Crystal Skull Guidance

by Sally Gibb Cumming

We will gift you yourself
What ever you ask of me, you are already.
So no point to ask what I can give you.
That which you receive from me, the crystal skull, is already that which you believe about yourself. This is the truth of my energy – you create your own magic and miracles as you believe. Come to greet me as you are already, whole, unique and all that you ask for, that which you want, ask of yourself, for we are One. You are not to think I can gift you anything, everything, for you are the gift already.

Come with who you are already, and I will show you your mirror of what it is you believe about your self. I show everyone who they think they are. If you think you are less of what you want to become, I will show you that. Raise your energy and believe you are all that you are. What you believe, I will be one with what you are.

What others search for in me will never become until they see it in themselves. This is sacred knowledge. You will receive what you already are, a gift to yourself, all that you are, expansive, all knowing, love, truth, faith, and more, much more, forever.
Go in peace.

The following guidance was given to prepare myself for my crystal skull connection. I had also gone to see ‘The Lost Buddhas’ at the Art Gallery of NSW. I learn that they are no different from any ancient being found in the soil of mother Gaia.

The Crystal Skull
You need to cleanse yourself as I do. It is a natural process of breath. Yes, I breath from another dimension.

I have found that when deep in meditation and in an altered state, I have no need of breathing like we do on the 3 dimensional plane. I have found this also when humming in the vibration of Silence. Something alters in me and the 3 dimensional moves into another dimension so I appear not to breath. The following explains this phenomena.

The Crystal Skull
Yes I breath from another dimension as you have experienced – you enter into another dimensional level, therefore on your earth plane you appear not to breath in the human way but in the higher dimensional way. I also breath but you do not see it for I breath in another dimension. It is when the dimensions align to become one, we breath together and you witness my breathing. It is also The Way  for the sandstone Buddha’s who also breath to which you witnessed as you slotted into their dimension or them into your dimension. It is of no matter which way it is but we can say that the sacred defines the moment. We have the ability for we are born of a higher dimensional consciousness-order, born in another dimension to be moved by  sound into your dimension or for you to move into our dimension.
Our purpose (the ancient skulls and stone figures) is to trigger a memory for you to remember what you can be, what you have already been, what you will become again. We are divine. With sound and chants we vibrate into your vision of breathing and you into us.

I ask if this is real?

The Crystal Skull
In a nebulous sense – it is beyond your ability of thought as the part of your brain that knows, that remembers is asleep, albeit, waking up in defining moments of time to see the breath, to sense our presence, to hear our voice – for you are a mirror to us, that which is the divine privilege to know beyond the 3D mind. You are all waking up, we are the One, as the crystal skull, as the Buddha statues, as we are that which you are already been and known. But you have buried (laughter) your knowing. We have been found by you  in your 3D, buried. This is your key, this is your gift into that which you once knew and are remembering again.

The Crystal Skull
We are being found buried deep within earth. The ancients are appearing for many to look upon themselves. Release the logic that which has buried you, release the beliefs taught, release those things that you think are humanly impossible. Yet they are possible when awakened, and the resurrection guides you in the moment rising to a higher understanding. This is truth for the divine is pure and escapes not into the realms of fantasy. This is real and this is you. Do you not feel the power and frequency of such magic, do you not feel such profound truth that you rise to be resurrected into the moment of Now without limitations and without restrictions?

Go in peace sweet child of light.