April 15, 2022

Crystalline Transformation


A few days ago whilst in the altered state of channelling, I found myself communicating deeply with The Master Crystal Skull Solar. With my forehead on his forehead, and my hands resting on two other powerful crystal skulls in my care,Teanna and Balthasar, I found myself connecting with many of the major crystal skulls in the world. The ‘Mitchell Hedges Skull of Love’ presented, ‘Max’ with whom Solar has demonstrated a particular connection to over the years, ’ Sha Na Ra’, ‘Synergy’, the Rainbow Serpent skull at Uluru, and other powerful crystal skulls I have met in person in different parts of the globe. The magnificent blue and the pink crystal skulls I have seen in my meditations for many years, that I believe still rest deep beneath the waters of the ocean, also presented.  

On communing for some time, with these incredible Beings moving through my energy field, I realised that I was being connected to the entire crystal skull grid of light. As this understanding dawned, I was intuitively guided to the next step of the initiation. On the floor to the left of Solar’s altar, sat almost the entirety of the rest of my crystal skull family, 42 skulls in all. Crystal skulls like to congregate. They seem most happy when huddled together in conference! I knew that I needed to lay down with my head in the middle of these 42 skulls. It so happened that there was the perfect space for me to do this as some crystals in the group had been recently removed to be part of another large crystal grid I had created.


The moment my head was encircled by this assembly of crystal skulls carved from a myriad of material…optical clear, rainbow quartz, smokey quartz, lapis lazuli, jade, citrine, green obsidian, black obsidian, black tourmaline, fluorite, opal, rose quartz and more, I had a breathtaking realisation. In that moment, I too had become a crystal head. I felt completely integrated and connected to the entire crystalline network. With that, I lost consciousness. 

As consciousness returned, I know not how long later, I saw that my entire structure had become crystalline. My bones were crystal! I scanned my body with what felt like x-ray eyes, and saw that my entire skeleton was composed of pure, crystal-clear Quartz. My skull, like the crystal skulls surrounding it, was solid crystal. Once again I found myself communing with the major crystal skulls throughout the planet and realised that I was experiencing in real time, something has been spoken about by advanced Lightworkers in recent years; that we humans are transforming from being carbon-based, to becoming  crystalline in structure. I now knew exactly what that meant!


Artwork courtesy of Leanne M Williams

As I stretched out my right hand it fell upon a pair of Ancient Jade bones I had placed beside the crystal skulls only a week ago. This provided immediate  confirmation of the significance of what had occurred. I was reminded that our ancient ancestors believed Mother Earth to be a living, sentient being, and that our stone brothers are her very bones. The ancient brown Jade bones which came into my care via another crystal skull caretaker in the USA in 2009, are literally shaped like a human femur. In itself, this suggests a fundamental connection between the crystalline ‘bones’ of Mother Earth and our human skeleton.



Etched into the inner surface of the bones are figures in dance-like movements, reminiscent of the movements I often make when channelling. These Jade  bones were found by an archeologist near to a dig he was on somewhere in the Himalayas. He believed the pictographs inscribed on the bones represented a form of communication that was a precursor to written language. This would make them extraordinarily old. The Chinese are known to have used Oracle Bones for divination purposes. These were usually made from tortoise shell or from ox bones, the earliest known Oracle Bones being dated to around 16th century BC. He was also aware that in tribes in the surrounding region, crystal bones such as these were used by powerful shamans to heal the sick. The Chinese extensive use and belief in the power of Jade is well known, so it is no surprise that these ancient shamans bones were carved from that crystal.
As I laid these Jade bones on my body, I felt a consolidation of the crystal skeleton I had become. I felt the bones anchoring that crystalline frequency into my physical structure in a more profound way. Combined with the piezo-electrical energy emanating from the 42 crystal skulls around my head, my entire being was ‘humming’ in a most beautiful, harmonious and peaceful way.


As I lay there in this blissful energy, I was taken back to my first encounter with the Crystal Skulls in Mexico in 2006 – 16 years ago now. During our visits to  the extraordinary Mayan Temples of the Yucatan, one thing became clear. These temples were the cosmic universities, churches, and planetary observatories all in one. They were temples of initiation, each one dedicated to a particular facet of the initiates spiritual development.The skulls etched on the walls of several of these temples were highly significant therefore. They had nothing whatsoever to do with human sacrifice. That is what the distorted disinformation of today would have us believe, like so much more of our true history that has been hidden or  rewritten. These skull carvings were rather, symbolic of the decapitation of the lower ego of the initiate. The initiate was on a spiritual journey. They were being guided by the elders, through the many steps of initiation to reach higher levels of consciousness, in order to become the embodiment of pure consciousness. Each initiate was on a quest to become a crystal head of pure Light consciousness.




And so it is with each of us today. As we raise our vibration and expand our consciousness, we too are becoming crystalline beings – vessels and conduits for the purest Universal Light and Cosmic Knowledge.


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