Biosonics – Tuning Forks / Sound Healing

BioSonic Repatterning
developed by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D..

BioSonic Repatterning is a natural method of healing using tuning forks based on the sonic ratios inherent in nature.

When we tap the tuning forks, we produce pure musical intervals based on precise mathematical proportions known as the Pythagorean tunings. When we listen to these intervals we create an archetypal resonance resulting in a physical and psychic repatterning of our mind, bodies and spirit. This takes place on a physical level within the inner ear by stimulation of the cochlea and semi-circular canals. When we listen to the sound of the tuning forks our nervous system attunes to the pitch in much the same way as when we find a pitch for a choir, or tune a piano. The vestibular system via the semi-circular canals reproportions our body through a process of cellular memory based on the natural ratios of the tuning forks. During the listening process our physical body will actually reposture itself to hold the proportion and sound correctly.

John Beaulieu discovered BioSonic Repatterning while sitting in an anechoic chamber at New York University. An anechoic chamber is a completely soundproof room resembling a sensory deprivation chamber. After reading about the experiences of the composer-philosopher John Cage he decided to experiment. John Cage found that he had heard two sounds while in the chamber, one was a high-pitched sound and the other a low-pitched sound. The engineer he was working with informed him that the high sound was his nervous system, and the low sound was his blood circulation. Excited by this discovery John Beaulieu than sat in an anechoic chamber for five hundred hours over a period of two years listening to the sounds of his own body. He began to correlate different states of consciousness with different sounds of his nervous system. Being a trained musician he noticed that the high-pitched sounds of his nervous system consisted of several sounds in different intervals. Then one day he brought two tuning forks and tapped them. Immediately, he observed that the sound of his nervous system realigned to the sound of the tuning forks.

Artwork by Lise Nilsen

To understand this process, think of a time when you were in a quiet place or just before going to sleep. During this time you may have heard a high-pitched sound in your head. This is the sound of your nervous system. When you are under stress, this sound gets louder and sometimes can become a ringing in your ears. For most of us this sound is subtle and we only hear it when we focus on it. Tuning into the sound of your nervous system is a meditation. Find a quiet place, sit or lie down, close your eyes and focus your awareness on the sounds inside your head. Listen for the high sound. When you listen closely you will discover that sound consists of two distinct pitches. These pitches originate from your left and right brain hemispheres. These pitches change in frequency, volume, and pitch depending on your state of consciousness.

The intervals of the Body Tuners and the Solar Harmonic Spectrum create pure sounds and overtones to help you relax and center yourself. Each interval relates to a different state of consciousness and body posture. You can creatively combine your intervals based of the five element theory of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth to create a sound healing concert. For example, if you want to be more fiery you could work with intervals of C & E or C & A. If you want to be more watery, you could work with the intervals of C & D or C & B.

The tuning forks are tools to help you develop and refine your sonic abilities. Simply tap the tuning forks on your knees, bring them to your ears, and listen to the sound. When you tap the two forks together, the sound created is an interval. As you listen to the two different tones your body will naturally adjust itself and come into balance, making the two sounds into one. You can hum and let your voice resonate with the sound of the interval. This humming creates a sonic anchor which helps you recreate the experience of the tuning forks without having to use them.

Artwork by Lise Nilsen

With practice you will be able to sonically “think” an interval and your nervous system will respond. When this happens your ears rather than your eyes will dominate your perception. Over a period of time you will naturally begin “seeing” and feeling intervals everywhere in your life. You will be able to know through visual harmonic perception what interval a person is tuned into. Then through bodywork, tuning forks or other modalities you can help a person align themselves to intervals for healing and well being. When they are repatterned to the interval you will feel a resonance in your body similar to that of humming with the tuning forks.

With BioSonics’s tuning forks you’ll be able to:

* Achieve deep relaxation and mind/body balance in seconds—not hours
* Reduce stress and muscular tension, spasms and pain nearly instantaneously
* Increase blood flow and circulation by releasing constriction around targeted organs
* Transcend to higher levels of consciousness and access spiritual insights

Each tuning fork is calibrated at a specific frequency to address different areas of healing and development.