July 17, 2015

Crystal Joy


On one of my recent trips, I found myself in Northern NSW and about and hours drive away from the Crystal Castle near Mullimbimby. Having received their newsletters for years and read about the construction of the giant Buddhist Stupa which they created under the guidance of the Gyuoto Monks of Tibet, I knew I had to find a way to visit this place, if only for an hour. I was rewarded in a joyous and unexpected way for following the prompts of my heart!

It was an absolutely stunning Autumn day – the perfect day to visit these beautiful botanical gardens filled with extraordinary crystals. An ongoing project that has been developed over a period of 25 years, the Crystal Castle features many attractions such as…

The Buddha Walk


The Bamboo Walk


The 310 Kilo Rose Quartz sphere fountain


And of course, the Kalachakra Stupa for World Peace


The giant Stupa is truly awe inspiring. The Gyoto monks carried out all the rituals and ceremonies required at each stage of its construction, as well as creating all the intricate sculpture and artwork that adorn the monument. Other monks from the Gyuto Monastery contributed an incredible half a tonne of hand-rolled prayers, and the local community too contributed many items that now lie hidden inside.

I could have spent hours in wandering through the glorious gardens but time constraints meant that this visit had to be just a quick overview. Despite being unable to fully savour the energies, I loved every moment of being there and hope I can revisit this beautiful place again one day soon.

The Crystal Gardens had one extra and very unexpected gift for me before I left. On my way back from the Budda Garden, I decided to make a detour to revisit the massive Clear Quartz Generator crystal which stands like a sentinel in the centre of parkland just below the Lotus Cafe.


As soon as I stood in front of the giant sun-drenched crystal, I knew that regardless of the time constraints, I had to take a moment to commune with Crystal Deva within it. I dropped my bag, put my 3rd eye against the cool crystal and immediately felt my whole body melting to become one with the exquisite energy of the Guardian crystal.

As I bowed farewell to the Crystal and stepped out from behind it, I was shocked back into 3D reality with a jolt, when I heard my name ring through the air…a very loud, clear and incredulous sounding “LIA!!!”

Standing at the top of the Lotus Cafe stairway was Patricia Blytheman, a fellow sound healer from Adelaide! I first met with Trish when she flew up to Cairns to atttend my ‘Sounds of Source’ event and meet ‘The Master Crystal Skull Solar’ a couple of years ago, and had not seen her since. Now here we both were, thousands of miles away from our respective homes, united once more in this magical Crystal Castle! Trish was even more shocked than me at this encounter, initially thinking she was having some sort of inter-dimensional experience! Apparently, just a moment before she had turned around to look down upon the giant crystal which stood alone in the sunshine. An instant later, she saw me appear to step out of the crystal, like I had just been ‘beamed down’ into it from another dimension!!

It was a moment of great energy and joy, reflected I think by the presence of rainbow orbs that appeared in our photo below.

Lia and Trish accompanied by playful rainbow orbs!

What are the chances of a meeting like this do you think? Millions to one? For Trish and I to arrive at exactly that spot, on exactly the same day, in exactly the same moment, I think is pretty incredible!

Why does something like that happen? I have found that when we begin to interpret things through the heart and through intuition, the unusual begins to become the norm! At the very least this ‘chance’ encounter was a beautiful gift for both of us, one that signified that we were ‘in sync’ and flowing gracefully with the Divine River of Life. Moments like these remind us that perhaps life may not be as chaotic as it appears on the surface, and that there is indeed a Divine plan in all things.

More importantly, in the light of my experience through the years of following where Spirit leads, I feel that we were brought together in that place for that brief moment, to fulfill a specific task. It is my understanding that by our physical presence together there in those Crystal Gardens, and meeting as we did right best the giant Quartz Generator, that  we re-activated a link within the global Crystalline Grid. I feel sure that our meeting was ‘pre-destined’.


These are the sweet moments of perfection in life that keep us alive and excited. These are the moments that confirm for us that we are indeed all connected as One, and that if we follow the call of our heart we will be granted the richest rewards.

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