Quotations on Sound Healing

“In the beginning there was sound. Sound began the whole thing, and in sound resides tremendous power. It opens doorways to other realities, for with the production of sound, energy can move from one system to another.”
Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library”
– Barbara Marciniak

“Tones themselves correspond with and affect specific areas of the body. The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganise the body’s structure. Sounds that are harmonious, activate the body and create healing.”‘
Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library” –
Barbara Marciniak

“Mastery of sound has been exalted in many civilisations, and the knowledge is still with you, governed by those light ones of certain native beings such as the Maya, the Indians of the Americas, the Dogon, the Lamas and the Dolphin Beings.”
‘Cosmos of the Soul” – Patricia Cori

“Dolphins and Whales are highly evolved entities. The loss of the Dolphin Beings and the great whales, will mean the end of the balance and the final destruction of the ecosystem.”
(Dolphins and Whales are aligned with the Sirius energy)

‘We would suggest using Sound…….with toning, with song and with humming. Use the powerful energetic vibration of sound to soothe your Hueman Will, to comfort, to allow it positive expression and to also give permission to Divine Will to voice itself through this centre. Sound is the Language of the Universe and when expressed from the heart, can be understood in any dimension, any time and any space.’
From ‘Union’ by Jennifer Starlight