who travel that journey with them, these ancient chants also bring great comfort to those still experiencing the long-term grief over the loss of someone dear to them.

Indeed, Breath of Life can assist with death in all its forms, including outmoded beliefs that inhibit our true freedom and enlightenment. As with all of the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ albums, each note and word is  imbued with pure Love from Source. In a gentle and loving way, the Light Codes contained within this music, help us to let go of behaviour patterns and inherited programming that may have kept us ‘stuck’ for a lifetime. This ancient chant offers a healing balm for the soul, and sweet respite from the frantic activity of our modern world.

For whatever reason you may feel the call to this unique transmission, you will find yourself deeply and profoundly drawn into the depths of your own soul’s wisdom.

“There is a mood of dignity, majesty and awe evoked by this music that has the ability to dispel fear and anxiety. Lia’s singing is like the voice of the Eternal Mother – gentle and caressing, nurturing and protective. This is possibly the most profound of her recordings.”     
Nova Magazine


‘Breath of Life’ Vision
During the recording of my album ‘Breath of Life’ I experienced a profound and very moving vision. The journey I was taken on was so powerful, that I later compelled to record it in the form of a poem to accompany the CD. The poem describes what takes place when the soul leaves the body, to return to the arms of Source.
Lia Scallon

 ‘Breath of Life’ Poem


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