Call of the Source Stone



Dear Lia,

I  just wanted to share how it came to be that I discovered the Source Stone, and what lead me to my purchase.
One afternoon I was on google searching for places in Australia, specifically Melbourne, that were well known for Vortexes of energy.
Unintentionally (or should I say everything was intentional) I ended up on a blog you wrote about your travels around Melbourne Australia.
I thought you were interesting and wanted to hear you express light language and song.
I found a clip on YouTube of one of your Ceremonies/Transmissions. I really enjoyed it!
I had noticed that you were wearing a large blue stone. I am not usually one who wears jewellery around the neck however I did find the Blue Stone very striking to the eye.
A week passed and as per my usual routine I sat by the trees and lake to connect to spirit, my spirit animal guides & meditated.
On this ocassion though there was something different. During my meditation I usually connect with my beautiful spirit animals and my spirit team.
On this day a beautiful, benevolent, tall Angelic Woman/Being appeared as an inner vision.. She had fair hair and blue eyes, dressed in white.
She emanated and was illuminated in bright gold and white light.
She was as tall as a mountain!
I then realised she actually looked like me but a more Angelic, Wise and illuminated version of me.
Side note: I am a brunette but had Sandy/Golden brown hair up until the age of 11/12.
So there we were ….This beautiful Angelic Being sitting next to me and beside me was my younger self in one of my favourite dresses. Around Age 7.
In a line we all sat…It was like looking at 3 generations of women in a family but all 3 were me.
This beautiful Angelic Being held out her hand to present me with something.
Nestled perfectly In the palm of her hand was a Blue Stone.
At first I thought Sapphire but I then gasped and realised it was the Stone I saw you wearing on that video during the Ceremony/Transmission.
I knew right there and then that this stone was going to be of significance to me.
Right there by the Tree I switched on my phone and immediately went into my browser history to find your name and found your website. And there we have it –  I purchased the Blue “Source Stone”
I am so excited to receive it and totally open to what may come.
Thank you Lia!
I cannot wait to build my connection with the Sacred Source Stone and discover what it will reveal or what will unfold.
Blessings & Grace
Madison Makris