Living Consciously – The Sacred Feminine

By Gihan Kandeel

After spending a five-month sabbatical in the Middle East bordering the Holy Lands after our last powerful Sacred Journey to Egypt; I felt it was time to share some important insights. Needless to say, the waves of chaos, destruction and despair that we are all feeling within the rest of the world and our disgrace with current world order is only amplified in this most ancient and holy region of our planet.  This part of our planet is the nucleus and core emanating and defining world politics.

The three largest monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) spring from this region and with it, the centuries of discord, separation and divinely driven bloodshed despite the common belief in the same One God (known in Hebrew and Arabic respectively as Yahweh / Allah).

A male, patriarchal understanding of God, bestowing male privelege and power to male leaders and holy men. Religious laws that codify female submission and subservience, control women and link the guarding of female behavior to male honour. I was alarmed to discover that female circumcision, stoning to death for ‘unholy’ acts and justifiable ‘honour kiiling’ are still practised within remote areas of these Holy lands in the 21stcentury.  These Abrahamic laws are not exclusive to any one religion or region, but attested to in the Old Testament through to the Koran throughout the Middle East in varying degrees.

How very far I thought that Middle Eastern women have gone from the days of significance, Holiness and power of their ancient ancestral sisters to their lot millenia later. And so my travels continued exploring this theme through the middle east and speaking to many local traditional men and women of various demographics.

The picture became clearer as the history and politics of the region unfolded in my quest. The privelege of watching media and understanding the language that was not censored from a western perspective allowed greater insight into the brewing anger and oppression felt in the region. The advent of technology and information sharing shining a light in a stone age ideological landscape. Old and new worlds colliding in a melting pot of historical, religious, cultural and humanitarian opposition. The subject matter too vast to address in this writing, however is forming the content of my new book, which I look forward to sharing with you in due course.

The mystique of discovering the sacred feminine in such a landscape comes as an epiphany. Veiled and shrouded in patriarchal dust, SHE shines. Not overtly, but so powerfully her ancient legacy has stood the test of time, history, oppression and genocide.

Whether we choose to label this energy Sophia, Isis, Mary or Mother God..SHE is alive and growing more so than ever before in our human history. Re-awakening and returning to remind us of the gentle, nurturing yet powerful creative life force that She is.  Balanced and In Harmony with divine masculine / Father God. That is the Divine Order.

Her Temples and earth songs and grid lines and vortexes are calling. Her sacred woman song calls her sons and daughters…. To unite. To remember Her. To honour Her.

For those who hear Her and feel resonant in this calling, I invite you to partake in creating a network of light. Resonant minds and spirits stirring to become ‘Love in Action’ and change the world. Infuse Her loving, wise counsel and energy into the important domains that effect real change..Politics, Business, Community, Individuals. It is a gentle Revolution. Every single person on earth can tap into it and contribute.

We struggle as sentient beings observing the dire decisions of policy makers, politicians and economists who run our planet and watch in silence.. a world gone mad with greed, corruption, inhumanity and environmental suicide for eco-geo-political agendas. We feel helpless, and our policy makers want us to feel helpless. They want us to believe that they too are victims to ‘global’ circumstances.

Responsible Leaders and Responsible Leadership comes with Accountability. The power of democracy (if its in fact more than a mythical ideal) is driven by the voices of the masses. Or has this too only become so in theory? Our voices, the power to vote and lobby our policy makers is the one weapon we have in expressing and desiring world order change. In ascending.. our inner alchemy, prayers and intentions can be even more powerful as a global consciousness. We innately know things are terribly out of balance.

To live and act consciously is what the winds of change are foretelling. Our ancestors are stirring within us and reminding us of this creative principle. To honour and respect one another, our home this planet and all the elements in a cosmological dance of interconnectedness and unity. That our differences in all their glories be celebrated and not divide us. It seems our ancient ancestors were more enlightened than we despite our modernity.

For those who wish to partake in anchoring this energy between now and 2012 through intentions of responsible or conscious travel, we invite you to share our prayers, meditations and humanitarian work as we pilgrimage to Egypt again in Nov 2010 and Feb/March 2011 and ground this energy in the powerful ancient sacred sites as we send  waves of love, healing and peace to the Holy lands and the world.

Plenty of opportunities will be had to do the same within ancient monasteries, mosques and temples where holy ascended masters have trodden throughout the aeons..birthing the Renaissance, Enlightenment  and exploring the origins of the Eastern and Western Mystery School traditions.

Next Egypt Sacred Journey – Alchemy Tour: Nov 21 to Dec 6, 2010.

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Gihan Kandeel B.A (Psych. & Soc)
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