June 11, 2014

Extraordinary Ammonite Skulls



I am in deep gratitude that completely against the odds, I find myself the temporary custodian of this group of extraordinary Ammonite Skulls, as they await their new caretakers. Those of you who read my last newsletter may remember that I had a window of only a couple of days to commit to and secure the entire group of 28 skulls. It is my belief that the powerful Light Beings associated with these ancient forms, may have a very important role to play at this critical time in our Earth’s and humanity’s history.

The Ammonite Skulls listed on the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ Online Store are extremely rare and totally unique in the world today.

What are Ammonites?

 Ammonites are a fossil possessing a typically ribbed spiral-form shell. These creatures lived in the seas between 65 -240 million years ago. They became extinct along with the dinosaurs. These sea creatures first appeared 415 million years ago in the form of a small, straight-shelled creature, known as Bacrites. They quickly evolved into a variety of shapes and sizes.

During their evolution the ammonites faced no less than three catastrophic events that would eventually lead to their extinction. The first event occurred during the Permian (250 million years ago), where only 10% survived. These surviving species went on to flourish throughout the Triassic, however at the end of this period (206 million years ago) they faced near extinction, when only one species survived. This event marked the end of the Triassic and the beginning of the Jurassic, during which time the number of ammonite species grew once more. The final catastrophe occurred at the end of the Cretaceous period when all species were annihilated and the ammonites became extinct. This event apparently coincided with the death of the dinosaurs.

Two Nautiloid Heads                                                                           

Two skulls within in the group are carved from Nautiloid fossil, which dates from around 480 million years ago!

Ancient Record Keepers

Due to their ancient origins these Ammonite Skull Beings hold within them the records of Mother Earth’s history. They will have much to share therefore, with their new caretakers. These particular Ammonites originated from Madagascar, making them even more precious. Madagascar is said to have been part of the Ancient Lemuria, which means that these skulls are also imbued with Lemurian energy.

Ammonites in Myths and Legends   

The name Ammonite is derived from The Egyptian God Ammon who in Egyptian mythology was portrayed as a man with horns like a ram. The ancient Ammonite fossil, which looks like a ram’s horn, was considered Ammon’s stone, thus inheriting the name, ammonite. Pliny the Elder called ammonites the Horns of Ammon. A Native American Elder told the carver of these skulls that the Blackfoot people called ammonites Insikim or Buffalo stones, because they look like sleeping bison. The Blackfoot used ammonites in their spiritual ceremonies.

Ammonites and Feng Shui                                                                          

In the Feng Shui tradition, Ammonites are considered to have a powerfully strong energy that can shift the energy of any space to a much higher / better quality of energy.

Ammonites, Fibonacci and the Golden Mean

Ammonites are a naturally occurring example of the Fibonacci sequence. The shape of the ammonite shell (and the shell of all nautiloids) are aesthetically pleasing because they are one of the natural expressions of the Fibonacci spiral, or golden spiral, which is also observed in galaxies, the unfurling of fern fiddleheads or the arrangement of leaves around a stem for example.

The golden spiral is a symbol of beauty and proportional perfection, with unlimited room for expansion. The logarithmic proportions of the spiral are consistent throughout, no matter how large the spiral becomes. This unique spiral can be found throughout the human body and in nature.


Rare Carvings                                                                                                  

As you can imagine, it takes an extremely skilled craftsman to release these Skull Beings from the delicate and precious Ammonite fossil without cracking or destroying it. It took the crystal carver who carved these skulls a six full months to complete the task. Due to the rarity of the high quality Ammonites and the time it takes to carve them, my source tells me that it is unlikely that more of these skulls will become available any time soon. As you will know if you read my last newsletter, I was given a very small window of opportunity to acquire these pieces before they were released to the general market, and I had to move heaven and earth to find a way to secure this group of extraordinary Ancient Beings! I feel blessed indeed to be their current keeper, as they await their new caretakers.

A Sacred Vision

While transiting in Sydney on my way through to the US just after I committed to acquiring this extraordinary group of skulls, I met with a friend of mine who brought up the subject of the Ammonite Skulls. She told me that when she first saw the pictures of the skulls, she experienced a feeling of sadness for the creatures that once inhabited these forms. As soon as she said this my channel opened. Much information was delivered spontaneously in Light Language. A feeling of urgency accompanied the transmission, along with a sense of great wonder surrounding the existence of these skulls and their role at this time.

As the transmission came through, I had a powerful vision. I saw several Light Beings – more specifically Galactic Beings – gathering above the Earth in readiness. I saw myself looking down upon the earth from above, and witnessed these Light Beings descending from the Cosmos to inhabit the Ammonite shells. I then saw the Ammonites dotted across the globe, each one ‘lit up’ in its location. There was a feeling of huge joy that these ancient forms had once again been given life, and a ‘knowing’ that in their new incarnation, they would be extremely important in what would unfold on Planet Earth.

My friend was so deeply affected by the channelling that she decided at once to become the caretaker of one of these Ammonite Beings. My feeling is that intrinsically linked to, and merged with, these unique skulls, are powerful Galactic Light Beings who have come to offer their assistance to us, in a very specific way at this time.

Yesterday, I received the following message from Daniel Stojcevski. He and his mother were an linchpin in my being able to secure the skulls and make them available to you as between them, they committed to become the caretaker of three of them. Here is Daniel’s response to the arrival of the skulls….

“The package landed this morning! Before I took it home I let one of the drivers hold the box to his chest and he immediately felt the energy. Mum started to cry when holding number 8. We believe she is feminine. .. I keep getting the name Eya. I love all of them. I believe number 1 from group 2 is male and the third skull has grandmother energy. I am so happy to have them. The immediate vision I had was of the earth at the beginning of time – it was amazing. They then helped me with more visions afterwards. They are so powerfull!! I really feel that these beings will help me when I’m helping other people. They will guide me…they have such ancient knowledge. You cannot fake this feeling. They truly are magical.”

If you too feel called to become the caretaker of one of these Ancient Ones, I think you will find your life and your work enriched and amplified by their presence.

Love and many Blessings to you for your commitment…


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