August 3, 2004

August 2004 Message

Dear Friends,

My apologies to those of you who may recently have tried to email me at and had it bounce back or those who tried to access my website and came up with a ‘no access’ message. While I was in Ireland,we had a major problem with the American registry of my website which took some weeks to sort out. Everything is tickity boo now, however, and there should be no more problems in the future! If for any reason you find there is a glitch with the lia@soundsofsirius address, I can also be reached on

I am back at home base in Port Douglas now and will be available for private sessions in the near future. Apologies, also, to those people who have called me for sessions and have waited so patiently while I was away. If you would now like to book a session, just give me a call on 0419 -0486073 or email me at and I will accommodate you at the earliest possible time.

I came back from Ireland tired but quietly uplifted. As some of you know, I went there to visit my sister who had been diagnosed with cancer. Seeing her and observing how she is dealing with this enormous challenge, was a real gift. Her strength, courage and uncomplaining acceptance of what she is faced with is an inspiration. It is strange how something as ‘awful’ as this can be a liberation for someone but, in some way, that seems to be how it is for her. Our immediate instinct is to try to rush to ‘fix it’ and ‘heal it’but sometimes these challenges are a healing thing in themselves. For one thing, a person in this situation is often surrounded by so much more love and care than they would normally receive that, that in itself,creates an environment within which they can blossom. Seeing that first hand and the effect it is having on my sister and those around her, has been a gift and a blessing.

Something Josephine said to me also struck home – “There is just no time to waste any more…..” I think that is true for all of us so, personally, I am trying to focus now on savouring the moment more. We are all very good at living in the past and in the future and the moment we are actually in can be largely overlooked!

I hope this finds you well, happy and in good health.If you haven’t visted the website recently, you might like to check out some of the new articles that have been posted there.
Go to and click on the ‘Articles’ page. There are also some interesting new Links on the Links page.

Love and Blessings to you……

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