December 12, 2014

Beam me up Scottie!

Chaco Canyon – An Inter-dimensional Gateway


In May this year, after attending the ZMR Awards in New Orleans where ‘The Luminous Pearl’ was nominated for ‘Best Vocal Album’, I flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet with two dear soul sisters – Stephanie Phelps of White Horse Journeys, Arizona, and Jill Stevenson  from Lake Tahoe. Both women are powerful Shamankas who are deeply connected to Mother Earth. We three have joined forces on a number of occasions to undertake ceremony in many sacred sites, and it seems that every time we get together magic happens!

The call this time was for us to travel to the land of the ancient Pueblo people in New Mexico, and from there to journey back to Sedona via the Grand Canyon. Apart from this basic outline we had no planned schedule, as we wished to leave ourselves completely open to the dictates of Spirit in each moment.

Within an hour of our joyous reunion at the airport it was on!


Lia and Stephanie – a joyous reunion after 2 years!

Sky City is the home of the Acoma people who are said to have lived there for more than two thousand years, which along with Hopiland, makes this village one of the earliest continuously inhabited communities in the United States.

As soon as we walked into the visitor centre at Sky City we became strangely dizzy and disoriented. At one point Stephanie looked at Jill and myself right in the eye, but then walked straight past us. She didn’t see us! It was as if we had become invisible. We realised later, that the tone was already being set then for the extraordinary things that lay ahead.

The photographs I took on that day reflect the powerful energy we’d stepped into when we entered that vast ancient landscape with its huge flat-topped Native mesas. Two shots captured a sweeping shaft of blue Source Light from the heavens, that cast its shadow over the red rocks below.


Blue shaft of Source Light


Shaft of blue Heavenly Light gets bigger!

As we descended on foot from the lofty Sky City, I captured an eagle hovering over Stephanie and and then Jill’s head. In many indigenous cultures, the presence of an Eagle is a powerful sign that Spirit is near. Unusual Light phenomena accompanied the eagle presence in both photos.


Stephanie with eagle overhead and blue Light below in the rocky cavern


Jill with Eagle high above her head and strange Light through the photo

There were towering Rock Guardians everywhere we looked. They too, emanated the incredible power and energy of these ancient Native lands.


Ancient Rock Guardians emanating powerful Light!

Before departing Albuquerque the next day, we were gifted another very poignant blessing from Spirit. A friend had put us in touch with a beautiful Native women called Shirley, who makes and sells superb authentic, Turquoise jewellery. What was supposed to be an hour long meeting turned into half a day! There was much laughter, a few tears, along with deep and powerful healing, at the end of which Shirley embraced the three of us as sisters.


Before we parted Shirley rushed back to her home, to return with the gift of an Eagle feather for each of us. We were speechless. Only Native Americans are allowed to possess eagle feathers – it is illegal for non-Native people to have one. Not only did this gift from Shirley echo the Eagle presence of the previous day, we also felt it was a direct acknowledgement from Spirit of the work we had come together to do.


My gift from Shirley – a Eagle’s large flight wing.

With our precious gifts now part of our sacred bundles, we loaded the car with water and food, and set out for the place that had called us to New Mexico – Chaco Canyon. Chaco was a major centre of culture and ceremony for the Ancient Pueblo peoples between 900 and 1150 AD. My friend Karen Sheeks  from Mount Shasta who has worked as a volunteer ranger there, describes the place as being like an ancient United Nations that drew tribes from far and wide. There is no evidence of any kind of disharmony or war taking place in the entire area. The extensive remains of ceremonial buildings and dwellings in Chaco are a testimony to organizational and engineering abilities not seen anywhere else in the American Southwest at the time. Chaco Canyon is the sacred ancestral homeland of the Hopi Indians and other Pueblo peoples.

From the moment we stepped unto the land at Chaco Canyon, it seemed like we had entered a sort of parallel universe. The energy of the place was pristine. Everywhere we went, and everything we did seemed to unfold with powerful and divine synchronicity. One event however, stands out above all the rest – an extraordinary occurrance that took us beyond the boundaries of 3D experience and changed forever, my perception of reality.

On the afternoon of our last day at Chaco we decided that our final port of call should be one of the four great Kivas. Kivas were underground rooms used for religious and spiritual rituals.


A Kiva – a ceremonial underground room.

As we drove up to the parking area for the ‘Casa Rinconada’, a wave of energy descended upon me like a tidal wave and I spontaneously began to channel. There was a feeling of great urgency and gravity accompanying the Light Language information coming through, and as my eyes fell upon the cliff face of the Canyon before me, I could see the forms of multiple images of skulls in the towering red rock walls.


The place of the Skulls

In the midst of the Light Language, the following words fell out of my mouth in English.

“This is the place of the Skulls. This is a dimensional doorway. Be aware of the Spiral energy.”

We had been working with the spiral energy since arriving at Chaco. The spiral symbol everywhere…in petroglyphs on cave walls, in the formation of the rocks, and in the remains of the ancient buildings.


Chaco petroglyh

In response to these words, Jill asked, ‘Should we bring our skulls?” The immediate reply came through me, ‘Yes, bring all the skulls….that would be ideal…they will be pleased.”

I had been guided to bring three crystal skulls with me from Australia on this trip and had been intrigued by the choice. None of these skulls were ones I would normally travel with, but they were insistent that they come!


The crystals who insisted on coming with me!

We set out on foot towards Casa Rinconada, with the channelling  continuing through me unabated. I found myself guided to the North entry point of the circular Kiva – into a sort of enclosed antechamber overlooking the underground pit. Stephanie ended up directly opposite me at the South side, and Jill was drawn off to an area a little way off, down below the Kiva.

As soon as I stepped inside the North antechamber I received an imperative instruction to immediately step back out and circle the Kiva three times, clockwise and anti-clockwise, to create a spiral of energy in both directions. I placed my three skulls on the ground and I having communicated this to Stephanie, we both proceeded to spiral the Kiva.

On returning to the North antechamber, a spontaneous and intense ceremony ensued. With energy coursing through me, my body began to move into a series very specific and dynamic positions. My two hands spiralled both clockwise and anti-clockwise simultaneously, and I had the sense that I was pulling in energy direct from the Cosmos. Suddenly, out of my mouth again, loudly and in English came the urgent instruction,

‘Remember the Dimensional Doorway…Remember the Spiral Energy’.

As this ceremony drew to a close, I was instructed once more to spiral the Kiva three times in each direction. This done, and leaving my skulls on the ground in the antechamber, I joined Stephanie on the other side of the wall of the North antechamber. Stephanie pointed out that we were in exact alignment with the ‘Shaman’s Chair’ across the canyon where another incredible ceremony had taken place earlier that morning.


Lia sitting on the Shaman’s Chair with her skull ‘Smokey’

With that, the energy descended upon us once again, to unfold another spontaneous ceremony, this one focusing on clearing and purification.

With the perfect timing of Spirit, Jill arrived just as this second ceremony reached a conclusion, remarking how amazing it was that we’d had this place entirely to ourselves. So often when working deeply in the realms of Spirit, circumstances conspire to afford the space and privacy required to do what one needs to do.

With a final group hug to mark the end of our work in Chaco Canyon, we agreed that it was time to leave Casa Rinconda. “I’ll just go get my skulls” I said, and headed back into the North ante–chamber. When my eyes fell on the ground I literally gasped in shock. My skulls were gone…five kilos of crystal totally vaporised….de-materialised!

An hour later, still in a state of stunned shock, we were sitting at the Visitor Centre  when Jill suddenly said, “Lia, they’re telling me you have to go back there…the skulls want to speak to you.”

We drove all the way back to Casa Rinconada and I stood once more in the North ante-chamber. Forming a pyramid around me in the ethers, the skulls spoke to me loud and clear.

“We were not taken by human hand” they said. “We moved through the doorway and will not be returning. This door is open for you too, and you may walk through it at any time. The work we came to do here is now complete. We will not be returning, but we will remain with you.”


Lia in the Northern ante-chamber of Casa Rinconda, after her skulls ‘disappearance’

Extraordinary as all this was, it also seemed perfectly natural. Chaco Canyon has been the most important ceremonial centre for Native American people for centuries, so it’s not a giant leap to recognise that the location was most probably chosen because it’s a powerful energetic Portal…because it is indeed a dimensional doorway.

All my instincts told me that this was so. I also now completely understood why those three particular crystal skulls insisted on coming with me, instead of my usual crystalline companions!


My three skulls , ‘Smokey’, ‘Kahlil’ and ‘Lightening’ surrounded by my other crystal power pieces, the day before they de-materialised. Jill holds Kahlil.

A week after my return from the US, my friend Wendy  Everett of ‘Enuma Elish Herbs and Healing’ arrived on my doorstep with two books, both of which contained messages of confirmation about what had just happened in Chaco Canyon.

Dolores Cannon’s book ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers’   speaks specifically about the spiral energy. The following is part of an interview with a woman who in previous lives, had experienced shifting back and forth through the dimensions.

Dolores addresses the Being speaking through her client who is under hypnosis…

“We have stories of Indian Tribes that just disappeared. People have always wondered what happened?”


“They experimented…it became an experiment of trying to change the 3D. How to raise the frequency; how to shift dimension; how to do this with the physical; how to take the physical with them.

First you explore…you make a path that others will follow. But somebody has to come back and again show the way. She, Suzanne has returned to help others so that they can make this transition. She was told she had to travel to the Southwestern part of the United States. “In the Canyons, in the rocks, where it is dry, where it is high”. Then her mission will become clearer. There is memory in the stone, and in the bone. There is memory.”

The significance of Suzanne’s sacred travels was then explained

“She was leaving a vibrational trail when she went, that spiralled up. This is the significance of the spiral that spirals up. As she walked she left the imprint, so it encodes for people who walk that way. It activates and teaches them how they too can ascend up the spiral way. She doesn’t have to tell people. It is transferred energetically. She influences hundreds and hundreds of people just by being there. We want her to follow the spiral way. She knows this, and every cell in her body will make it clear to her. It’s a energy spiral.”

Chaco Canyon is in Southwestern United States. We too had been instructed to walk the Spiral there, and we witnessed my three crystal skulls move through the dimensional doorway in a similar way that the native tribes had done in previous times, when they experimented with shifting dimensions in that very place.


‘Galaxy’ by Brian Exton

The other book Wendy lent me was ‘The Starseed Dialogues’  by Patricia Cori, in which the Sirian High Council also speak directly to the de-materialisation of my crystal skulls.

The Sirian High Council

“As difficult as it might be for you to visualize or accept, it is quite a simple process bringing crystal beings from an etheric imprint into matter. This is a phenomenon of universal scope and frequency and no, you aren’t losing your mind if one of your crystal teachers seems to ‘disappear into thin air’. It is just that the illusions of the world of matter may have you believing that such things cannot happen, just as you may believe that you too, cannot disappear and return at will. Yet, such occurrences are reported frequently in those lands of masters who achieve de-materialisation as a result of what you term ‘mind over matter.”

Yesterday, six months after our experience at Casa Rinconada, another piece of the jigsaw fell into place during a skype conversation with my friend Karen Sheeks. On the day of the Summer Solstice, one month and a day after Stephanie, Jill and myself did ceremony in Casa Rinconada, Karen stood in the North antechamber exactly where I had stood. As a volunteer ranger, she told me it was her job to keep visitors from standing in front of the small opening in the back wall of the antechamber, so that the Solstice sun could shine through uninhibited, and then ripple through to the other sacred markers on the site, placed there by the native Ancestors generations ago.

When Karen mentioned this, I realised that the day we had witnessed the skulls go through the dimensional doorway was May 22nd. 22 is a master number (my birth date too). The full date on that day was 22/5/2014 which adds up to 7 – the number of Spirit.


‘Smokey’ whose eyes emanated great wisdom and power.

This experience in Chaco Canyon changed forever the way I look at the world. I had arrived in Chaco with three solid crystal artifacts weighing almost five kilos – not an insubstantial amount of rock – which basically de-materialised before my very eyes. For me, this is proof positive of how thin the veil now is between worlds, and how close we humans may be to reclaiming our place as part of the Galactic family of nations, as well as our abilities as inter-dimensional travellers.  As the skulls said:-

“This door is open for you too, and you may walk through it at any time.”


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