December 1, 2017

Mystical Ireland Adventure

Our Mystical Ireland adventure was everything Stephanie and I had hoped for and much more! We could not have wished for a more loving, spiritual, flexible and joyful band of travellers for our Journey of Love. It was so inspiring to witness such a seamless meshing of big personalities from across the globe. Apart from the tangible power we felt at the Stone Circles, Holy Wells and ancient Druidic sites, we had some truly magical encounters with the Irish Faerie Folk, the Sidhe.

On September 14th, after assembling at the Arrivals Hall in Dublin airport, we headed out of Dublin to our first port of call, Glendalough. The word Glendalough means ‘Valley of the Two Lakes’ and it is a place as special as its name suggests. Glendalough is one of the most sacred places in Ireland and some would say, the world, with the extensive monastic ruins of St. Kevin’s Monastery nestling into the stunning natural setting in the Wicklow Mountains. Situated in a beautiful valley encased by dramatic mountains, Glendalough emanates the serenity of a true sanctuary. One feels safe and hidden from the problems of the outside world. Glendalough was therefore, the perfect place for our group to ‘de-tune’ from the stresses of life, in preparation for the spiritual adventure that lay ahead.

That adventure began with a cleansing Irish Baptism! Having left our hotel for an afternoon stroll in bright sunshine, within minutes the rain was bucketing down and continued to do so for the rest of the afternoon! Undeterred, we proceeded with our schedule led by our special guest presenter Finbarr Ross, an Irish-American who is an expert in Celtic spirituality with an intimate knowledge of Ireland’s sacred sites.

The solemnity of our moments of ceremony amidst the sacred landscape was punctured by laughter as we surrendered to the elements and the process of becoming drowned rats! Never again after that day did any of us venture forth without our waterproof gear in our rucksacks, just in case!Despite the heavy rain, Glendalough looked spectacular. We were all immediately entranced by its beauty, the mystical energy of the landscape, and the sacredness that emanated from the stones of the ancient monastic ruins.

Lia and Stephanie absorb the sacred essence of Glendalough

Within just hours of our being together, the first of many instances of Light phenomena was captured on film, giving credence to feeling we had that the presence and protection of Spirit was with us. The following photos taken by friends Pamela Rosati and Kathy Emerson featured two large white glowing orbs. When blown up, both orbs have a violet aura around them. The second one in the trees also has a labyrinth like pattern inside it.


Photos: Kathy Emerson

We were also gifted with two rainbows – the first of many we saw throughout the trip! The joy these rainbow arcs invoked helped deepen the sense of celebration we already felt of being soul family who had been called to gather together in Ireland for a specific purpose at this time.

Enlivened by our Irish Rainbow Baptism, our first evening together was filled with an air of excitement, effervescence and delight. In the presence of a beautiful altar filled with our personal crystals and flowers, each person shared what it was that had called them to the journey, and their intention for this time together.

My heart filled to the brim as I listened to the moving stories each person shared. Several common themes emerged. Many of the group had reached a major crossroads in their life where they recognised that things were in a significant state of flux and change, and their instinct that this journey would help them to find a new way forward.Stephanie and I felt like two proud mother hens, with all our beautiful chicks around us! As we sat amidst this magnificent group of people, each and every one a powerful Lightworker in their own right, we had no doubt that something very special was afoot, something that we received further confirmation of almost immeditately.

Next morning, as we made our way inside the ruins of the beautiful Saint Mary’s Church to do our first major ceremony, David Baird took a series of photos that captured some extraordinary Light phenomena around the group.

Photos: courtesy of David Baird

A little later in the morning, Mary Newport captured this strange meteor-like shower of Lights cascading from the sky to the earth.

Photo courtesy of Mary Newport

This photograph of Esther Naef was captured as we walked along ‘The Green Mile’. It was the first in a series of photos taken throughout the journey, where radiating bands of mysterious Rainbow Light showered down on us from above.

There was a lot more magic sprinkled throughout our two days in Glendalough, including tangible evidence that the Irish Faerie folk, the Sidhe were all around us too! At St Kevin’s Well, we saw our first Faerie Tree covered in ribbons, tied on by previous visiting pilgrims in the hope that their prayers and wishes would be granted by the Faeries.

Legend has it that St. Kevin was one of Merlin the Magician’s teachers. The monastery was said to have at one time housed the Holy Grail. Markings in the shape of the Grail can be seen at the entrance, and on the immense, famous St. Kevin’s cross, a massive slab of granite carved around 1150 A.D. is the form of a Celtic cross (a cross superimposed on a wheel representing the four directions and the cosmos).

Glendalough has so many treasures. Apart from the main Round Tower and Monastery complex, we visited Trinity Church, Reffert Church, the magical ‘Green Road’ where Faeries abound, Saint Kevin’s Cell, the lakes, streams and much more. Spiritually, Glendalough represents the perfect balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, which is reflected in the ancient gateway to the monastery complex with its double arches. This gateway has the distinction of being the only surviving entrance to an early ecclesiastical settlement.

We also sat in contemplation on a spur of rocks overlooking the upper lake is St Kevin’s Cell – the place where St Kevin is said to have gone to seek the peace and seclusion to meditate. Although the hut he sat in is no longer there, the serenity of this place with a dramatic vista overlooking the lake, can still be felt in a tangible way.

Several of our group, including myself, are dedicated crystal lovers which meant that a beautiful array of crystals travelled with us to everywhere we went. Before I embark on any spiritual journey, certain crystals usually come forward to offer their Light Consciousness to the sacred process at hand. In the lead up to our ‘Mystical Ireland’ tour, my beautiful Crystal Skull ‘Sorrow’, along with a selection of Lapis Lazuli Source Stones and other crystals, made it known that they wished to accompany me. For myself and some other members of the group, the ‘Source Stones’ and ‘Sorrow’s’ energy ended up being a very important part of the unfolding journey.

‘Sorrow’ emanating an illuminated otherworldly glow

Glendalough is a place of undeniable magic and beauty that stills the mind and renews the soul’s connection to the natural world. It is There could have been no better place to help ground us after our international travel, bring us into balance for the journey ahead, and to introduce us to the Irish Faerie kingdom and Nature spirits who are still held in such respect by the people of this ancient land.


On Day 3 we said our farewells to the friendly folk in Glendalough (human and non-human!) and headed for Co Sligo in the North West, also known as Yeats country after the famous Irish poet W B Yeats who spent much time there. On our way, we made a detour to visit the ancient megalithic site of Loughcrew in Co Meath.

The landscape around Loughcrew is one of panoramic and dramatic beauty. It was quite a climb up the mountain to reach the site but well worth the effort to experience all the treasures it had to offer – stone circles, large cairns, standing stones, a passage chamber, pictographs, and more.

Loughcrew is also known as Slive Na Callaigh, or the Hill of the Witch. Legend has it that An Cailleach Bhéara, the Hag of Beare attempted to drop an apron full of stones on each of the three Loughcrew peaks, jumping from one to the next. Success would mean that she would rule over all of Ireland. She managed to drop her cairns of stones on the first two peaks but missed her mark and fell to her death on her last leap. Her efforts however, resulted in the three hills being crowned with a wonderful assortment of at least 35 stone structures now called cairns or passage chambers which were built around 5,500 years ago during the Neolithic Period.

Some believe Loughcrew is Irelands’ best-kept archaeological secret. The cairns there form the largest complex of passage graves in Ireland, and are much older than the better-known Newgrange which is world famous for the illumination of the passage and chamber at the Winter Solstice sunrise.

The Equinox illumination at sunrise unto the elaborately carved and decorated stones in the inner recesses of Loughcrew’s Cairn T, is less well known. At sunrise on the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes, the back stone of the chamber is illuminated by a beam of light. The sunlight is shaped by the stones of the entrance and passage, and descends to the back stone moving from left to the right illuminating the solar symbols.

Near the entrance to Cairn T is a huge stone chair known by various names – ‘The Hag’s Chair’, ‘Chair of the Witch’, and ‘Queen Maeve’s Chair’. It’s believed that if you sit in this chair, you will receive a personal message from Queen Maeve herself. My experience in the chair was phenomenal! As I sat upon this giant throne with the vast rolling landscape stretched out before me, it felt as if the presence of Queen Maeve herself entered me, and that through me, she gave a message to the world. This message issued forth from my mouth in mythical language, with a loud, deep and commanding delivery befitting such a warrior Queen.

Esther Naef took the photograph below as Queen Maeve’s message came through me. Very strangely, when you see the photograph on Esther’s or my iPhone, the rocks behind me look like they have transformed into linear bars of pure white Selenite crystal!

Photo:Esther Naef

We held a group ceremony at a crop of Standing Stones directly in line with Cairn T, and what happened there was equally as memorable. Gathered around the two central stones, together we sang and toned our individual soul’s song, a sweet and powerful sound that rose to a unified crescendo like an angelic choir. This majestic soul song radiated out across the hillsides of Co Meath, piercing the timeless dimensional veils of that ancient landscape. Carried within that song were our prayers, our questions, and our deepest wishes, sent forth with Love to the stars and the greater Universe…a plea from the heart for ourselves, and the entire family of humanity.

Co Sligo

Next morning, I pulled open the curtains of my hotel room in Sligo to find the magnificent sight of Ben Bulben before me. I always think of this huge flat-topped mountain as Ireland’s Ayer’s Rock.

Stephanie and I had billed this day in Sligo as a ‘Magical Mystery Day’! Due to the likelihood of inclement weather and rough seas, we had decided that our plans for a trip to Innismurray Island were too likely to lead to disappointment, so we had lined up a fabulous day of alternative experiences instead . We were both full of anticipation and excitement for what this day promised, and we were not disappointed!

As it turned out, it was a glorious morning with the ‘sun splitting the stones’ as they would say in Ireland! Our local magical mystery tour guide was John Wilmott, also known as The Woodland Bard. John is deeply in tune with the natural world, with a wealth of knowledge of the folklore and legends of the Sligo area. County Sligo is considered to be one of the original seats of the mythical Tuatha De Danann and the Irish Faerie folk, the Sidhe.

Our first adventure of the day took us to the extraordinary Caves of Keash which glistened shimmery white, high up on the green hillside of Keashcorran mountain.

The caves are associated with a great number of legends, including one involving a High King of Ireland Cormac MacAirt, who is said to have been stolen by a she-wolf as a baby and raised by her. Folklore about the caves also recounts that they were a place where bards, musicians and storytellers used to assemble to share stories and hone their arts. In some photos taken at the Caves like the one below, there was a criss-crossing of those Rainbow Rays that seemed to be following us around!

Photo: Gail Bussey

On our way up to the caves Stephanie stumbled across a beautiful heart-shaped rock – a gift from Mother Earth to let us know that we were welcome!

We all felt quite a sense of achievement in making it to the top! The panoramic views from the summit of Keashcorran, looking out across the countryside to the blue sea beyond, were spectacular, making our vertical trek up the mountain was so worth this prize.

Being inside the mysterious caves was like being deep inside a great womb. To the backdrop of the primal rhythm of Jacquie’s Celtic drum, the bodhran, we took time to be still within this dark silent cavern of this ancient place, to contemplate, and to send a prayer out from our hearts that we might be blessed with reconnection to the Great Mother of all things.

An unexpected and unfortunate mishap occurred as we left the caves. As one of our Mystical Ireland Sojourners Esther juggled her precious crystals in both hands, she momentarily lost her footing. Her spontaneous reflex was to try to protect her very special crystal skull ‘Francis’ but in so doing, she fell heavily on her arm. Her fellow soujourners immediately sprang into action, gently helping her the rest of the way down. With great good fortune, two of the group nearest at hand happened to be qualified nurses, so she could not have been in better hands. Esther was incredibly brave and stoic from the outset. She demonstrated all the best qualities of her practical and pragmatic Swiss heritage, which meant that the unfortunate incident actually bonded the group even further, as everyone’s most compassionate, kind and loving qualities emerged. Stephanie and I could not have been more impressed or proud of how the entire group rallied around Esther, which afforded her the opportunity to remain with us and enjoy the rest of the tour.

Leaving Esther in Stephanie’s loving care to get medical attention, the rest of us proceeded as planned, to the Fox’s Den traditional Irish pub for lunch. From there John took us to a nearby Holy Well with the most crystal clear water you are ever likely to see. As we ambled down the beautiful country lane in the sunshine, we had time chat to the local inhabitants….

Australian herbalist Wendy, feasted with delight on the abundance of wild herbs growing along the hedgerows! Wendy declared repeatedly throughout the trip that she has never in her life seen so many different herbs growing wild in the fields. She was in seventh heaven at the fact that she could just reach out, pluck and eat! For her, this turned out to be one of the most profound aspects of the journey, as it activated a deep reconnection with the plant spirits and the potent medicine they offer.

Kingstone Holy Well itself was very special. As with all the Holy Wells we encountered, a marriage between the ancient Druidic practices and modern day Christianity was in clearly evidence. A statue of Mother Mary stood guardian over this well too, and rosary beads hung from the trees alongside Faerie wishing ribbons. A mysterious and intense ultra-violet light seemed to shimmer on the surface of the water no matter what angle you looked at it from…

One of the group, Heather, also captured a very strange light phenomena on my hair as I knelt over the well. The light didn’t appear to be an ordinary shaft of sunlight. The ‘lit up’ section was an isolated patch of hair in a pyramid shape, with a few other lit up tendrils interspersed with normal black curls! The texture of my hair in that section was odd too. It had a wiry and coarse look, quite different in appearance to the rest of my hair. The Faerie presence at Kingstone Well is pretty powerful I think!

Photo: Heather Sutherland

The next stop on our magical mystery tour was a visit to Carrowcrory Cottage.

Carrowcrory is a restored thatched cottage with three Labyrinth Gardens. The creation of the Cottage and Gardens was inspired by a dream John Wilmott’s friend Claire Roche had, to preserve a venacular cottage building, as these were fast vanishing fast during the Celtic Tiger years of the mid 90s to mid 00s. The cottage is passionately maintained by John who lives there, and by Claire herself, who regularly visits from Dublin. When you step into Carrowcrory Cottage it is like stepping back in time.

We were all entranced from the moment we arrived on the doorstep to Claire’s warm Irish welcome, and we remained entranced for the next several hours of our visit! Our first Carrowcrory experience was to walk the exquisite living Labyrinth, comprised of native Irish trees and shrubs lovingly planted by John and Claire. Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years all over the world, as a tool for meditation and contemplation. Walking a labyrinth can help us access the still inner recesses of our being, in the amidst of the cacophony of stimuli we are surrounded by in our modern day life.

John led us through what he described as the three classical stages of labyrinth walking, dating back to medieval times. It was a powerful and touching practice that involved a sacred ritual using freshly picked apples, ash and holy water.

During the sharing circle that followed, as the ‘talking stick’ was passed around it became evident how impactful and inspirational the experience had been for everyone. Being afforded the opportunity to walk a living tree Labyrinth in an area where Faerie trees and Faerie forts abound, was a truly special experience!

More joy followed by way of an afternoon tea party with homemade scones baked by Claire that morning, specially for us! As we sat in the sunshine together outside the cottage, a contagious feeling of camaraderie, and a deep a feeling of gratitude emanated from everyone present. It was one of those rare moments when everyone, and everything, seemed in tune and at one – a piece of life ‘as good as it gets’!

The icing on the Carrowcrory cake however, was yet to come! When the last crumbs of the delicious scones had been demolished, we were ushered back inside the cottage to the Harp Room. Yes…that’s right…the Harp Room! Carrowcrory Cottage is one of Claire Roche’s passions, but she has another one that supersedes even that. Claire is actually, a world-renowned Harpist whose unique talent has touched audiences across the globe. As her artist’s biography states:

“Claire has a passion for words and the spirit and expression of words. Rather than just playing tunes, Claire has chosen the harp to be her accompaniment, her choir, her veil to the “otherworld”.  Her words and music gently warm the hearts of those present and fires their spirits into passion, courage, tears, love and laughter.”

We certainly found that to be true. Claire has a unique gift. It’s not just her exquisite harp playing and angelic voice, but the bubbling joy, the passion, the great sense of humour, and the humility that accompanies them. During the hour she played for us, I found myself fluctuating between laughter and tears, and by the time the last strains of her final offering ‘Danny Boy’ faded into the air, I was weeping unashamedly.

There is a particular melancholic poignancy in hearing these sweet traditional Irish songs when one is an emigrant. They pierce right through the heart, and produce a powerful remembrance of one’s deep ancestral ties to that mystical island, and a longing for reconnection to one’s lost but not forgotten homeland. In the presence of Claire’s consummate harp playing and unique voice, it was impossible for me not to be moved in this way.

Our ‘Mystical Ireland’ group loved every second of the rich experience offered by John and Claire. The Harp and the gift of story-telling are closely associated in most people’s mind with Ireland, yet it is quite a rare thing for visitors to the Emerald Isle to actually hear a harp being played in a live setting. Our Magical Mystery Day in Sligo turned out to be a precious gem of experience that I think will remain with us for many years to come – a place we can return to in our minds, to replenish ourselves when our soul needs filling up.


Next day was an equally spectacular day of sunshine, which was perfect for our visit to Carrowmore, Ireland’s largest megalithic complex. Covering more than 1 ½ square miles, and dating back to 4000 BC, Carrowmore is the focal point of a prehistoric ritual landscape that is dominated by the mountain of Knocknarea, on top of which sits the great Cairn of Queen Meave who is said to be buried standing up, with her sword by her side. Queen Maeve’s tomb is one of the very few monuments in the whole of Europe that has remained completely untouched at the hands of archeologists or tomb raiders – a rare thing indeed. From her resting place on top the 300 metre high Knockarea Mountain, Queen Maeve looks down upon a plethora of stone circles and remains of thirty passage cairns, many of which have a dolmen at their centre. Together these stone structures form an oval shape.

Like many of the ancient sites of Ireland, Carrowmore is located high up in the landscape, with an astounding 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and several mountain ranges. Inside the main cairn that dominates the site, there is a massive stone dolmen or tomb.

Our local guide Austin had an encyclopedic knowledge of both the history and the mythology of the Carrowmore and the surrounding area. We were reminded once more of the giant An Cailleach Bhéara, the Hag of Beare who we had encountered at Loughcrew, when Austin pointed out the mountains on the horizon that represented the stones she had let fall from her apron.

Our private ceremony on that shimmering, sunny day took place across the road from the main cairn, at one of the many beautiful stone circles. There, we created an altar with our crystals, on the large moss-covered stone that stood at the centre of the circle.After anointing ourselves with sacred oils and Holy Well water, under the bluest of blue skies, we sang out our prayers to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Joining hands inside the ancient stone ring,we called on our Druidic ancestors to help us access the wisdom and knowledge they had bequeathed us, still stored within these great and powerful stones.

Photo: Scott Cavel

Our Crystal Skulls seemed to offer evidence that the vibrant ‘living’ spirit of our ancestors had indeed been present, and that our prayers had been answered, for when our ceremony was complete, they literally seemed to radiate and glow with a bright otherworldly energy and Light.

With that, our time in Co Sligo had come to a close, and we boarded the bus for our the next stage of our tour in Co Meath. Scott Calev summed up the magic that had been laced through our group’s experience thus far, in a beautiful poem…

Gather oh energy of life
Touched by the earth
Celebrated by the crystals
Annointed by the Fairies
Blessed by the bite of an apple
A path into the sky
A wonder of the Universe
May the energy clear the world to an ever lasting love.
Scott Calev

Co Meath

When one embarks on any spiritual trip, one can expect the unexpected! It’s become a given with any trip Stephanie and I undertake together, that unscheduled events occur as we respond to the call of Spirit in the moment. We’ve found that if you keep yourself open, fluid, and flexible to the call of your intuition, powerful gems of experience result, that can remain with you for years to come.

Such an unfoldment was about to take place for our Mystical Ireland Sojourners! As we travelled on the bus to Navan I invited our one Irish participant, Patrick from Tipperary, to sit with me, as I wanted to thank him properly for the generous help he had extended to me over the previous days. Seeing me struggling as we trekked up hill and dale around the sacred sites, Patrick had kindlyoffered to help me carry my Crystal Skull ‘Sorrow’. ‘Sorrow’ is 7 kilos in weight, and along with the ‘Source Stones’ and the other crystals I had with me from Australia, the total weight added up to about 10 kilos. My body had definitely been feeling the strain, but Patrick’s help changed all of that.

As we chatted, Patrick tentatively told me that he’d been kept awake over the past few nights because he was insistently being ‘told’ to share some information with me. His reluctance to do so was due to the fact that part of this information would substantially affect our planned group activities. The second piece of information he shared turned out to be related to a very complex personal weaving that had been unfolding for me for over the past four years – something Patrick could not possibly have known about. That shocked me, and really made me sit up and take notice!

Patrick was being ‘told’ that our group was supposed to make a visit to the Royal site of Uisneach. Uisneach was already well and truly on my radar as a place I wanted to visit, but as our itinerary was already packed with activity, Stephanie and I had to dismiss the idea of visiting there on this trip. I knew immediately therefore, that Patrick’s suggestion of a visit to Uisneach would mean a radical change to our existing plans.

After discussing the matter that night, Stephanie and I agreed that all the signs pointed to this visit being important. The only possible way to fit it in however, would be to totally abandon our scheduled plans for the following day. We decided to sleep on it and if it still felt right in the morning we would put the matter to a group vote.

I woke up next day ‘knowing’ that we would be going! Another ‘sign’ presented when Patrick rang Uishneach to check if they would have room for our group. He learnt that they were actually officially closed that day, but the caretaker of the site said he would come in open the place up especially for us. This meant that we would have the place entirely to ourselves! With the instinct that Spirit seemed to be orchestrating things on our behalf, we put the decision it to a group vote. The verdict was a unanimous and resounding ‘Yes’, so with great excitement and anticipation, we boarded the bus for second magical mystery tour!

The Hill of Uisneach is the mythological and sacred centre of Ireland. Hills in no less than twenty counties are visible from its summit. At the time of Celtic Festival of Bealtaine, fires lit on those hilltops would have united the provinces of Ireland in a ring around the ‘Fire-Eye’ at their centre, Uisneach. As the resting place of the Earth Goddess Eriu and the Son God Lugh, and the home of Dagda, the God and leader of the Tuath De Dannan, the Hill has been elevated to the stature of ‘sacred ground’.

Over centuries, Uisneach was seen as the gate to the mythical fifth province of Ireland, Mide, which held the four other provinces together. As such, it has played a part in almost every significant Irish event be it political, cultural, religious, or mythological down through the ages. In fact, this enigmatic Hill is acknowledged as one of the most sacred and historic sanctuaries in the world.

Justin, one of the custodians of this incredible site, was our guide for the day. Someone later described him as being like a ‘large Leprachaun’! The photograph below of him being showered with Rainbow Rays would appear to add credence to that! As did his comments about the relationship of the Irish people to the Faerie kingdom. Justin related how he himself continues to be amazed at the vast number of stone circles, holy wells, faerie forts, and ancient monuments that remain in Ireland in their original and pristine state. Having asked himself how these antiquities can possibly have survived untouched in this way, he believes it’s due to the very healthy ‘fear’ Irish people still have for the Faerie Folk, which causes them to leave any place traditionally thought to be home to the Faeries, well alone. “Some would call it superstition’ he said, “but another word could be ‘respect’”.

Irish people still have deep in their genes, a real respect and acknowledgement of the Faerie kingdom. From early childhood, we have been inculcated with the belief that certain places are Faerie places, that certain trees are Faerie trees, and that you would do well to leave those places alone. One thing etched on my own memory from childhood is that you never cut down a lone tree in a field. Such a tree is a Faerie tree and disturbing it would result in the Faeries putting thorns in your bed!

Justin was a superlative guide. He held us enthrall with his vast knowledge of the facts, myths and legends of the extensive Royal site of Uisneach, all of which were delivered with great warmth, intelligence and a bubbling sense of humour. Justin’s passion for seeing Uisneach restored to its proper place in history was totally inspiring. Seeing his love for the place deepened our own sense of excitement and awe at having been led there so specifically on that day.

The Uisneach landscape is punctuated by huge and extraordinary sculptures depicting some of the mythological characters associated with the Royal site.

The Goddess Eriu

The place was also alive with Faerie energy, evidenced by the many knarled and knotted trees typical of those found in a Faerie Forts and glens…

When we gathered high up on the platform of the Royal enclosure, Justin shared with us stories of the High Kings and High Queens who had assembled there in times past to celebrate the Festival of Beltaine, when the fires would have burned bright upon the Hill, a beacon for all in the surrounding counties to see. Clear vestiges of the tree-lined ceremonial Royal road are still visible, and it was easy to envisage the magnificent spectacle of the High Kings and High Queens of Tara and other Provinces of Ireland, processing up that road with pomp and ceremony, surrounded by their Chieftains and Royal retinues, before ascending to the platform we now stood on.

The highlight of our visit to Uisneach,was yet to unfold. From the Royal Enclosure we followed Justin to the ‘Stone of Divisions’, a sacred fissured and fragmenting limestone boulder. This huge six-meter, 30-ton boulder, also known as ‘the Naval of Ireland’, symbolises Ireland united in its divisions. Through the ages it was believed that the mythical 5th Province of Ireland ‘Mide’ could be accessed at the ‘Stone of Divisions’, and that it was also the resting place of the Earth Goddess ‘Eriu’ who gave Ireland its name (Eire). The Stone is commonly called the ‘Catstone’ because of its resemblance to a cat watching a mouse.

En route to the Catstone, Justin told us that we were actually not completely alone at Uisneach that day. He had also granted entry to a Native Canadian Indian healer accompanied by four other people. Elaine had arrived in Ireland just that morning to give workshops, but as on every visit she has made to Ireland, she wished to offer her respects to Uisneach first, and ‘fill up’ there energetically, in preparation for her work ahead. Before leaving Ireland, she would return again to give thanks and replenish.

As soon as Stephanie and I heard this, we knew there was no accident that our two groups had ended up at Uisneach that day, which fell within the 3-day window of the September Equinox. We felt that without a doubt, Spirit had orchestrated this event, using Patrick as the messenger to get us here.

As ‘luck’ would have it, at the very moment we arrived at the Catstone Elaine and her companions, sitting on an elevated spot slightly away from the Catstone, were just lighting up the sacred Native pipe to do a pipe ceremony. Sensitive to, and respecting each other’s process, our two groups remained in complete silence. Without a word being said, our large group filed past Elaine’s group, and made our way down to the Catstone. Immediately feeling its powerful energy, we instinctively began to circle the Stone ‘getting to know it’, and quietly placed our special crystals on the rock’s crevices before finding a place to sit or lie on the ground to absorb the magnificent presence of the giant boulder.

Lia places her crystal skull ‘Sorrow’ on the Catstone

Our silent communion and private ceremony unfolded with ease and grace. Some people later, quite independently of each other, said that they had heard the Catstone sing. As I sat there in the sun-filled silence, I felt my ‘channel’ begin to open. Not wishing to infringe on Elaine’s group and their activities, I at first resisted the urge to allow the transmission to come through. There was an insistant prompting however, for me to get up and quietly ask Elaine if she and her companions would be happy for me to bring the transmission through.

As I got up to take my first step towards them, one of Elaine’s group rose up simultaneously with crystal bowl in hand, and began to walk towards me. We literally met half way! When Angela asked if we would be happy for us to play her bowl around the Catstone, I shared that I was just about to ask her group’s permission to sing! How’s that for Divinely orchestrated timing! I suggested that perhaps we could let Spirit work through us together…which is what we did. This seamless, unplanned joining of our two groups energies strongly suggests to me, that our assembled presence at Uisneach that day had a deep and global significance.



We took our leave of each other as gently and undramatically as we had come together. As Elaine’s group melted away into the landscape, Stephanie led us in a beautiful ceremony to honour the sacred land we stood on, inviting in the Guardians of the Four Directions and the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

With that, we made our farewells to the Goddess Eriu and the ‘Stone of Divisions’, in deep gratitude at having had the privilege to experience that incredible place in such a private way.

Bru Na Boinne

Our next day in Co Meath was just as awe-inspiring as our day at Uisneach. Various members of the group kept coming up to Stephanie and I and saying, “Every day just seems to get better and better! Just when you think there can’t possibly be anything to top the last experience, something else happens that is even more mind blowing!”

Our expert guide for this much-anticipated day was renowned author Anthony Murphy. Anthony is an expert on Bru Na Boinne, which is one of the largest and most important prehistoric megalithic sites in Europe.

Our plan was to visit the three ancient temples of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, which some people believe are remnants of the ancient Atlantian civilization.The monuments at Newgrange are more than 5000 years old, 1000 years older than Stonehenge, ad 500 years older than the Pyramids in Egypt. Each of these temples was carefully built to align with the sun. At dawn on the morning of the Winter Solstice the main chamber at Newgrange is illuminated by a beam of sunlight for 17 minutes. Newgrange is in fact, thought to be the oldest surviving deliberately aligned structure in the world.

The focus of Anthony and friend Richard Moore’s research has been to explore the sites of the Boyne Valley in the context of astronomy, mythology, art, and archaeology. They came to the following conclusion:-

“We believe the ancient people were master astronomers, confidently able to mark the solstices and to understand the cosmic cycles like the Metonic Cycle of the moon and Precession of the Equinoxes. They were an advanced culture, with a keen understanding of the Cosmic principle that nothing exists in isolation – everything is connected. We also believe they placed their gods and heroes among the stars, and many of their stories may contain the hidden language of astronomy.”

Anthony’s wonderful book ‘Island of the Setting Sun’, makes a very compelling case for the notion that the impressive monuments scattered throughout the Brun Na Boinne area, are a direct reflection of what was going on in the skies above at the time of the Neolithic when they were built. We could not have had a person more informed or sensitive to the mythical landscape we were about to visit, than Anthony.

We arrived at Newgrange bright and early at 8.30am. By Divine intervention (yet again!), Anthony had managed to secure us private entry to this extraordinary temple in advance of official opening time, with instructions to meet the Newgrange guide at the site itself instead of the Visitor Centre – an occurance Anthony assured us was absolutely unheard of!

The monument looked absolutely stunning beneath the early morning sky and there was a feeling of great anticipation and excitement in the air.

During our sharing circle the night before, we had set our intention for the ceremonial aspect of the day quite specifically. This was to unfold on both an individual and group level, and before we descended from the bus, we anointed ourselves with sacred oil in preparation for what lay ahead.

There are 700 decorated stones at Bru na Boinne making it Europe’s largest and most important concentration of megalithic art. The most famous of these stones is the one marking the entrance to the Newgrange chamber itself, on which the triple spiral,unique to this site, can be seen.

Entering the narrow passageway that leads to the inner chamber is like entering the birth canal to the womb of the Great Mother. Once inside, the highly decorated chamber is breath-taking. Switching off all the internal lights, our Newgrange guide performed a re-enactment of the Winter Solstice sunrise, which brought into sharp focus the incredible mathematical and architectural precision of our ancient ancestors. There can be little doubt that an advanced civilisation built and inhabited this sacred landscape.


From Newgrange we proceeded to the second sun temple of Knowth. Once again Anthony had been able to arrange private access for us so that we had the place to ourselves! By now the day had turned to what in Ireland is known as ‘a soft day’! The rain did little to spoil the experience of this extraordinary site with its many grass-covered passage mounds however. Ancient kings had once ruled from this site. The carved stones at Knowth contain a quarter of Western European Neolithic art. 

Knowth also features several huge Stelae or Standing Stones as well as many striking egg-shaped boulders strategically placed amongst the pure shimmering white quartz rocks, like the quartz of Newgrange, that lie loose on the ground. It is an extraordinary and complex site with so much to see and absorb. One felt privileged to be able to walk so freely amongst the ancient passage cairns,and to be in touching distance of the intriguing chiselled artwork carved into the stone thousands of years ago by our Druidic ancestors.


Our final stop of the morning was Dowth, another of the Boyne Valley’s huge structures that features a passage-tomb. Although this site has not been restored in the same way as Newgrange or Knowth, I had one of the most memorable experiences of the entire tour at this powerful site.

The legend of Dowth as contained within ancient manuscripts such as ‘The Book of Leinster’ and the ‘Book of Ballymote’, tells the story that the king of Ireland brought men from all over the country together to construct a tower from which he could climb to heaven. The king’s sister promised to make the sun stand still, so that the tower could be completed in one day. As a result of the king’s trangression however, his sister’s magic failed, causing darkness to fall upon the land. Hence, the place became known as ‘Dubad’ which means darkness.With the pledge of endless day having been broken, the builders abandoned their task and returned home.

Like all the monuments in Bru Na Boinne, Dowth appears to have great astronomical significance, with sun and moon alignments that connect it to Newgrange, Tara and other sites. These alignments and the darkness from which Dowth gets its name, point to its importance in relation to eclipses, particularly to Total Solar Eclipses when the world falls into darkness.

The most prominent and beautiful of Dowth’s 115 kerbstones, is named ‘The Stone of the Seven Suns’.

Anthony Murphy:

It was while Anthony was informing the group about this extraordinary stone, that I had quite a dramatic experience.

Some of you reading this may know that I am a conduit for inter-dimensional frequencies, usually transmitted through me via song and Light Language. When these transmissions are downloaded, my body can often be used to ground the activation codes contained within the sound frequencies, to direct them to where they need to go in the physical realm.

As we began the climb up to the cairn at Dowth, I felt an unusually powerful surge of energy enter my body. Usually when I feel a transmission coming through, I have some choice as to the appropriateness of the timing, and the opportunity to alert others present. In this particular instance however, that choice factor was over-ridden. The energy coming through my body was so powerful that it seemed imperative that I surrender to it and allow it to run its course.

That energy took me away from the group and out into the centre of the field opposite ‘The Stone of the Seven Suns’. As the Light Language transmission came through me, my arms and hands were being moved in very rapidly, and in very specific patterns – sweeping movements that went from earth to sky and sky to earth. There was a great urgency about the process, and a sense of the enormous gravity of the moment. I had a ‘knowing’ that our presence in this place at this precise moment in time was no accident. There was a feeling that this event was predestined. The physical demands upon me during all this were quite extreme and at times I wondered if my body could sustain it, such was the intensity of the energy coming through.

As things unfolded, the group was drawn to become part of what felt like a major Earth/Sky alignment. Interestingly, Anthony told me later, that many of the directional positions my body had assumed, mirrored the directional positioning of some of the known sun/moon alignments at Dowth.

I also sensed that our activity was intrinsically tied up with the mysterious Faerie Folk, the ‘Sidhe’. Interestingly, I’ve since read that Dowth is sometimes referred to as ‘the Fairy Mound of Darkness’. I felt that another crucial element of this ‘ceremony’ was the reinstatement and honouring of the Sidhe in that place. Somehow, by offering ourselves as vessels for the energy of Source in that moment, we were helping to reopen a portal between the Sidhe’s world and the human world. The Sidhe were driven down into the hollow earth by humankind eons ago Today, we were helping to open a doorway for the Sidhe to rise up to stand alongside us once more.

Far-fetched as this may sound, I have become more convinced that this is so. Our spontaneous ceremony at Dowth turned out to be the first of several experiences to unfold over the remaining days in Ireland, when I was acutely aware of the Sidhe’s presence, and of our being instrumental in opening Faerie Portals. For me, this was the continuation of a journey that began several years ago, leading to deepening awareness of the need for us to reconnect with our Sidhe brethren.

Only yesterday, a book ‘dropped off my shelf’! It opened to this description:-

 “…there is no part of this world that does not impinge upon, or act as a gateway to the otherworld. The Celtic otherworld is contiguous to ours, overlapping it, its waters forever seeping through the barely perceptible cracks which mark the unseen borders. The inhabitants of the otherworld are the people of the Sidhe, or mounds, those whom we call the faery-kind.

The name ‘faery’ has acquired fortunate connotations, evoking images of the Butterfly-winged and saccharin creatures slightly bigger than insects. If we are to have any understanding of the people of the Sidhe in Celtic tradition, we must erase such connotations, and understand that they have a far greater stature and power and we can conceive. Immortal, able to pass between the worlds at will, they appear as major protagonists in Celtic tradition, both then and now. Awareness of the faeries is still strong in Celtic countries. They are considered as neighbours, a race who requires a great deal of respect, who can help or harm according to the nature of the alliance humans have with them.

The faerie had ever been a race apart. They are not not have ever been human. In Irish tradition it is possible to see them as primal deities. Yet their separate existence still impinges upon mortal existence, throwing light upon the nature of our spiritual intentions towards the environment, of which they are the natural guardians.”
‘The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom’ – Caitlin and John Matthews


 Our incredible day in Bru Na Boinne was not yet done! After a leisurely lunch at the fabulous Newgrange Visitor Centre, we headed for Fourknocks, just a short drive away. Fourknocks is a small and beautiful 5000 year-old neolithic site, aligned with Newgrange winter solstice sunrise. The remains of four chambered cairns were found on four ‘Cnocs’ or ‘little hills’, hence the name Fourknocks.

Within the main mound there is a large pear-shaped chamber, the largest one discovered so far in Ireland. This chamber has three recesses. The lintel of each recess is engraved with beautiful pieces of megalithic art. Three of the stones are covered in variations of the diamond and zig-zags shapes reminiscent of the art at Newgrange, and one features circular patterns.

Inside this extraordinary chamber we gathered as planned, to do a ceremony to conclude the initiatory experience we had just undertaken by visiting the three ancient temples of Bru Na Boinne. Fourknocks chamber has incredible acoustics due its oval shape, making it the perfect place to do a sound ceremony.

We filed through the low-set door one by one, down the narrow passageway and into the completely dark chamber. In the hush of the darkened space, and by the light of a torch, Anthony showed us the recesses with their spectacular carved lintels. Then, to the sound of Jacqui’s drum at the end of the passageway, we set up our crystal altar on the floor in the centre of the chamber.

What evolved over the space of the next hour will remain etched in my memory. Out of the soft black intimacy of the void, rose the heartfelt prayers and songs of gratitude, joy and hope, of each member of the group who individually added their soul’s voice to the celebration. It was such a beautiful, spontaneous, and glorious way to bond our energies and connect with the Ancient Ones who had inhabited this place in long ages past. We emerged from the dark chamber of Fourknocks replenished and inspired.

St Brigid’s Well

The following day, with spirits high and the sun shining, we headed for Co Kildare, the home of St Brigid. In Irish mythology Brigid was daughter of Dagda, High King of the Tuath Dé Danann. She was the Celtic goddess of fire, poetry, unity, childbirth and healing. Devotion to the GoddessBrigid carried over into the Christian tradition with St Brigid incorporating all the qualities of this much loved Goddess right up to modern times.

St Brigid is renowned for her Holy Well and for her eternal flame. Holy Wells featured prominently as places of pilgrimage in the Celtic tradition. Seeking healing, pilgrims would dip a piece of rag in the well, wash their wound and then tie the ‘clootie’ to a tree as an offering to the spirit of the well. St Brigid’s Well was one such place they came to.

Back in pre-Christian times, a sacred fire also burned in Kildare. Priestesses used to gather on the hill of Kildare to tend their ritual fires while invoking the goddess Brigid, to protect their herds and to provide a fruitful harvest. So, like many pilgrims before us, we were travelling to Kildare in the hope of experiencing Brigid’s healing blessing through her sacred fire and holy water.

The first stop on our pilgrimage was the new Solas Bhride Centre, run by the Brigidine Sisters to preserve the legacy of St Brigid. Sister Mary and Sister Phil welcomed us with such warmth and love that it literally melted our hearts and brought some of the group to tears. Their gentle sharing of St Brigid’s story, and their passion and commitment to her legacy of the inclusion and protection of all living things, renewed our faith and our hope for humanity.

In 1993 the Brigidine Sisters symbolically re-lit St Brigid’s flame, and since then, it has been kept lit in perpetuity. We all lit our own candles from the flame. The tradition is that you use your St Brigid’s candle to light all your other candles. That way you will always have the blessing of her eternal flame with you wherever you are. After lighting our candles, we walked the Labryinth…

And we visited the magnificent Kildare Cathedral with its round tower – one of the tallest in Ireland – which some of the group were game enough to climb up! The Cathedral also houses the original fire pit where Brigid’s nuns kept the fires burning day and night, right up to suppression of the monasteries in the sixteenth century

Our meditation in St Brigid’s original Fire Pit

And we made our wishes at the Cathedral’s ‘Contract Stone’ where business deals and agreements were sealed with a handshake, as binding as any modern legal contract!

From there we made our way to St Brigid’s Holy Well – or should I say Wells. Beside the original old well, a new well and memorial to Brigid has been erected. Both places have their own unique energy and character as we discovered. At the old well we tied our ‘Clouties’ with our prayers on the Faerie tree over the well. Once again the otherworldly Faerie energy was captured on film. A haze of Rainbow Light cascades over Kerry as she ties her prayer ribbon on the tree.

As Kylie bent over the well to received the water’s healing blessing, my Crystal Skull ‘Sorrow’ seemed to be lit up from within with an otherworldly kind of illumination.

Photo: Belinda Morrison

And more Rainbow Light cascaded down upon us as we moved from the old Well to the new Well…

As we passed by the old Well again on our way to the bus, I ran back to tie a ribbon on the tree to ask for a blessing on my newly discovered American 6th cousin and his family. Afterwards. I took some photos of the well and ribbons to send him, only to find that again the shots were flooded with magical Faerie Rainbow Light!

So many photographs displaying similar magical Light phenomena, are surely proof of how special this place is, and how powerful the healing energy that is present there, don’t you think?


There was one more very important place for us to visit in Bru Na Boinne which we had saved for the special day of the September 22nd Autumn Equinox, and that was the Hill of Tara.

Tara, a place steeped in spirituality and mythology, has been one of the most venerated places in Ireland for 6000 years. Revered as a dwelling place of the gods, and the seat of the High Kings from the times of the mythological Fir Bolg and Tuatha De Danann, 142 Kings are said to have reigned in the name of Tara. It was thought to be an entrance place to the otherworld of eternal joy and plenty where no mortal ever grew old. St Patrick is said to have come to Tara on his arrival to Ireland, to confront the ancient religion in its most powerful centre

We had arranged a reunion with Finbarr Ross at Tara, to join his own newly arrived tour group for their Equinox ceremony. To prepare ourselves, our amalgamated groups first paid a visit to Tara’s Holy Well for a ritual cleansing and water blessing ceremony.

From there we proceeded to Tara’s Royal enclosure with the ‘Lia Fail’ Stone of Destiny at its centre. It was here that the most powerful of Irish Kings held their great inaugural feasts, and were approved to rule by the Earth Mother Goddesss Maeve. Legend has it that the ‘Lia Fail’ stone would roar three times with a screech that could be heard all over Ireland if the true king touched it. The King was then required to symbolically marry the goddess Maeve.

With our combined group of 50 strong gathered around the ‘Lia Fail’, Finbarr strew pink rose petals in the shape of a heart around the ancient Standing Stone. He then led us in meditation to connect with some of the other major power centres of the Earth, and then through a doorway to the inter-dimensional realms. With hearts and minds joined together, we prayed for ourselves, our planet and the family of humankind.

 Farewelling Finbarr and his group, we left the Mound of Hostages to seek out Tara’s renowned Faerie Tree, for an opportunity to make some more wishes! What we found was some real life Faeries waiting for us there!

And as today was to be our last ceremonial day together out on the land, we had decided to hold our own additional private ‘Mystical Ireland’ closing ceremony in this ancient centre of power and spirituality. As we were leaving the Faerie tree, my body suddenly began to behave in a similar way as it did at Dowth. With my arms and hands moving rapidly in very specific spiralling movements, I found myself walking quickly and purposefully down the hill, towards a beautiful grassy area below. My channel was already open and a Light Language transmission was pouring through. I spied a large flock of bl
ack crows sitting off to the right, and took note. The appearance of crows is considered very significant in the Celtic tradition. They are seen as messengers from the spirit world.

Guided by the energy coming through my body, we ‘found the spot’ for our ceremony, at which point the flock of crows flew off into the distance, confirming that our choice of place was right! Silently, we placed our crystals on the earth and formed a large circle, and so it bega

What unfolded was a magnificent ceremony of celebration, during which we called on the Sidhe to celebrate with us; we called on the ancient Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, and we called on our Druidic ancestors. With voice and drum, and with bird-call and rattle, we joyously invited them to ‘Come sing and dance with us’. They replied to us in a beautiful message brought through by Stephanie. What better way to bring our time together to a ceremonial close, than to mark the Equinox on the Royal Hill of Tara, in the sacred landscape of Bru Na Boinne. We left Tara feeling ‘complete’.


There was still some more celebrating to do on a 3- level however! The last day of our tour was spent in Dublin, and a rich and full day it was, with visits to the awe-inspiring, 1000-year-old Christchurch Cathedral, the famous Longroom of Trinity College Dubin (my old Alma Mater) which houses the Book of Kells, and the incredible Museum of History and Archeology. Our visit to the museum was like coming full circle as it houses many of the original artefacts discovered in the ancient sites we visited. The most memorable displays for me were the jaw-droppingly beautiful, burnished gold jewellery and how much there was of it…

Then there were the pieces that gave credence to the notion that the ancient Irish might have been a race of giants, as suggested by things we’d encountered such as Queen Maeve’s giant stone Chair’ at Loughcrew. There was an enormous clog that had been found preserved in a bog, could surely only have belonged to a Giant! And there was a set of huge gold beads which originally formed one necklace…

 Our last evening together was one of jubilant relaxation over dinner, accompanied by traditonal Irish music, dance and song – a fitting end to our ‘Mystical Ireland’ experience.There were lots of laughs, lots of hugs, and a deep sense of having accomplished what we had set out to do as soul family on this important journey together.

The length of time it took to say goodbye to our gorgeous Bus Driver Brian that night, was indicative of the strong bonds of friendship forged during our tour. Tired as we were, nobody, including Brian, seemed to want to leave!! Brian had become such an integral part of our journey through Ireland, often joining us as we walked through the sacred sites, watching over us from a distance; and with his ever present, great sense of humour always making sure that we were safe and on track. At those times when we were deep in ceremony and ‘travelling’ in the other realms, there was a sense that Brian always ‘had our back’ on the physical level.

Tired but happy, Stephanie and Lia farewell Bus Driver, Brian

 After breakfast next morning our Mystical Ireland Sojourners finally disbanded, some to travel home in various parts of the globe, and others to continue their own private exploration of The Land of Faeries, Saints and Scholars’.

Stephanie and I had scheduled another full week in Ireland, but had left our itinerary unplanned so that we could follow the promptings of Spirit. How glad we were that we did! That second piece of information Patrick had shared with me before Uisneach, resulted in our first port of call being Patrick’s own magnificent Faerie Fort in Tipperary. From there an incredible series of events unfolded that took us up through the country to Royal sites and Faerie forts in Co Limerick, Co Kildare, Co Down, Co Armagh, Co Tyrone and finally my birthplace, Co Fermanagh.

But that’s a whole other story in it’s own right for later! As a preview however, I’ll leave you with a few photographs that give an indication of the magic that abounded throughout the entire week. This photograph was taken at my family home in Co Fermanagh, just after we had opened a Faerie portal there.

This photo capturing my crystal skull ‘Sorrow’ in a vortex type energy, was taken after Stephanie, Patrick and I had connected with the Sidhe in another forest location in Fermanagh where I had had a previous and powerful communion with them a few years ago.

In this one it looks like they turned Patrick into a Faerie himself, with blue hair!

And here’s one of me with a golden Faerie presence in the tree behind me!

Such magic and such mystery my homeland of Ireland still has to offer

I can’t wait to return, to explore,

to experience more, and to Remember


What People Experienced on ‘Mystical Ireland’ 2017

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the remarkable and unforgettable two weeks we had! The two of you created a wonderfully inclusive, magical web of light which everyone seemed to fall into with ease as we visited so many amazing places. Time seemed to disappear, and our group unified into a wonderful collective of energy. The subtle transformations are only just beginning, now that we are safely home. I am so grateful to Spirit for aligning all of us with the ancient energies.
Pam Rosati

For anyone who wishes to experience a tour that includes love, beautiful energy, lots of the sacred, and the most precious experiences this world has to offer, I recommend one of Lia Scallon and Stephanie Phelps’ ‘Journeys of Love’. They work beautifully together, each bringing different gifts that create a synergistic flow that keeps one excited and in the flow of life experiences. If you ever have the opportunity to become part of one of their tours…jump at it!
Wendy Everett

It was an amazing trip for me in so many ways. Every day we thought it couldn’t get any better, and each day it did! I have truly shifted from my experiences on this trip, especially due to the spiritual/other-worldly experiences I had at St. Brigid’s Well and Tara. Life is so much easier now since I am in flow and in sync with the Universe. I laugh a lot more, and am more joyful and grateful for everything. I hope to join you and Stephanie on future ‘Journey of Love’ adventures!
Linda Bedard

Our ‘Journey of Love’ really had a profound impact on me. I now move forward without fear and have just bought a house! I am so grateful for everyone in our group. Each of you have helped me to take another step in my journey.
Kelly La Fleur

My deepest gratitude to you for hosting this amazing ‘Journey of Love’ tour. Each day has been filled with surprises, openings, clearings and changes taking place at the deepest of levels. I have had a fantastic time and I know my healing will continue for months/years ahead.
Heather Sutherland

I wish to thank you both you for facilitating such a magical journey to beautiful Ireland. The amazing photos you sent are another proof of the blessed time we shared there. There is no doubt I will be joining you on further adventures of the inner calling.
Judi Khan

For anyone interested in an amazing journey to Mystical Ireland, I highly recommend this trip. I cannot express enough just how wonderful this journey really is…words cannot do it justice. Firstly, Lia Scallon and Stephanie Phelps’s preparation and careful planning of this event is second to none. The magic that these two delightful women bring to this journey cannot be overstated. This beautiful country steeped in ancient history… the faeries, the love… especially the love. I may just see if I can arrange to go again this year! In all sincerity, if you have been looking for an amazing, sort of care-free journey to go on, where you will learn and grow, and most importantly expand your heart, this is the journey to go on!
Marion Drake-Calev

Gather oh energy of life
Touched by the earth
Celebrated by the crystals
Annointed by the Fairies
Blessed by the bite of an apple
A path into the sky
A wonder of the Universe
May the energy clear the world to an ever lasting love.
Scott Calev




Mystical Ireland – Land of Faeries Saints & Scholars – 2018

 Due to the great success of our 2017 Mystical Ireland – Land of Faeries Saints and Scholars Journey of Love, and the over demand for this year’s tour, my friend and colleague Stephanie Phelps and I will be offering the tour again in 2018! The 2018 tour will also feature an additional optional 4-Day Extension

Mystical Ireland Tour

September 19th  –  29th 2018

Mystical Ireland Extension  –  September 29th – Oct 3rd

If you are interested in learning more or please feel free to contact Lia at:

Tel:   (+61) 0419 486 073


Lia Scallon is an award winning composer, singer and sound healer whose angelic songs and accompanying ‘Language of Light’ have been transforming lives throughout the world for almost 20 years. Lia’s ethereal vocals have been described as being imbued with the frequency of pure Love. Many claim that the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ reach deep into their soul, giving them a profound sense of ‘coming home. ‘Crystal Keys’ , Lia’s 9th album under her ‘Sounds of Sirius’™ label, won the prestigious  COVR Award for Best New Age Album of 2011, and was a Finalist in the ZMR Radio Awards. Her 10th album The Luminous Pearl’ won the 2013 OWMMA Award for ‘Best New Age Album’, was awarded 2nd place for ‘Best Sound Healing Album’ in the 2014 COVR Awards, and was a Finalist for ‘Best Vocal Album’ in the 2013 Zone Music Reporter Awards.




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