‘Crystal Keys’ – Best New Age Album


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International COVR Awards
Gold Medal  –  Best New Age Album

Finalist  – Best Vocal Album
Finalist  –  Best Relaxation Album


In the ancient healing temples of Atlantis and Lemuria, priestesses used sacred sound to unlock the healing energies, information and Light stored within the crystalline realm. Through Lia’s heart-opening voice and the Light Language songs of  Crystal Keys – Songs to Awaken and Heal, these keycodes are made available once more. Allow the music to unlock the doorway to your soul, and activate remembrance of who you are, and your chosen mission on Planet Earth at this time. Experience unconditional Love from the Crystalline Masters and receive healing at the deepest levels of your being.

“Lia’s voice is spectacular…it reaches right into the soul.”
reviewsnewage.com – Spain

‘Crystal Keys’ is another multi-award-winning album from sacred songstress Lia Scallon. For the past 20 years, Lia has channelled the unique, celestial melodies of the Sounds of Sirius. This beautiful, angelic music, and accompanying Language of Light, have proven to have a profoundly healing effect upon body, mind and spirit.


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