February 22, 2019

Chevron Amethyst sphere

A magnificent new crystal has found its way into my life! As soon as I encountered the powerhouse energy of this 28-kilo Chevron Amethyst sphere, it communicated that it wished me to work with it, to assist in uplifting the planetary frequencies.

At the conclusion of my first formal ‘welcome/activation’ ceremony for it, the following words were gifted for those who feel drawn to connect or meditate with these images of this beautiful Crystal Being…

“Feel yourself fall into a Sea of Harmony
Feel yourself engulfed in an Ocean of Calm
Know that you can be Transfigured and Renewed
And remember that you contain within you
A spark of Divine Source Light”

As you gaze upon the magnificent star-shaped portal at the centre of the crystal, with its pink heart at the centre, may you experience some of the power, sweetness and joy this amazing crystal emanates.

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