The Sounds of Sirius CD recordings, evolved directly from Lia’s healing work – ‘Healing with the Sounds of Sirius’. These recordings are a healing modality in their own right, available for people to use in the sanctuary of their own home.

The Sounds of Sirius CDs are utterly unique and very experiential. The core purpose and gift of these songs is to reawaken the soul to its true purpose – to stir it into remembrance of its Divinity. These sacred harmonics are a Song of Love for humanity at this crucial time in our evolution. As our souls entrain to the beautiful melodies and words, it begins to come into balance and alignment with the Divine source energy of unconditional Love.

The Sounds of Sirius take the form of channelled, sung vocals, interwoven with softly spoken Light Language. Each CD is of approximately one hour in duration, carrying healing energies directly from Spirit. Ideally, one dedicates time to receive the full healing – at least for the first listening. An excellent alternative is to listen to the CDs as you fall asleep each night. As the conscious mind surrenders, healing can take place at a very deep level.

The high, pure vibrations of the Crystal Bowls form part of the musical backdrop on each of the Sounds of Sirius albums. Additional sound effects of the song of the Humped backed whale, birdsong, water, delicate quartz crystal wind chimes, Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls, bells, chimes and cymbals, are added, with magical effect, by exceptional percussionist, David Jones, on several of the Sounds of Sirius albums. And the beautiful crystal sounds of Master crystal bowl player, Susie Nelson-Smith, are featured on both Starsong and Song of the Earth.

With Lia’s creation of The First Little Angels on Earth, the Sounds of Sirius unfold in whole new multi-layered experience for both children and adults. This unique combination of storytelling, meditation and channelled song, draws the listener into a sweet and magical web of imagination where they feel cocooned and nurtured by vibrations of love and innocence.

The Animal kingdom too receives great benefit from these sacred, healing melodies. Over the years, many people contacted Lia, telling stories of the amazing response of their animals to the Sounds of Sirius. As a result, Lia brought through ‘Song of Love for the Animals’ as a gift of gratitude and appreciation to our beautiful animal friends. One of the roles of this exquisite musical journey is to help all human beings reconnect with the earth. And if you are the caretaker of your own special animal, this music is a wonderful gift from you to them – a gift of love that will help strengthen the bond between you.

Many people ask ‘What is the sacred language, channelled through with the melodies?” Spirit conveyed to Lia, that these words are the root of all language – this is the language from which all language sprang. Listeners of many different nationalities appear to substantiate this, with feedback that they recognise words from their own mother tongue – Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Greek, Japanese…..and more

However, Lia suggests you resist the need to understand the language…. “These are the words of the Divine, Eternal Mother, and they speak to the soul”, she says. “The soul recognizes and resonates with these high vibration sounds and knows exactly what is being said!”

The gift of ‘The Sounds of Sirius’ is the gift of Soul Healing.

Artwork by Lise Nilsen