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Hauntingly beautiful chants that leave you centered and serene.

The other-worldly lullabies of Song of the Earth provide a deep sense of nurture for both children and adults. For the newborn infant, they help the Soul essence ground into the physical realm with ease and grace, as well as strengthening the bond between mother and baby. For adults seeking Inner Child healing, the music helps  release memories and inherited beliefs that may have negatively shaped our life from the womb onwards.

Song of the Earth, incorporates Lia’s ethereal vocals, interwoven with softly, spoken word in the sacred Light Language of Sirius. The listener is taken on an uninterrupted, hour long, healing journey. Ideally on first listening, it is recommended to receive the full healing experience. An excellent alternative is listen as you fall asleep each night. As the conscious mind is released, healing can take place at a very deep level.

“I felt transported to another realm, as if I had been bathed on the inside and nurtured in a very deep way. It was as if there were a mantle of the sweetest protection around me.”
Joy Gibb

 “A hauntingly beautiful series of chants by Lia Scallon. Listening to this CD brings about a great feeling of peace. Just being surrounded by Lia’s beautiful voice can help one to become more centred and serene”.
Living Wisdom Magazine


‘Starsong’ & ‘Song Of The Earth’ – Companion CDs. 

Song of the Earth and  Starsong are companion CDs. Although each individual Sounds of Sirius recording works on many, multi-dimensional levels, these two particular CDs used together, have proven to be profound “Inner Child” therapy.

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