Breath of Life – Reviews

“There is a mood of dignity, majesty and awe evoked by this music  that has the ability to dispel fear and anxiety. Lia’s singing has been described as the voice of the Eternal Mother – gentle and caressing, nurturing and protective. Her music is unique and this latest release is possibly the most profound of her recordings”.
Nova Magazine

A beautiful gift from the Divine truly describes the haunting and intriguingly mystical sound of Lia Scallon’s latest Sounds of Sirius CD ‘Breath of Life’. Lia brings her pure Irish voice together with the magical backing of various traditional instruments, including Japanese ancestral bowls and Chinese wind gongs, as she channels the sacred language of Sirius. This very healing sound cannot help but touch the soul, and fill it with healing and peace.
‘The Fly’ magazine

“Lia brings the gift of healing and peace to the inner journey of the soul. Her music evokes a calm and serene state which many will find a balm to their spirit”.
Petrea King – Author, Founder of ‘Quest for Life’

“I hope someone plays this CD to me when I am dying, to help me let go. I hope my loved ones play it after I have gone, so they can remember the exquisitely beautiful world of love that awaits us all. I sincerely thank Lia for helping me re-experience spiritual love, peace and freedom.”
Carmen Warrington, – Author, Funeral Celebrant

“I am a massage therapist. I heard ‘Breath of Life’ at the Body Mind Spirit Festival in Brisbane and it was amazing! I felt the vibration through my entire body and realized that this magical music must be incorporated into my sessions, for my clients, while I massage. Thank you for your wonderful work!”
Maria Faleafaga – Massage Therapist

“I heard your  BEAUTIFUL music while having a healing session and feel that your music can help me to heal – also my family and friends who are suffering health problems.Thank you Lia for this amazing healing gift.”
Anna Acreman.

“Lia, meeting you in Melbourne was a unique experience for me at a very special time in my life. I was drawn back to your stand by an overwhelming sense of connection. On playing your CD, ‘Breath of Life’, I have had a growing feeling of rebirth. I am going through some major changes in my life and you have become an important link in my journey to an unknown but inevitable future!”
Ed Catmul 

I recently purchased “Breath of Life” & “Diamond Light Meditation for Woman”. I have listened to the ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Woman’ every night since Saturday, and regularly put ‘Breath of Life’ on in the background while I work. Each time I hear the CD’s I am moved deeply and find myself at times almost talking along or responding to things that are said. I catch myself and realise that, in my logical mind I have no idea what you are saying, yet my soul seems more at peace to hear sounds and words from “home”. Thank you for producing such beautiful gifts. I look forward to expanding my collection & watching the Sounds of Sirius with great interest.
Tracy Sheen

“I am trying to deal with the fact that my old dog is close to crossing but I don’t think she wants to let go. I have just listened to ‘Breath of Life’. I felt like a breath opened my soul – it was amazing. I was floating in the middle of a rainforest, but I could hear the sound of the ocean nearby and smell the moss of the rainforest. Then I saw the most amazing light rise above the distant mountain top and standing in front of me was the Mother Goddess. She told me that my soul had awakened to the journey it must take, and to let go of that which doesn’t serve me anymore. Then I saw the lights of people I knew and how strong their connection was to this life. I could see my dog – her connection was not quite as bright, but it didn’t look like it was ready to fade just yet. Then, I found myself floating in the most amazing light I have ever seen or experienced. A Guide was there telling me that this Light connection is what I am going to learn about, and that I will help people to be illuminated by this light. I had so many amazing and powerful experiences. Thank you, Lia, for your amazing gift of The Sounds of Sirius. I thank the Mother Goddess for channelling through you.
Donna Morrighan

I love all the CD’s from the ‘Sounds of Sirius’. I listen to them as I fall asleep and find myself in the most peaceful place when I drift off. I work from time to time with groups of people and will be using The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ in meditations and with healing. It feels like a star language to me. A deep knowing within me feels I know this language and it feels like home for me. The moment I listened to samples of your music on your website I felt I knew, deep within, the words you speak, so I ordered all 5 Cd’s and feel honoured to have them. What a wonderful gift you are giving to the world. I thank you personally for the privilege of having them, as part of my music collection.”
Helen Gasson.

“When I heard your music, it sent major shivers through me, a sure sign I had to have it! I have been told – by different and unrelated persons – that I am the keeper of the gateways. I repair, align, and maintain dimensional gateways and guard them against the energies that must not pass. The CD ‘Breath of Life’ is in some ways about these gateways. Some of them are the paths through the lower astral, that we have to negotiate at death, in order to reach the higher dimensions. That is why this particular CD sent me tripping in such a big way. These CD’s are a powerful and beautiful gift from the light realms and your work is of the highest light, as the channel of such a gift. I know that your work will assist thousands to find their true light and purpose. Love light and many blessings,”
Sue Sinclair

I get a lot of pleasure from your CD “Breathe of Life”. I play it at night when I go to bed. Sometimes I play it 3 or more times during the night if I wake. This can happen for 2-3weeks at a time and then not listen to it for a few nights. It is just an amazing CD for me.
Cisca Scott – New Zealand