Awakening The Crystal Masters – Part 1

Awakening The Crystal Masters

The lead up to Lia’s album ‘Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal’

It truly is an awesome thing when we see the Divine Plan in action through synchronicity. When we witness external events coming into harmony with our own personal Guidance, it can ignite feelings of great joy, optimism and Love within us. When Divine Cosmic order shows up in one’s own ‘small’ life, we realise that we really are not so small after all…and we are not alone. We come to realise that we are connected in a most specific way to our fellow humans and every living thing, as well as the greater Cosmos.

I’ve had an experience like this in my own life recently. Just after Christmas, I received strong inner guidance that I should cancel my participation in the Illuminado Crystal Skull conference and Tour in Mexico in March. This surprised me. Being part of the inaugural event last year was such a profound experience and this year promises to be just as powerful.

I did pay attention however and, given the fact that North Queensland where I live, was being battered by Floods and Cyclone around that time, I received complete understanding from the conference organisers. I felt in my bones however, that these events of nature were not the only reason that I was being guided to remain in Australia. I had a strong sense that there was another reason entirely that I was supposed to leave that time available and my calendar open for something else that might present itself.

Now I know why!


Instead of being in Chichen Itza on March 21st to see the Kukulkan serpent descend the steps of the main pyramind, I will now be in a recording studio here in Australia to record a new album, the essence of which, will be a call to AWAKEN.

With each one of the Sounds of Sirius albums to date, there has been an intense gestation period, leading up that moment of urgency when I know I need to get on the phone right away to book the recording studio. It really is like giving birth. As with a physical birth, there are moments of great certainty and joy along the way. There are also moments of overwhelm and fear at the responsibility of it all, including the knowing that the outcome will inevitably bring momentous change to my life in one way or another.

During the lead-up period to a recording, the energies change and intensify on a daily basis. This invariably results in much personal challenge, learning and inner growth, in order that my own energies can become clearer and my vibration raised enough, for me to become the conduit for the new energies that wish to be birthed and grounded unto the physical plane.

The past five months have been such a period. Having been through the process several times now, I have learnt not to push things towards a time deadline. I just have to surrender to the process at hand, do the personal growth work that presents itself, and let things unfold in Divine timing. Once I place myself in this space of complete trust, I know deep down, that I will be given an exact and clear indication of when to proceed, when the time is right.

And so it is….this time has been no different. About two weeks ago, that call came loud and clear and when it did, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to set things in motion immediately. When my Guidance told me that I was to bring the recording through on the energy of the Equinox, a wave of electric excitement ran through my body. I got the sort of confirmation I love when, on ringing the studio, I discovered that this was the next available period the engineer had free!!


What a powerful time it will be, to do this work! The Equinox is one of those times in the year when many energetic portals are open and the veils between the worlds become thinner. It is a time when many, many people throughout the planet gather together at sacred sites, in their homes and other places, to do ceremony. It is a time of year when we can tune into the world of our ancestors who held this time of year so sacred.


Sharing my personal journey towards a recording is not something I’ve done before but on this occasion, I somehow feel that it’s important to invite others to join their energies with mine towards this sacred task.

The process of preparation and clearing my own energies for this current project has had an interesting and quite beautiful outer expression. For the last three months or so, I have been working very specifically with my Crystals and Crystal Skulls, in a wondrous kind of unfoldment which has been directly linked to the energies and purpose of the new album. This unfoldment has taken the form of a Crystal circle that has morphed and changed along with my own inner journey.

It’s first incarnation was a Crystal Skull formation, which came into being to support a planetary healing session which took place by phone with four other women around the globe. We had been very specifically called to do this work together and it was a most powerful gathering.

After the healing session, I felt compelled to leave the skull formation in place and to work with it further. Within a week or so, the formation was changed to a circle….

Bit by bit, more crystals were added, until, a couple of weeks ago some major changes were made.

Once these new crystals were added, I felt the energies were now set and ready. This was the day, that I received the Guidance about the Equinox recording…. as I sat inside the ‘finished’ crystal mandala, I knew that THAT moment had come!

A few days ago, exactly one week before the first recording day, I woke up knowing that the process of refinement was now to begin. It was time to begin the dismantling and paring down of the circle, so that in the end it would include only the crystals I was to take with me to Melbourne.

This morning brought a further paring down, and now there are only two more days to go now to finish the process – to finalize the crystal circle I’ll stand in, in the studio!

With all my albums to date, I have received information about some of the gifts that the new recording will bring for people. Over the years however, I’ve come to realize that this is only part of the picture. Feedback on each of the CDs has led me to understand that the Sounds of Sirius are working on many and multiple levels, which I don’t even pretend to fully understand myself! I feel privileged to be the conduit for these beautiful songs and Light Language, which seem to affect individual souls in a very individual and unique way. Having said that, the core information that I receive about the purpose of the recording, is certainly part of the picture.

The working title for this new album is Awakening the Crystal Masters. I know that this title may change but I think for the moment, this one carries the essence of the albums purpose. I recently received an email with the following excerpt about crystals and crystal skulls, which I think reflects some aspects of the album’s purpose….

“Just as the human body has energy centers that we call chakras, so does the Earth. Everything in this world, indeed in this Universe, is made up of energy.

The Earth has many power places where energy is greatly concentrated – these are often places that people have gravitated to for centuries, and are usually considered to be sacred by indigenous people. The power places of the Earth are like acupuncture points where the Earth receives and releases energy in order to remain in balance. Holding sacred ceremonies in these places has allowed humanity to benefit from these energies while also giving thanks and reverence to the Earth mother, thereby supporting her wellbeing and ours in return.

Crystals and crystal skulls can absorb the energy of the power places of the Earth and record the information of all that has been there before. The crystals and crystal skulls also perform a sort of sacred acupuncture to bring love and energy to the Earth as well.

The Earth is a crystalline being, as is the human body – the earth’s crust is comprised of almost 1/8 quartz, and the human body is also silica based. We are liquid crystals of the Earth, nourished and supported by the Earth; crystals and crystal skulls resonate with our frequency and help us to maintain a vibration of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The crystals and crystal skulls are conduits for energy, healing and information from the Earth (and beyond) to guide us in our evolution in the present and for the future. These energy transmissions are enhanced in the Earth’s power places, allowing us to receive higher guidance and sacred knowledge to benefit ourselves and all of humanity.
MD –

You will have guessed by now, that the new album has something to do with crystals! As I mentioned earlier, I feel that one of the main purposes of the album will be to AWAKEN those who are drawn to listen to it. I feel it will be a sort of ‘wake-up call’ that will prompt us to Awaken to the messages, wisdom and knowledge of the Crystal Guardians who are looking after this planet. And it will also be a call for the Crystal Masters to open and release their information to us.

Above all, this album is about connecting us to our Mother Earth, through the energy of her crystalline body.

I see the Heart of Mother Earth as pure crystal. As the excerpt above stated, almost one eighth of the crust of the Earths body is quartz.

Crystals are not just inert ‘dead’ lumps of rocks. The Crystal Kingdom has consciousness in the same way as humanity has consciousness. These crystals are contributing to the evolution of our consciousness through the frequencies they are emitting. We now know that we humans are changing from a carbon base to a more crystalline base. This why the higher frequencies emitted by the mineral kingdom can affect us profoundly, by helping us to raise our vibration. Our planet, our Mother Earth, has within her structure a crystalline grid that is playing an important role in our evolution right now. This grid carries codes – information we need in order to upgrade our systems and shift our frequency and consciousness, so that we can move forward and take our place in the new, higher dimensional reality.

I see one of the critical purposes of this album being to help us to awaken, to the remembrance of Crystal Masters that WE ARE. We ourselves are the Crystal Heads……we are the Crystal Skulls. If we can connect our crystalline structure to the crystalline grid and the crystal heart of Mother Earth….if our hearts can beat as one with Hers…then we can move forward with her, with ease and grace, as she makes the transition to the New World.

There is an historic shift in energy taking place on our planet right now – a shift that has been predicted in the prophecies of many of the indigenous peoples of the world. We are seeing it happen before our very eyes as Mother Earth shakes her body free of the old energy. As we witness the floods and the earthquakes and the cyclones and other extreme weather phenomena throughout the planet, it is easy to see this as a time when we might be on the brink of total destruction.

But perhaps we still have the choice. Instead of this path of destruction, perhaps we have the opportunity right now, to open up to receive and remember ancient teachings and mysteries that will help us to transform ourselves, and move forward together to co-create a New Earth and a new way of being.

It’s widely accepted that Crystals store information (just think of the silicon chip) and that they amplify energy. It’s not a wild notion therefore, to think that the crystals held within the body of Mother Earth, and those crystals that she has thrown up onto her surface as gifts for us to work with, may hold the information we need at this time, to help us make the transition from the old way of being which no longer serves us, to a new way of being where we live in tune with our Mother and every other living thing.

I believe this is why I’m being called to bring through the particular crystalline energies that will be featured within this new album. At the moment, my plan is to have 13 tracks or movements within the piece. Each of these 13 tracks will relate to a specific master crystal, such as ruby, emerald, diamond etc. The number 13 will serve to reflect the energy and symbology of the 13 Crystal Skulls of ancient legend – the concept of the 12 in the 1….the 12 aspects of the one Universal Mind, which contains the sacred mysteries of the cosmos.

How, some might ask, can a music CD – even one that contains the gift of sacred song and Light Language, achieve an Awakening within us, and within the Crystalline kingdom?

The vision I have of the manifestation of this work, is linked to the legends of the Crystal Temples of Lemuria and Atlantis and the Sound Temples of the ancient world. Our ancient forebears understood precisely, how to use sound and how to use crystals to heal themselves. They had sacred sound and crystal chambers within their Temples dedicated specifically for this purpose.

My vision shows me that the crystalline codes within the Master Crystals, can be activated by certain sounds. Pure sacred sound – the right and perfect tones – have the ability to unlock the sacred geometries and the information held within these crystals.

The sound vibration can also assist in communicating this information to the ‘Human Crystal’, which is each one of us. As our own crystalline structure becomes activated and opened up by the sound, we can begin to receive the information from the Master Crystals.

Our bodies are living libraries. The genetic memory of our original and perfect blueprint is stored within our cells and our DNA. I believe this is what the new recording will seek to activate. The Crystal-Sound activation will allow us to access the genetic memory of our original blueprint – the memory of our Divine self. And with this, will flow the remembrance of the many gifts that have lain dormant within us for so long.

Only a few more days to the Equinox now….. a few more days to prepare….to clear my own energy field in readiness to be the best ‘receiver’ and conduit for the powerful energies that I feel waiting in the wings to come through. I can feel them waiting….I can feel their excitement!

I humbly invite any of you who feel drawn to do so, to please connect with me at the time of the Equinox, next Sunday and Monday – March 20th and 21st – when the main body of the recording will channelled through in the Melbourne studio, and then again on Friday and Saturday the 25th and 26th when I’ll be doing further recording in a studio in Cairns. It would be such a powerful thing, if you could join your energies with mine, with the pure intention of supporting the beautiful and perfect birthing and grounding of these transmissions from the Crystal Masters and Mother Earth.

We have now entered a phase of Unity Consciousness. It’s not about the ‘I’ any more, it is about the ‘we’. I believe that if we join together across the globe with focused intention, magic can happen, in so many different ways.

Many thousands of other people across the planet will be doing sacred ceremony at the time of the Equinox too. I’ve already made arrangements to consciously connect with some of these groups. As I stand in the studio within a circle of crystals and candles in Melbourne, I’ll be connecting with….. The Crystal Skull conference in the Yucatan in Mexico, the Spring Equinox event at the Boulder House in Arizona, the global ‘Circle the Earth with Love’ event…… and other individual souls. We have agreed to link together consciously. I invite you to join us too.

If we all stand together, our hearts beating as one with Mother Earth, I believe we really can turn the tide for our planet. Together, we truly can make a difference……

There is help

Artwork by Leanne M Williams

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