Sounds of Source Events

with Lia Scallon

In June 2013, Lia received a powerful message from Spirit that she needed to make herself available to transmit Transformative Sound Frequencies from Source, that wish to come through at this time. These frequencies are to assist people in adapting to the physical, mental and emotional challenges resulting from the massive increase in Solar flares and geomagnetic activity coming into our planet.


Some people believe it’s possible that the current solar cycle may have a dramatic and transformative effect on humanity. It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that human cells and electromagnetic fields interact, and there is now also compelling evidence that the restructuring of our neuronal networks due to solar activity, could be the trigger for an evolutionary transformation enabling us to access the enormous potential of our brains. (Dieter Broers – ‘Solar Revolution’)


What we face is a double-edged sword. High levels of geomagnetic activity can result in depression and mental imbalance, but it’s also known that some of our most innovative and creative discoveries have taken place during times when solar-geomagnetic activity is particularly high.

We have a choice therefore…we can either succumb to the potential widespread depression, anguish and instability that these environmental changes may bring, or forearmed with knowledge and awareness, we can harness this energy to break free from old structures and paradigms, and create a whole new order.


What Lia has been shown is that Higher Dimensional Beings and Energies are coming forward who wish to assist us with the process of adaptation, in this case by transmitting particular coded healing frequencies through her voice. Those who receive these sounds will be in a much better position to benefit from the intense energy coming in. As the Solar Flares and the geomagnetic activity of the planet continue to increase, these people will already have the ‘re-wiring’ in place, and will intuitively understand the process of adaptation. The Gateway for change will have been established – the pressure valve already released.


The Unfolding Vision
Spirit was quite specific in how the Transmission of these frequencies should take place. Lia was shown that she would tour to most of the major Australian cities – North, South, East and West of the country, and that within each of those places, she would to do four separate events – one in the North, South, East and West. The reason for multiple events was that the energy generated in the four Cardinal points, would create a vortex or Gateway – an opening that would be a direct link to Source.


Those attending the SOS ~ Sounds of Source events were encouraged to tune into this Gateway daily thereafter, in order to keep the new direct connection with Source anchored and strong. If this is done, over time more and more inhabitants of these cities will begin to feel the energy, and be affected by it. The 100th Monkey syndrome will take hold and gradually – or maybe not so gradually – old patterns of behaviour will begin to fall away.

The Power of 10
Lia was shown that the entry fee for all the initial ‘Sounds of Source’ events should be only $10. This was to enable absolutely everyone who wished to attend to do so, as almost anyone these days can find $10, if they feel a strong calling of the heart.

The second reason has to do with the actual number 10 itself, considered by the ancient Mystery Schools to be the number of Perfection. 10 contains the 1 of New Beginnings, and the 0 Zero point, which encompasses the beginning and the end as well as endless and open possibilities. When added together 1+0, reduces back to 1 again, reinforcing the message of New Beginnings and the perfection of the One-in-All.

Organised by the People!


Spirit also made it clear that whether on not this SOS ~ Sounds of Source Tour took place, would largely depend upon the people in each of the relevant cities coming forward to host the events. As these Transmissions were designed to benefit their hometown, the affects would be strengthened and enhanced by their involvement. Lia’s main role was to find a way to fly to each location and look after her own accomodation and transport etc while there – to make herself available in the spirit of service, as the ‘Transmitter’. The logistics of securing and paying for venues and promoting the events amongst their networks, would be the assignment of those committed individuals who were drawn to come forward to act as hosts in each city.

Spirit’s message to Lia was strong and very powerful….
“Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will call.”

And they did just that!


 It was a Giant Leap of Faith for Lia to share this vision with her Australian networks but she need not have worried! In just as giant a leap of faith, several beautiful people immediately began to come forth offering to host an SOS ~ Sounds of Source Event in their area. Four events took place South Queensland in July 2013, and four more confirmed  for Melbourne in August 2013. and four in North Queensland in September 2013 and four in Sydney area in Nov/Dec 2013. It was an absolute joy for Lia to witness how fluidly the Sounds of Source Tour fell into place. It was a beautiful confirmation of the ‘truth’ of the original vision she received.

SOS ~ Source Stone
As an integral part of the ‘Sounds of Source’ project and on direct Guidance from Spirit, Lia commissioned the creation of a powerful 10-sided, 10-triangled crystal Decagon which she was told would greatly assist people in receiving, and utilising the high frequency ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’ to the fullest.

The Vogel-style, precision-cut Source Stones have been custom carved from premium grade Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is one of the best known crystals for activating the higher mind and psychic abilities through the third eye, allowing one to develop enhanced intuition and to access spiritual guidance. In Ancient Egypt, Lapis was unsurpassed as a stone of Royalty and spirituality. It is the stone of Royalty in its truest nature.


The SOS~Source Stone

A set of Master Source Stones travel with Lia to every SOS ~Sounds of Source event, for the purpose of establishing a crystalline grid within each space, in preparation for the Transmissions.


SOS Source Stone – More Info

Purchase SOS Source Stone

Sounds of Source –  Global Phase
Having anchored ‘Sounds of Source Pillars of Light’ in most of the major Australian cities and beyond, to a very moving public response, Lia has since been taking the ‘Sounds of Source’ transmissions to other parts of the globe by way of her Sacred Travel journeys, with the transmissions coming through in situ at many of the world’s sacred sites, to re-activate and amplify their energies.

The sacred Indigo Crystalline Grid already established throughout the planet by way of the SOS ~ Source Stones, continues to expand exponentially, as more and more people have felt drawn to become the caretakers of these Stones. The more people who join this  Source Stone Grid, the stronger and more powerful it becomes. In so doing, it is helping to adapt, anchor and align us to the continual influx of new cosmic energies coming in via our Sun, that are triggering the transition from 3D to 5D reality.

Since first embarking on the ‘Sounds of Source’ Tour throughout Australia, the Light Being Messengers who speak through Lia, have consistently spoken about ‘La Groupa’ and ‘Le Grande Duce’. Accompanying these words, there’s always been a sense of urgency and excitement – a feeling that part of Lia’s job is to gather together ‘La groupa’ for ‘Le Grande Duce’…the ‘Big Event’ that will soon take place. There’s a feeling that something huge is in the offing – not cataclysmic – rather something so immense that we need to be ready and prepared for its impact, both individually, and as a global family.

Lia has mulled over again and again, what ‘Le Grande Duce’ could possibly be. An image that keeps flashing on the screen her my mind, is of a event similar to that spoken about in a Galactic message recently disseminated by a man who since the age of six, has had a number of anomalous experiences, including several UFO sightings and ET contacts. The Galactic being who spoke through him said:-

“Imagine our arrival tomorrow. Thousands of ships.
A unique cultural shock in mankind’s history.”


In Lia’s vision, she has seen a scenario just like this….that one morning we may wake up to a sky filled with ships!! An event like that could simply not be explained away by the authorities. Undeniable…it would change things forever.

It was of little surprise to Lia therefore, when her Unseen Friends communicated that it was time to raise the ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’ to a more global platform, are. It’s time to step things up…time to get ourselves ready…time to prepare with increased commitment, for ‘Le Grande Duce’, whatever shape or form that may take.

What People have Experienced

“I attended the Sounds of Source in Yandina. It was incredibly powerful and beautiful…so much love and connection. My heartfelt thank you for your commitment to sacredness and service and your strength of focus, openness and Love in bringing through these true energies. I bought one of your ‘Source Stones’ and shared it with my husband and daughter when I came home who both felt immediately gently and subtly transformed. “Co-incidentally” I had been urged by Spirit a few weeks back to focus on sacred site energies and to post some channellings I did back in 2012 at Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Your sharing of the importance of Earth crystalline grids and the remembrance of ancient truths really “hit home” showing me that nothing is a co-incidence. Much love and gratitude.”   
Belinda – Queensland

“The photos of Lia posted on Facebook, really sum up the energy we all experienced, and how the Waves of Love of Source penetrated deeply through every level of our Beingness.
Simone Matthews – Sunshine Coast host


Solar Violet Ray

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The World is in our Hands!


The call is strong and the vision clear.
Lia hopes it speaks to you as it does to her,
so that together we can bring
SOS – Sounds of Source
to the world


Lia Scallon and the ‘Sounds of Sirius’
For over 2 decades, the unique vocals of award-winning composer, vocalist, and writer Lia Scallon, have been transforming lives throughout the world. Lia’s otherworldly songs and accompanying ‘Language of Light’ defy easy definition, for it is the heart and the soul of the listener that responds, not the mind. The songs are intentionally created to transport the listener to an inner plane where they can connect with there own innate wisdom and healing power. Many say the melodies and words reach deep into their soul, triggering remembrance of their life’s purpose. It could be said that Lia’s music is calling you ‘home’.

Another purpose of these Galactic frequencies is the reactivation of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid. Lia has journeyed to many of the planet’s ancient power portals, to help amplify their energetic vibration with her sacred sound at this time of ‘Awakening’. It is her heartfelt wish that the  Sounds of Sirius for which she is the conduit, may awaken the hidden treasures within your soul.