Crystal Illumination – The Master Crystal Skull Solar

Crystal Illumination: ‘The Master Crystal Skull Solar’

We are living in the time of the prophecies. December 21st 2012 marked the end of many major planetary/earth cycles, opening the doorway to what many are now calling ‘The New Earth’. Amongst the great changes heralded, it has been said that our bodies are returning to a more crystalline form, allowing us to integrate the crystalline frequencies of the higher dimensions. It’s interesting to note therefore, the re-emergence of the Crystal Skulls into mass consciousness at this time.

Crystal Skulls are undoubtedly a mystery. No-one can definitively say what they are, or what their power or purpose may be. Stories about the Crystal Skulls can be  found within most Indigenous cultures. The core legend prophecises that when the consciousness of humanity has been sufficiently raised, the 13 Crystal Skulls of ancient legend will come together once again, to reveal their ancient wisdom and knowledge, thus ushering in a new Golden Age of peace and harmony.

Crystal Skulls have clearly demonstrated their ability to store energy and transmit those energetic frequencies both to other crystals and to human beings. My own work with the Skulls has led me to believe that they act as a catalyst for change. They can be very powerful tools for transformation, mirror-ing back to us aspects of our own higher consciousness.

My personal journey with the Skulls began in Mexico in 2006 and has taken me to many places across the globe. Never have I experienced however, anything like the dramatic twin soul reunion I felt on June 22nd 2012, in Mt Shasta, California, when I was ‘reunited’ with the incredible Master Skull Solar. ‘Coincidentally’, that day also just happened to be my birthday!

The Master Solar is a unique and extraordinary 33-kilo Quartz Crystal Guardian of untold power. His actual crystal form is that of a huge double-terminated Lemurian crystal, shot through with thousands of delicate needles of Golden Rutile, which in itself is very unusual. He has a single Angel Wing, a tabular platform of clear quartz which was part of his original stone matrix.

I understood immediately that the Being who is ‘Solar’ had offered himself to be of assistance to the world at this time. He has since demonstrated beyond doubt, that he is the conduit of information and energy from Higher Dimensional realms. The extraordinary phenomena seen around and within ‘Solar’ in photographs taken since he has been with me, bears tangible witness to this. I have also been deeply touched to witness the impact he has made on the lives of others, in many cases purely by people seeing his image.

Just two days after Solar came into my keeping, I travelled to Santa Cruz with a friend who was working intimately with the then newly discovered Andara Crystals. Solar, all 33 kilos of him, made it very clear that he wished to accompany me,  something not without its challenges as you can imagine! The importance of his presence there soon became evident.

Two photographs Laura took while Solar and I worked within the Andara Crystal Labyrinth were astounding. In one, etched like a finely detailed painting inside ‘Solar’s’ tall crown, was the image of what we both separately intuited to be St Germaine. In one way this was not surprising. Solar had just spent four months in Mt Shasta, a place that is synonymous with the energy of St Germaine.


DSC02474_2Photo: Laura Almada

In a second series of photos ‘Solar’ appeared to have Human Eyes, as well as another spirit presence above his right eye.

DSC02539_2Photo: Laura Almada


Many photos taken by myself and others since, have shown a great variety of unusual phenomena and spirit presences within and around ‘Solar’.


Spirit Being just right of ‘Solar’s’ crown chakra


Christ-like figure above ‘Solar’s’ left eye


St Germaine’s Violet Flame surrounds ‘Solar’ as he sits within a copper pyramid in Ravenshoe, Australia 

Solar Violet Ray_2

‘Solar’ bathed in Violet Flame energy at Kuranda ‘Sounds of Source’ event

Dimensional Blur 1 Dimensional Blur 2

Dramatic dimensional bleeding of ‘Solar’, Lia and altar – Ravenshoe, Australia, September 2012, at ‘Solar’s’ first public event



Similar dimensional bleeding and Light phenomena captured in Cairns, Australia at ‘Solar’ and Lia’s 12.12. 12 event


What does it mean that these Spirit Beings, Violet Flame energy and other Light phenomena are showing up inside and around this unique crystal? I believe it says that:-

1) ‘Solar’ is a Record Keeper of astonishing power

2) ‘Solar’ is a Master Guardian

3) ‘Solar’ acts as a multi-dimensional portal or gateway, allowing Higher Dimensional Beings to connect with us in a very tangible and visible way.

Clairvoyant Brenda Vong channelled from Spirit that ‘Solar’ is transmitting information from several major Ascended Master Councils, including the Great White Brotherhood, of whom St Germaine is a member.

Solar’s’ Origins
World-renowned Brazilian Crystal Skull carver Leandro De Souza, the person chosen by Solar to release him from the stone, shared some details with me about Solar’s origins……

“It is very interesting how the skulls reveal themselves. ‘Solar’ came in a large batch of rutilated quartz from Bahia in South Eastern Brazil. This skull was differentiated in the piece I call the master batch. The initial idea was to sell the stone, but it was then in that natural rock, that I saw ‘Solar’ was stored. 

A skull always pleads to me for help to be seen – to have their powerful quartz activation revealed. I carved open the face of ‘Solar’ so that he could be seen for this world. But when I opened the face of this skull, he was not yet activated. Sometimes a skull can wait for years to find their guardian, as in the case of ‘Solar’ and Lia.

I really do not know why I am chosen by the skulls for this special mission, but I am very happy to be the first to communicate with them, for I know that they will help special people like the angel Lia Scallon, with her beautiful work in this world. For me the skulls usually do not have a defined gender. The predominant masculine/feminine energy that you feel coming from our mother planet, is present in all minerals too. But you can be sure however, that ‘Solar’ is a man.


Just two days after reading the information from Leandro, I came across a channelling from Metatron through Earthkeeper’s James Tyberon. Metatron spoke about Crystals and their critical purpose at this time…

Crystals are great receivers and transmitters, and a strong communication network occurs between Master Crystals and indeed Crystal Vortex-Portals.  The two most powerful Crystal Vortexes on the planet are Arkansas and Brazil. As such, the connection of the Arkansas vortexial portal to the Brazil vortexial portal is extremely important in the Ascension and global crystal network.  

Two Master Temple Crystals are located in Brazil, in Bahia and Minas Gerais. The former is Atlantean seed, the latter LeMurian seed crystal. Keep in mind that while LeMuria is acknowledged as a civilization of great spirituality, there were thousands of years in which Atlantis harbored far greater frequency and enhanced levels of spiritual mastery that greatly exceeded that of LeMuria.  Atlantis fractured into a polarized society before its demise, but many of the most important crystals were protected, uncontaminated and stored before they fell into misuse and destruction. The greater of these are stored in Arkansas and Brazil.


From the moment I ‘re-connected’ with Solar, I knew that he was a Master Being.  This Metatron channelling served as a timely confirmation of that intuitive ‘knowing’. ‘Solar’ originates from the Bahia region of Brazil, described by Metatron as being one of the most powerful Crystal Vortexes in the world, and the location of one of two Master Crystal Temples.

Reigniting of a Soul Parnership
After he had been released from the stone, Solar remained with Leandro in Brazil for almost six years. Then, in February 2012, Solar told Leandro he wished to visit Mt Shasta. Leandro listened to Solar’s  request and surrendered him into the care of Miguel and Nina, owners of the Mt Shasta crystal shop ‘Sacred Seed’.

Strange as it may sound, we now know Solar’s was moving himself into place to meet me there at the time of the 2012  June Solstice. During those months he was waiting for me, back in Australia I was undergoing several major initiations in preparation for our work together. This period of shamanic initiation culminated in an unplanned and momentous solo pilgrimage to Uluru that just ‘happened to’ coincide with the 2012 Venus Transit. Only one week after returning home from Uluru, I was on the plane for Mt Shasta, totally unaware of the life-changing experience that awaited me there!

The timing of Solar’s arrival to his new home in Australia was no accident either. In a magical display of synchronicity and Divine timing, Solar orchestrated his arrival in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, to coincide with the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse. Somehow, he found his way to the one place in the world where he could sit under this era-changing eclipse in its full ‘totality’. This rare Total Solar Eclipse seemed specifically designed to honour and welcome The Master Solar to Australia!


Solar Eclipse SolarA smiling ‘Solar’ bathes in the rays of the 2012 total Solar Eclipse


The incredible precision with which Solar positioned himself, in both Mt Shasta and Australia, reinforced something that had already become clear to me over the years. Crystal Skulls seem to know exactly where they want to be and who they want to be with. Nothing will stop them from getting to their desired destination, whether it be vast oceans, great deserts or faraway continents. The tyranny of distance is as  nothing in the face of their desire to position themselves where they are needed most.

Because of Solar’s great size and weight, there are few opportunities for people to meet this unique Crystal Master in person. Solar therefore, generally works through me, transmitting his knowledge and wisdom to the world via the sacred sound codes I bring forth through my music.

Solar is an inter-dimensional Being of Light . His reach therefore, is in no way hampered by the density of the 3D physical realm. I witnessed that dramatically when I introduced him to the world via my website and newsletters. Many people reported receiving profound activations purely by looking upon his image. This prompted me to have two posters made, so that people could meditate with ‘Solar’ in their own sacred space.

Solar displayed his power yet again, during the creation of the posters! The first photo was taken on a magnificent day when the sun was shimmering on the water and a mystical clarity of energy pervaded the landscape. My jaw dropped when I downloaded the photos! The sky had turned to Indigo and the sun was surrounded by huge, beautiful pink petals! It was as if the sun wanted to make a dramatic statement about its namesake!


I decided on a mountain backdrop for the second poster. The sun was setting and the sky was filled with the most exquisite golden light. Once again, I was in awe when I downloaded the photos. One image displayed a huge, octagonal purple orb at its centre, right beneath where Solar is now positioned!




In December 2012, soon after the Total Solar Eclipse, Solar made it clear that he wished to make himself available to people in person to celebrate that pivotal 12.12.12 galactic alignment.

This Cairns event was only the second time Solar had appeared in public. From his altar, surrounded by hundreds  of Lemurian Seed crystals, crystal skulls and other crystals, he radiated infinite joy, love and compassion to the assembled gathering of 120 people – an huge turnout for the small regional town of Cairns.




Solar’s gift on that momentous occasion, was to connect those present with the 144 Crystalline Grid of Consciousness, said to come into completion at that time. Solarprovided an opening for us to receive the unique energy download from the crystalline realms made available in that moment. This was a transformative moment of ‘Crystal Illumination’, as we moved forward as a group consciously, to embrace the creation of a New Earth.

Through Solar’s auspices, the cosmic energies of Source were literally captured forever in stone that night. A young couple who had brought a very large generator crystal with them to adorn Solar’s altar, were dumbstuck to find that during the ceremonies the crystal had been imprinted with a giant heart. If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes, I would have hardly believed it!




12.12.12 was the precursor to the 21.12.12 Winter Solstice which was heralded to be the end of the Mayan Calendar and the completion of many major earth and planetary cycles. Under Divine Guidance, I entered the recording studio with Solar on December 21st 2012, to mark the crossing of that epoch-changing threshold into a new 26,000-year Planetary cycle.

Over a three-day window of that Alpha/Omega time, from December 21st to December 23rd, I laid down the main recording for a new album called The Luminous Pearl. With conscious and very focused intent, the transformative frequencies flooding unto our Planet on this birthing of the new Golden Age, were harnessed and embedded into 13  music tracks which take the listener on a loving journey of celebration, dreaming, and joyful embrace of the New Age of Wisdom.


Solar - RecordingLia and ‘Solar’ in recording studio with Yothu Yindi drummer Ben Hakelitz


P1050703_2Lia in studio with world-renowned Digeridoo player, David Hudson


In June 2013 Solar’s partnership with me entered a new phase. Under specific guidance from Spirit, I embarked on the Sounds of Source Australian tour. Solarwas the overseer of this project, the purpose of which was to assist people in dealing with the physical, mental and emotional challenges ensuing from the enormous increase in solar flares and geomagnetic activity currently bombarding our planet.

My role in these Sounds of Source ceremonies was to transmit unique and transformative sound codes from Source. Just before embarking on the first leg of the tour, I received a clear message during my morning meditation. Three times, loud and clear in my head rang out the instruction….

                     “Sing out the Song of Love, for all who wish to Hear”


I was told that those who receive the coded frequencies embedded in the songs and Light Language, would be able to benefit from the intense solar radiation we are experiencing. Amplified by The Master Solar’s presence and the solar Light Rays, these sound codes can act as the catalyst for our awakening, helping us to open our hearts to receive the gifts being offered from Source, via our Great Central Sun.

Over a three-day window of that Alpha/Omega time, from December 21st to December 23rd, I laid down the main recording for a new album called The Luminous Pearl. With conscious and very focused intent, the transformative frequencies flooding unto our Planet on this birthing of the new Golden Age, were harnessed and embedded into 13  music tracks which take the listener on a loving journey of celebration, dreaming, and joyful embrace of the New Age of Wisdom.


SStone channelling-500x286

Lia brings through the sacred Sounds of Source sound codes with the assistance of ‘The Master Skull Solar’ and the Lapis Lazuli Source Stone



The anchoring of the Sounds of Source Pillars of Light throughout Australia was an amazing and transformative journey, interwoven with many Divine synchronicities and incredible unfoldments. These have been recorded in the individual SOS ~ Adventures blogs for each region, archived on my website.

Although it was not possible for Solar to be physically present at most of these events because of his size, his presence nonetheless touched people in remarkable ways.

The following is one of many heartfelt messages I received from attendees:-

“I have returned home feeling like I have had one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. I feel deeply honoured and blessed to have been in the presence of ‘Solar’. His energy is absolutely amazing. I feel Solar is not just a Master Skull – he is a Grand Master of the highest order. When I was preparing for my session with him, I felt like I was having an audience with a King.”  Cheryl G


This testimony resonated greatly with me. It catapulted me back to that moment in the Sacred Seed crystal shop in Mt Shasta in 2012, when on first laying eyes on Solar, I had dropped to my knees before him and bowed to him as King. In the next moment, I threw my arms around him as I would a long-lost friend, with a deep knowing in my heart that we had been forever connected through eons of time. Eleven years later, these same emotions still hold true.




Self-Love…Joy…Illumination and realization of our own Divinity…these are the gifts being offered to us at this unique and precious moment in humanity’s history. As our consciousness expands, let us have the courage to step through the Doorway to the New Earth with open hearts and open minds.

With the assistance of The Master Solar and the High Councils of Light who work with and through him, let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.



‘The Master Solar’ – beacon of pure Rainbow Light and Love!


Lia Scallon is a multi-award-winning composer, sacred songtress and Crystal Skull caretaker. The power of Lia’s Light Language songs belongs in the realms of Spirit. Many say the music reaches deep into their soul, triggering remembrance of their life’s purpose. It could be said that the Sounds of Sirius are calling you ‘home’. Lia’s highly acclaimed series of Sounds of Sirius music albums is available through physical and digital distribution channels worldwide, as well as Lia’s website


First Published by Sage Magazine, Australia –  November 2013

Also Published by Connect Magazine, Australia


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