March 21, 2024

An Equinox Gift For You!

My Dear Friends,

It has been a while!

It’s hard to believe, but when I sat down to write to you today I discovered that the last newsletter I sent was on the Equinox 2023. Almost a year to the day later here I am, wishing you Equinox Blessings once again.

I have really missed being in touch with you but, as I suspect may be the case for many of you too, I have found myself on a difficult path over the past 12 months. My husband’s ongoing, serious medical challenges have required my undivided support which has included being away from home for the past seven months to source the hospital care he needed in Sydney.

Home is where the heart is and we are longing to return to our own beautiful personal sanctuary, hopefully soon. In the meantime, I know that The Master Solar‘ and the rest of my Crystal family are supporting us energetically, from afar.



I have always loved connecting with you at those times of year when the veils are thinnest and we have the opportunity to harness the increased Light cascading through the open Cosmic portal. Just as our ancestors of yore did for millennia before us, when we come together with intention for the Equinoxes, Solstices and other major planetary alignments, we have the power to up-shift the frequency of the entire Planet, as well as own unique energetic signature.

Tomorrow’s Equinox brings a perfect balance of equal day and equal night. It heralds the birth of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the onset of Autumn in the Southern lands. This planetary gateway remains open for a 3-day period, so if you are unable to tune in at the exact moment of the Equinox tomorrow, March 19th/20th, you can still consciously bathe in its transformative energy over the coming days.




I would usually create a Crystal Grid to share with you to honour the event, but being away from home, that has not been possible this time.

I do however, have something else very special to share with you!

From my Heart to Yours on this Equinox Day


A Deeply Moving Musical Journey

Song of Revelation celebrates the indomitable and resilient spirit of the Human Being, and our immutable and eternal connection to the Divine. It shows us that taking solace in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth, can bring potent remembrance of our original and true ‘Home’.

As you soar with the eagle, and swim with the dolphin, and acknowledge the suffering of your fellow Earthlings, may remembrance of the sacred ways and wisdom of your ancestors arise from within you, with the deep knowing that you are indeed, a Divine Angelic Human.

“Lia, I have felt a deep connection to your work for many years and I believe this is your best work yet. At the beginning when the Light Language came through, my body began to shake and I instantly started getting downloads. My heart is so full and expanded. With love and great appreciation.”   Claudia, USA

“Wow! I felt t his so deeply. Your voice and what you transmit moved me to tears. Listening to you feels like pure bliss.”    Trueessence13


It is my heartfelt wish that Song of Revelation will resonate deeply with many throughout the world who may be experiencing doubt, suffering, loneliness or pain. Please share this gift far and wide with those you love.




May you be blessed in untold ways this Equinox my Friends, by the Photonic Light Codes cascading unto our beautiful Planet.

In this moment, let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and  all that we are becoming.

Love and Blessings,


“When times are darkest, we yearn for the strongest light. Lia Scallon opens up a new world for her listeners at a time when the world seems destined to falter. Take courage…Lia’s crystal-clear, ethereal voice and otherworldly music, will generate the light you need to illuminate your soul.”
RJ Lannan – Artisan Music

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