December 20, 2012

December 20th 2012

Dear Friends,

It is a week already since our momentous 12.12.12 event with The Master Skull Solar in Cairns. What a wonderful night it was – filled with anticipation, beauty, community and Love. The Chrysalis Centre was bursting at the seams! Including myself there were 109 of us present – a number which synchronistically confirmed the energy of the day….109 = 10 = 1 = New Beginnings!

The room looked stunning. Artist Clive Walters, whose new book ‘Rebirth’, celebrated its worldwide launch on the night, had adorned the walls with many of the original artworks from the book, which went a long way to helping transform the room into a Temple space. ‘Solar’s’ altar was the crowning glory.


Photo: Graham Haren


Photo: Graham Haren

Liz Ferris, brought a huge portion of her 300 kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals, and with the invaluable creative assistance of Wendy Everett and Graham Haren, manifested two magnificent entry portal Angel Wings to Solar’s altar. These were studded with power pieces, including my own 5000 year-old Tibetan Jade bones, my huge Tibetan Crystal Dorje and a precious sacred object called ‘The Luminous Pearl’ which has recently come into my care. It was on these Angel Wings that attendees were invited to lay their own crystals, flowers and sacred healing tools.


Photo: Graham Haren


:FB 500.jpg

Photo: Wendy Everett

The energy in the room was palpable. A number of people later said to me that during the chanting and the meditation, their heart filled with an almost uncontainable joy! One person said she just wanted to get up out of her seat and dance and had a hard time stopping herself from doing so! Another person said that the only thing she could do to contain the overwhelming feeling of joy, was to focus on expanding and expanding her heart, sending the energy out through the rest of her body.

As people made their way up to have their private audience with ‘Solar’, the rest of us wove an ever-deepening cocoon of sound around ourselves with chant. It was during this time that that I felt the Crystalline Gateway activate and open. I tangibly felt and ‘saw’ the purpose of our gathering there together in that moment. A beautiful and compelling energy came through me and I found myself rising from my chair to become the conduit for the moving of energy between Solar and the group, as well as acting as a bridge to assist the Cosmic energies flooding in, to ground.


Photo: Wendy Everett

This was a moment when I saw our particular point of the Crystalline Grid connect into the greater global whole. It was very powerful.


Photo: Wendy Everett

Many photos taken on the night displayed a very similar phenomenon to that which occurred in Ravenshoe. Several shots taken show a dimensional blurring or bleeding. In some photos, as in Ravenshoe, it looked like I was disappearing or as if there were two of me!


Dimensional Bleeding – Photo: Heather Rabbich


Dimensional Bleeding – Photo: Heather Rabbich

And again, it wasn’t just me who was disappearing! Pam Marshall who was one of a group of four people who flew up from Melbourne for the event, sent me these two incredible shots of herself and her friend Kristin with ‘Solar’, which also demonstrate Dimensional blurring and Light Code squiggles.


Dimensional Blur and Light Squiggles – Photo: Pam Marshall


Dimensional Blur and Light Squiggles – Photo: Pam Marshall

It is fascinating how our digital devices are capturing what our naked eye cannot yet see, giving us pretty undeniable evidence of the great Shift that is taking place.

Another extraordinary thing happened. One of the power pieces in the Altar Angel Wings was a magnificent and huge generator crystal, belonging to Kristina and Graham Haren of The Closet Hippy in Malanda. As I began to pack up just before they left to drive home, Graham came up to me and said, ‘Lia, did you see what happened to our crystal? He unwrapped the piece from its swathes of fabric and pointed to a large heart-shaped dent on the flat surface of the crystal, part of which wrapped around the right side. It was as if someone had taken a big spoon and scooped out a crystal heart. My jaw dropped in shock and wonder…”You mean that wasn’t there before?”. “Definitely not”, they replied.


Suffice it to say, 12.12.12 was a very memorable night and ‘Solar’ touched the hearts of many…

“Last night was amazing…I felt like I was falling into Solar. I walked away feeling like I was in an altered state, with so much energy pulsing through my body.”

Jill Holmes

“I just wanted to share how grateful I am for last night’s ceremony. For the last few weeks I have been connecting with Metatron’s cube and meditating with a crystal on my heart chakra. When I found your ‘Crystal Keys CD, I listened while doing the same process. I had a vision of a golden glowing flower of life symbol, which transformed into Metatron’s cube projecting towards me. This is what drew me to come to your ceremony. I feel this ceremony further awakened or opened this part of me I’ve been connecting to the last few weeks. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes with joy as I’ve never felt. I have never felt so at one, or felt the love in my heart as strongly as I did last night. I am so grateful.”

Hope Bramald

“Last night was beyond words. Yours and the Master Skull’s work was done so beautifully and ceremoniously. It was worth the trip from Brisbane. You will be pleased to know that a few images from last night have now travelled to Palenque for their 12.12. 12 event.”

Angela Taylor

“Thank you for the very beautiful evening with yourself and Solar. I am so pleased I listened to my heart and made the commitment to come. Thank you for sharing your story, the gift of your voice, and the wisdom and Light of Solar.”

Margaret Hunt


Blue Mountain Sojourn

Two days after this momentous occasion, I was on a plane to Sydney en route to the Blue Mountains. I am writing this on the plane back to Cairns, after a wondrous sojourn there. The purpose of my visit was to connect with fellow Crystal Skull caretaker and author of the new book ‘Collective Cosmic Consciousness of the Crystal Skulls’, Liz Hamilton, at her Alasenmat Healing Centre  in Leura.

On my first evening in the mountains I got a little lost, and ended up near one of the look-outs just as the sun was setting. Although I was running late, something compelled me to stop the car and jump out to quickly take a photo of the golden sky. I took three shots in about 30 seconds which I just downloaded. Wow – have a look at these!!

:R Closeup.JPG

Rainbow Ball and Rainbow Disk


Multi-Coloured ‘ET’ Satelite in Rainbow Sun Rays


Giant Tiered Orb under the Sun

I thought I had a lot of Crystals and Crystal Skulls but Liz Hamilton beats me hands down!! What Liz has created high in the Mountains, is nothing short of an Atlantean/Lemurian Crystal Temple – a place of incredible power and beauty.



I felt it a great honour to enter that space and to meet and work with the many powerful Temple Crystal and Crystal Skull Beings that reside there.  I was honoured too, to be able to offer my own gift of sacred song at Liz’s workshop on Saturday, and to meet some more beautiful, committed seekers there.

Liz and I had much to offer each other during the last few days. I left there feeling sure that we had fulfilled an important pre-destined re-connection and I very much look forward to seeing where that will lead us to in the future.

:Light Lia Workshop 043.jpg

I also made a connection with Liz’s three magnificent Temple Cats. The Master Shaman Cosmo, laid claim to my album ‘Crystal Keys’ as soon as I arrived!!


If you live in Sydney or anywhere in the vicinity of the Blue Mountains, I highly recommend that you make a visit to meet Liz, and experience one of her sound healings, within her magnificent Crystal Temple. If you can’t do that, her new book will give you some marvellous insights into the Crystal Skulls and into Liz’s own large collection of powerful crystals.

New Sounds of Sirius Album!

:9 CD strip.png

It’s only one day now to the much heralded 21.12.12 Winter Solstice and the final day of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. We know there are all sorts of theories about what will happen on that day. Some people believe it will actually be the physical end of the world as we know it. All my instincts and intuition tell me that this is a New Beginning. The Mayan’s themselves say that on this day, Higher Consciousness energies will flood into our planet, as the Earth lines up with the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, and that these energies bring with them an opportunity to make huge changes in how we live.

It is for this reason that I have been guided to go into the recording studio on this very day to record a new album. My deepest intention for this project is to capture and harness those Higher Consciousness energies, and to embed their frequencies into the music. In this way, all who listen to the music later, will have access to the codes, information and activation that they carry.


The working title for this new album is ‘Songs of the New Earth’. I ask you all – any of you who resonate with the idea of this project – to please connect with me through the next three days of the main recording – December 21st , 22nd and 23r. These days cover the 2012 Winter Solstice across all time zones.

Please send me your loving support and Light, to assist me in becoming the purest conduit I can possibly be for the incoming frequencies, in order that these transmissions may carry the critical activating sound codes needed to assist in the mass awakening of humanity at this time.

Although I am a little nervous when I think of the task at hand, I am also excited! I have a wonderful team of musicians lined up to co-create with me on this project and feel sure that we will be guided every step of the way. The Master Skull Solar has also told me that he wants to be in the Studio. He is not one I can refuse easily so, despite his great size and the difficulty of getting him there, I have decided to concur with his wishes! He has demonstrated clearly, that he himself is a powerful inter-dimensional portal, so I feel his presence there will greatly assist in harnessing the energies coming through from the Higher Realms! Hopefully, his powerful presence won’t disturb the electrics!

The Mayans liken the dispersement of energy during the Winter Solstice of December 21st, to what happens at the time of the full moon. The most intense transmission of the Higher Consciousness frequencies will take place for 8 minutes, but the full transmission will actually last for 3 days, in the same way as the moon is full in its intensity for 8 minutes, but we can see its fullness for 3 nights. These 8 minutes take place at Midday, Mexico time on December 21st, which is 5.03am Sydney time on Dec 22nd. I will be tuning in at 12.03 on the 21st as well, in our time zone here in Australia.


New Crystal Skulls Arriving Soon!


They are finally on their way! A couple of months ago, I commissioned the carving of a selection of Crystal skulls as many people had expressed interest in having one of their own. They are now carved, polished and just about to be shipped to me so they should be here within the next 10 days or so. They look beautiful! There are clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, tiger eye, lapis lazuli and more. There are also a variety of sizes, from 60gms up to 4.5 kilos. If you are interested in having your own skull activated by the Master Skull Solar, please drop me a line and let me know.


Christmas Specials!



I wish you all the most magnificent December 21st 2012 tomorrow, whatever and however you choose to spend it. There will be hundreds of thousands of people throughout the globe gathering to meditate and focus on this New Beginning – our entry into the age of Aquarius – so I urge you to consciously join your energies with their’s, to create the greatest amplification and expansion possible. May tomorrow be a day of great Enlightenment, Joy and Awakening for every member of humanity….

May the gifts of Self-Love, Joy and the realization of your own Divinity, reveal themselves to you from deep within as we approach these final days of the momentous 2012 Gateway. Let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.
As always…

Much Love and many Blessings,



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