A Language of Light

If I could but speak to you
the ancient language of light,
you would weep with remembrance…..
But I have remained mute
for oh so long
that even I forgot my song.
Lonely I have been upon this plane;
deep has been my longing to go home,
and silent my voice from earthly sound,
for once sung I a song
not yet here found.
It was a simple language of being,
light impulses conveyed through feelings,
a subtle resonance of spirit
vibrating through cell and heart and soul,
merging and re-emerging into the ALL……

Essence to essence we touched
And spoke the silent language of the stars,
mirroring through our eyes and hearts
the light of who we are;
for we were one
and new not what it was to be alone.
Ours was a realm of purest love,
innocent and infinitely sweet,
we breathed the fragrant breath of God,
hearts pulsing as one
within the one Heartbeat……

If I sing you the star name of Sirius,
does your soul begin to hear an ancient song?
Of dimensions beyond
the stars and the suns,
angelic spheres of radiance
within the body
of the Infinite One.

There are brothers in the seas of our world
who sing this song,
calling man to remembrances
of his celestial Homeland
and his origins of the light filled
Heart of God.
It is that One alone
who speaks through all that is:
“Rise up my children come Home,
return to blessedness……”

Now the light of the stars and the sea
awakens also in me
the starry patterns etched within my cells.
And the song of the Eternal One
is truth I have always sung,
for it is the very essence
of who I am.

Only now I am remembering
And singing it again……

Written by “Grace,” the Angelic being
living in Mount Shasta USA.