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It has been said that the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull was used in one of the 13 healing temples in Atlantis. This particular healing temple was used for higher learning, healing, rejuvenation and regeneration. In this temple, the Skull worked with the blue and ultra violet colour frequencies or rays. Apparently, after the last upheaval in Atlantis this Skull was moved to the Yucatan, Egypt and then to Belize by the Atlantean priests and priestesses. Some Mayans are of the belief that these very same Atlanteans are their ancestors.

The Mayans have continued to use this Crystal Skull in their healing ceremonies down through the ages. However, since much of the Atlantean knowledge and wisdom was lost after the upheaval, the ceremonies may have changed.

The following is a story about Donna DeMay and her personal quest as she uncovered the way in which the Mayans used crystal and the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull as part of their healing ceremonies.

Donna’s journey began in the early 1990’s, when for years she had been experiencing multiple health problems due to a bad diet and lack of concern for the physical body.

On one of her visits to see Anna Mitchell-Hedges “Sammy” and the Skull, she placed her hands on top of the Skull and it suddenly filled with smoke. You could even see smoke rising from the very top of the Skull. She thought that somehow she had ‘broken’ it and cried out “oh my god… what did I do?” Sammy just calmly smiled at her.

During the return trip home, Donna reflected deeply on what had just occurred. She wanted to know what the smoke meant. What was the Skull trying to show her? The next morning she woke up totally healed from her health problems and has been clear ever since. This healing opened the doors of awareness for Donna and enabled her to follow a more balanced and holistic approach to diet and health. Thus began Donna’s long journey into discovering the nature of healing and how the Skull was an integral part of it.

Soon after this experience, Donna took a trip to Belize. While there, she visited Lubaantun, the place where the Crystal Skull was found. Serendipitously, she met the owner of the hotel where she was staying, near San Ignacio. This man shared with Donna many stories from his childhood. One in particular caught her attention. He told her that as a child he often played in the backyard, which was permeated with buried ancient ruins. He showed her a 52 faceted crystal ball that he had found hidden there. It was the size of a tennis ball, and as she held it in her hands she suspected that the Mayans were into crystal more than she could have imagined. Donna also realized that the number 52 must have a special significance. At that point she had no idea of the purpose of the faceted crystal ball, but she wanted to find out.

Mayan Ceremony – Blessing a child

A couple of days later at another site in Belize, Altun-Ha, Donna met and talked to a park official. She asked him if he knew anything about the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and told him about the ‘52’ faceted crystal ball she had recently been shown. The park official said that “The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine.” He also said “Never use it for power, control or money because it will only backfire on you. Only use it for healing.” The park official also knew exactly what the crystal ball was used for. Both the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and the crystal ball were used together in Mayan healing ceremonies.

He then went on to explain how the healing ceremony was performed. The diseased person placed the ‘52’ faceted crystal ball in the palm of their right hand. Then, the attending High Priest would cusp his left palm over the top of the crystal ball while rotating back and forth both their hands 9 times. According to the Mayans, every number is sacred and has multiple meanings. One of the most common interpretations for ‘9’ refers to the end of one cycle and the beginning of another… transformation. The number 52 represents a new time of renewal and the beginning of a new cycle as well.

When the High Priest released his hand, he would look at the ‘52’ faceted crystal ball. If the ball filled with smoke, this was a sign that the person was sick and needed healing. The sick person would then stand in front of the Crystal Skull with the smoke filled crystal ball still in his hand and proceed to be healed. The ceremony was finished when the crystal ball was totally cleared of smoke by the Crystal Skull.

Donna was told that when spirit moves out of a human body during the healing process, it takes on the form of smoke. Everything has a spirit, including emotions. For example: If you are involved in a fearful experience then the spirit of the fear of that situation remains in your body making you sick until it is released. If you have an addiction, then the spirit of alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. remains in the body causing ill health until that spirit is released and the habit is stopped.

The Mayans also believed that if one ‘vacates’ their body during stressful or disturbing moments, eventually nonphysical entities or spirits looking for an easy home will check in. When they do this they can take over the host body. The healing ceremony is also used to remove these unwanted spirits.

This healing ceremony was considered a ‘magic rite’ to the Mayans. Magic and the magic of numbers have always been involved in quite a few of their sacred ceremonies. Numbers are symbols and in ceremony these symbols become alive.

Through this experience, Donna discovered that the Mayans use crystals as tools. She was led on a path of discovery, which answered many of her personal questions regarding healing and the healing properties of crystal. But most of all her “burning” question about why the Skull filled with smoke when she touched it was answered.

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Friday, March 21st, 2008