The Sacred Silk Cloth “Cosmic Integration”

Each Sacred Silk Cloth is individually hand-painted after a process of deep meditation. A sacred space is set up using candles, Lemurian Crystals and music. The Lord’s Prayer, sung in Aramaic, is played continuously to expand heart energy during the process of creating the cloth. The whole cloth is painted in my mind’s eye before any paint is applied to the white silk.


The Sacred Silk Cloth “Cosmic Integration” invokes you to travel to the centre of your being and embrace the central Mandala which is a blending and integration of colour frequencies representing the various elements. The first stroke painted on the cloth was the Om symbol painted in pink within the Mandala. This symbolically represents the beginning vibration from which all else flowed. You are encouraged to look at the central mandala as a whole, whilst also allowing the many individual colour frequencies to have an effect on your body’s subtle energy system. Around this mandala there is an unfoldment of the elements – earth, fire, air, water, ether. You may wish to meditate on various parts of the cloth to explore the energy of these elements. As you view the cloth more deeply you will observe sacred symbols in the images, and representations of dolphin and whale energy, as well as a complex landscape. The Divine Feminine energies so important to our Earth at this time are embodied in the image of the Divine Mother symbolically placed in Ether, on the right hand side of the cloth.

At the completion of creating the Sacred Silk Cloth “Cosmic Integration”, a Crystal grid was set up on the cloth using Lemurian Crystals. A grid of thirty three Lemurian crystals was placed in the central mandala. Two Master Lemurian crystals were used in this grid – one containing records about healing practices and a holographic image of a skull ; the other containing codings of music. A Lemurian sphere containing an image of an Angelic being was placed in the centre of the Mandala. Six other Lemurian crystals were placed in the images around the Mandala : three at the top in Fire ; one in the Divine Mother’s hands ; one in the body of the Dolphin (towards the tail area) in the water/Dolphin-Whale energy part of the cloth ; one in the trunk of the tree.

This Sacred Silk Cloth transmits a vibrational frequency that is designed to bring balance and harmony into the lives of all those who interact with it.

Margaret Rush

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