February 14, 2015

Ascension Light Codes


“Amaliah Grace channels a Sirian Goddess. She sings and sounds ancient healing songs in the language of light, first seeded onto our planet by the Star Beings. She is a key-holder to unlock codes of light within the cells and DNA in preparation for the return of the Goddess Codes.
Amaliah is dedicated to assisting humanity’s transformation and ascension for a New Earth.

Her new Ascension Star Codes of Light radiate 12th dimensional frequency and hold unique teachings to ignite an individual’s consciousness of their Soul’s Divinity.
They are sound streams and visual art images, encoded with light, color, tones and glyphs to deepen the connection to the wisdom of the soul. They create light expansion, empowerment and clarity to new missions.
The Ascension Star Codes of Light are supported by the Galactic Federation and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.”

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