May 2, 2014

Ancient and Rare Ammonite Skulls

Ancient Ammonite Skulls – Millions of years old!


I have just been offered a very small window of opportunity to purchase a group of absolutely incredible Ammonite Skulls. Most of these amazing creations date from the Cretaceous period circa 145 to 66 million years ago. Ammonites disappeared during the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, when the dinosaurs and belemnites became extinct. There are four pieces in the group carved from Nautiloids fossil, which dates from around 480 million years ago! These skulls therefore, are very ancient Beings who hold the records of Mother Earth’s history within them. They are extremely rare and totally unique in the world today.

The name Ammonite is derived from The Egyptian God Ammon. Ammon’s sacred animal totem was a ram, and an ammonite looks like a ram’s horn. Pliny the Elder called ammonites the Horns of Ammon. An Native American Elder told the carving factory that the Blackfoot called ammonites Insikim or Buffalo stones because they look like sleeping bison. They used them in their  spiritual ceremonies.

As you can imagine, it requires an extremely skilled craftsman to release these Skull Beings from the delicate and precious Ammonite fossil without cracking or destroying it. It has taken the crystal carver in question a six full months to complete the task. Due to the rarity of these pieces and the time it takes to carve them, my source tells me that all 27 have to be purchased as a group and are not available individually.

The 8 skulls pictured below are the most Super Fine Quality of the carvings.

They range in size from 447grams   to 857grams.

Price range  –  between $1450 – $1950.

The 4 Nautiloid Heads

These are larger skulls ranging from 1.632kg  to 3.692kg

The price range –  between $2250 – $2950.

Group of 15 Ammonite  Skulls      

These range in size from 274g   to 2.150kg

The price range –  between $550 – $2350

If I had the funds to do so, I would purchase all of these skulls this minute! I feel it’s extremely unlikely that an opportunity to become the custodian of such beautiful, unusual and powerful artifacts will present itself again in the near future. Unfortunately, even though they are very well priced considering their incredible rarity, I simply do not have the wherewithal to purchase them upfront. If there were enough people willing to commit to becoming the caretaker of one of these Ancient Beings however, it might become possible for me to take on the calculated risk of purchasing the rest of the group.

If any of these Ancient Ones call to you, please get in touch with me immediately as the opportunity of securing these skulls is a heartbeat away from disappearing!  The skulls are not up on the SOS Online Store, so you will need to contact me direct if you would like to either secure one of the eight skulls below, or to see photos of the other two groups mentioned above. You can contact me on:

Email:                   Tel:  0419 486 073


Ancient Ammonite Being 1  –  698g

DSC_5937 DSC_5938 DSC_5940 2 DSC_5943

Ancient Ammonite Being 2  –  674g

DSC_5968 DSC_5972 DSC_5976 DSC_5977

Ancient Ammonite Being 3 –  470g    

DSC_5979 DSC_5981 DSC_5987 DSC_5988

Ancient Ammonite Being 4  –  447g    

DSC_5993 DSC_5995 DSC_5998 DSC_6000

Ancient Ammonite Being 5  –  668g 

DSC_6003 DSC_6004 DSC_6014 DSC_6015

Ancient Ammonite Being 6  –  714g 

DSC_6019 DSC_6020 DSC_6024 DSC_6037

Ancient Ammonite Being 7  –  518g    

DSC_6053 DSC_6054 DSC_6059 DSC_6064

Ancient Ammonite Being 8  –  857g

DSC_6072 DSC_6073 DSC_6085 DSC_6086

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