‘Crystal Keys’ Reviews

WINNER – BEST NEW AGE ALBUM – International COVR Awards

FINALIST –  BEST VOCAL ALBUM –  International ZMR Awards


“A superb, breakthrough album by Lia Scallon. Each note of ‘Crystal Keys’ flies, reaching the ears to caress the senses and seduce the soul. The mystical and powerful voice of this great singer brings the listener an experience of optimism and inner peace. A deep listening of this album is highly recommended.”
Alejandro ClavijoReviewsnewage.com  – Spain

“Lia, your voice sounds like that of an angel. You have truly created a work of beauty that heals our stressed minds and bodies.”
Patrick Van de Wiele – Keys and Chords, Holland

“The soul-stirring sound of Lia’s crystal Clear voice evokes the ethereal ambience of fellow Irish-born recording artist Enya, although with it’s own distinctive quality….there is a sense of purpose to this music…it is intended as a tool for inner attunement and uplifting the spirit.”
Michael Diamond – Music and Media Review – USA

New and Exceptional! Scallon’s voice is strong yet soothing, and her melodies are graceful and often compelling. ‘Crystal Keys’ is a very interesting and enlightening musical journey. When the album comes to a close, listeners should be in a very deep state of relaxation
Kathy Parsons – MainlyPiano.com

“The divine melodies and the enchanting vocals of Lia Scallon, wrap around you, to begin a delicate healing of your suffering soul.”
Serge Kozlovsky  – Belarushttp://sergekozlovsky.com

“Lia Scallon’s ninth album ‘Crystal Keys – Songs to Awaken and Heal’ is a blend of ethereal music, warm vocals and a haunting chant. I have Lia’s complete works and I always find her music to be calming as well as inspirational. This latest addition to her ongoing project, the Sounds of Sirius, offers the strength and healing power of the medium of music, one that is unique, for it touches all of the senses.”
RJ Lannan – Zone Music Reporter

“Lia’s voice and music carry coded crystal key sounds to unlock doorways in the heart and soul. Her superb vocals carry us to great heights.”
Richard Giles  – Nexus Magazine, Australia

“This music is captivating and soothing, and provides a therapeutic experience in itself. So, even if crystals are not your thing, but you’re looking for a relaxing mental getaway and like tranquil instrumental music and exotic vocals, you can’t go wrong by this album.”
Raj Manoharan  – www.rajmanreviews.blogspot.com

“You will enjoy this music I have no doubt – I certainly did. As you listen to the opening track, ‘Pearl’, you’ll know right away, that you are hearing sounds of enlightenment and energy…Ten joyous excursions into the healing side of music that we should make mandatory listening for anyone entertaining the idea of political office. My personal favorite was the slowly evolving sound tapestries on ‘Clear Quartz’. For listeners looking for something more in their music, this comes Most Highly Recommended! “EQ” energy quotient rating is 4.96″
Rotcod Zzaj   –  http://rotcodzzaj.com/wordpress

“Lia’s beautiful vocals immerse you in the language of the crystal oversouls. Her haunting music takes you into an ever-deepening meditative state, for an all-encompassing crystal experience. This is the perfect tool for expanding crystal consciousness. I highly recommend it.”
Judy Hall – Author of ‘The Crystal Bible’ Vol 1,2,3 

“The musical palette is a rich one, featuring instruments from the mystical Far East and Aboriginal Australia: Crystal bowls, kalimba, chimes, keyboards, didgeridoo, flute, bells and Tibetan bells….. if you have a need for spiritual music to help in your healing process, I suggest you visit soundsofsirius.com and explore the sample tracks there.”
John M Peters – Borderland Review


General Public Testimonials

“Such incredibly beautiful sounds Lia, I am deeply moved and honour your sacred voice.”
Julia Inglis – Australia

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love your CD. On Friday night, my 17 year old son decided to have some friends over who were very noisy until about 1.30 am. I was lying there in bed getting angrier and angrier, so I decided to put on your CD to try and drown the noise out. I could feel my Auric field immediately shift, and then all the bitterness and resentment just release away. I was able to go to sleep peaceful and contented. Your voice has such a magical and healing quality. It is just so uplifting. I felt transported to another dimension of love and light. Thank you for this beautiful gift – I will use it all the time.”
Sheridan Gschwind

“Lia, I have many of your CDs and I love them all, but ‘Crystal Keys’ is the biggest gift you have yet created! I FEEL SO MUCH from this one – it is just a completely different offering. ‘Crystal Keys’ captured my sorrow, actualizing it and re-framing it, in a way that allowed that odyssey of sorrow to find a healing, uplifting and transmuting gateway. This is a depth of sorrow that has been deeply routed in me for eons, although I have healed and grown exponentially in this lifetime, particularly since my son died of drug overdose in 2001, at age 25. ‘Crystal Keys’ seems to be the catalyst to help me offer nurturing to the lingering pieces, for all they have taught me. It provides me with a safety net and safe place, with a feeling of ‘I am home with my star family, receiving what I need to allow this beautiful process’. Thank you Lia, for this gift.”
Betty-Lou Kristy  – Canada

“I cannot thank you enough – ‘Crystal Keys’ is just helping me so much at this time. It is all I have been playing since it arrived. It is working on such a deep level and carrying me through what is happening for me right now.  It has also brought up some old patterns in me from the past, which I thought were all but gone, but clearly some deep roots are being brought up and cleared.  Your gift is so wonderful and I thank you for having the courage to share it with the world.”
Helen Paige – Australia

“I have played your CD intensively since it arrived! Your voice is magical – you have grown a lot! I have four favourites:- Ruby, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz and Pearl. ‘Ruby’ I find very powerful; your voice blends in perfectly with the didgeridoo; it has a kind of refined rawness, changing into a lighter feel. The kind of heartbeat in the distance in ‘Clear Quartz’, is very subtle – the melody, just great! Another beautiful harmony, ‘Smokey Quartz’ inspired me to look for my smokey quartz pendant and I’m wearing it right now! Again lovely didgeridoo, at one with your voice. ‘Pearl’ is a beautiful ‘gem’. As you can see….I’m enjoying it soooo much!”
Christie Bouwkamp

“Lia, I love your ‘Crystal Keys’ so much. In my opinion, you have outdone yourself with this CD. Not only has your voice become even more powerful and angelic, but also your compositions and choice of musicians is absolutely out of this world. Every time I listen to ‘Crystal Keys’, each crystal resonates with me on a different chakra level. It is a truly healing CD for body, mind and soul. Many heartfelt thanks for an outstanding performance.”                                                   Fridelle Stanwix – Australia

“Lia sending you my heartfelt gratitude and honouring for your Crystal Keys CD it is truly very, very special. I simply adore it, and totally resonate with it on every level. I am finding it very healing also. Thank you for your amazing efforts to bring light language transmissions of such incredible quality together, I know it is a very challenging and energetically huge task!”
Kyrona Unity Hope  – Australia

“I have been following Lia for a long time now and I have always loved her magical voice. Lia’s latest CD ‘Crystal Keys’ is one of the most amazing CD’s I have ever listened to. Her voice just took me away to places I never would have thought possible. It bought with it such magnificent visuals. Whenever I need to feel calm and to just ‘be’, I reach for Lia’s ‘Crystal Keys’ CD. It brings with it a sense of peace, wonder and connection to Spirit. It instantly takes me away. Thank you Lia, for sharing your wondrous gift with us all. Love and Light Always.”
Leanne M Williams – Australia

“I love ‘Crystal Keys’ – it is absolutely wonderful and stunning work. Well done to you and your musicians. The first track I played was ‘Amethyst’, my birthstone. I found it so moving. I know I’ll listen to this CD a lot and each time, hear something new. I hope this album brings you great results, and Fame and Fortune! It is a gift.”
Joni Galvin – Ireland

“I decided to lay down and listen to ‘Crystal Keys’ today, as it felt right. I found the sounds and music to be very confronting and different than I’m used too from you. The music sounds very earthy, grounding and raw, which I felt related to the earth and her treasures. When the didgeridoo played it moved my heart. I felt the music lighten, like the earth was ascending – and then I fell asleep. ‘Crystal Keys’ is something I feel I’ll play over and over again, to get the full impact of the message.”
Kaye Handley – Australia

“Lia, I received your CD yesterday and wanted to say how amazingly beautiful, calming and absorbing are your sounds. I went to bed, lit my candles and away I went on my journey! I soooo love it. My husband joined in later and we both woke up way late for work – ha ha! Thank you so much and a big thank you too, to the many beautiful Beings who are assisting you in helping Humanity with our process of Ascension, to our beautiful new earth and our beautiful new bodies. It’s an exciting and amazing time for us all. Thank you Lia, Blessings always.”
LeeAnn Hollis  – Australia

“Lia, my donkey Beluga loves your ‘Crystal Keys’ CD! I was out in the labyrinth tonight playing the CD, and Beluga stood by the CD player just soaking in the sounds. Mind you, he is the one that told the animal communicator that he sees himself as the ‘wise ancient one’. I got so much joy just watching him enjoying and loving the sound.  It appeared that his soul understands the messages, just like humans do. Thank you Lia for that tender moment… Claudia and your newest fan, Beluga!” Claudia Anderson  – USA

“Lia, I got your Crystal Keys CD in the mail today…I have to say that it is AMAZING !!! It’s a must-have for everyone.” Jainee Lale

“Lia, I have listened to the CD once so far. It is different from the others but I love it! I can hear some Native American and Aboriginal connections and I am sure the more that I hear it, the more I will pick up. Angel Blessings and many thanks.”
Vicki Moore

“Lia, I just wanted to let you know that I took your CD to my meditation class and everybody loved it. It really is very beautiful.”
Louise Mc Donald  – UK

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing. Listening to your music creates a very comforting resonant space to be in. The language of light seems very familiar, even though I have not come into contact with it before.” Kirsty Dixon – Australia

“I play ‘Crystal Keys’ for my crystal skulls and Color Matrix bottles daily, over and over, and the skulls are truly ‘sparkley’ and filled with rainbows!”
Alorah Arliotis – UK

“I really love your CD and play it all the time! All my crystals sing with you! Pure magic! Very transporting! Thank you so much!” Liz Hamilton

“It’s wonderful to hear your new ‘Crystal Keys’ album is doing so well. It’s amazing and more should have the opportunity to listen to the music and its healing sounds.”
Richard Im