Diamond Light Meditation for Women – Reviews

“Prepare yourself for something beautifully unique. ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Women’ is a gift. There is magic in Lia’s natural spoken voice that transcends the barriers of time and culture. You will feel as though you are listening to the voice of a feminine Merlin, who knows the secret of how to captivate, calm, invigorate and uplift. Allow the transformative qualities of Lia’s sound, to soothe all layers of your psyche, body, mind and soul. ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Women is a profoundly powerful tool for deep healing on all levels.”
Jennifer John – Conscious Living Magazine

“Diamond Light Meditation’ is a gift of universal medicine for the body mind and soul. The ancient song of Sirius reawakens our very cells to the remembrance of their purity and light. A wonderful healing experience awaits the listener”.
Jennifer Starlight – Author

“This was a truly transformational journey…peeling away layer upon layer, until I stood in original and glorious perfection like ‘Eve’, in connection with the Goddess energy – balanced, powerful and fully connected with the Creator. This ‘Diamond Light Meditation’ is a therapy that is activating a new energy within us, working on our very DNA. It brings with it, a balancing of the male/female within, an honouring of self, and a deep awakening of one’s own power”.
Deanna Kennedy – Orion healer

“It’s an amazing feeling when you discover a Meditation CD that you really connect with on a vibrational level. The ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Women’ CD gave me an amazing boost of energy and clarity at a time when I needed it most. Upon returning home from an energy-draining day, I was completely scattered in my thoughts and found the long list of tasks awaiting me overwhelmingly daunting. I sat comfortably with my headphones on and allowed myself to experience Lia’s ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Women’ for the first time. What a gift! I felt my body and mind surrender to complete relaxation. Lia’s voice took me within myself and the internal chatter disappeared. Peace at last! This meditation worked on a vibrational level, engulfing all layers of my being. When it finished, I felt like I had been injected with energy, clarity and focus. The tasks ahead no longer felt like chores and I looked forward to each and everyone one of them with enthusiasm!”
Debbie Jacka – Whitelight Connections

“The ‘Diamond Light Meditation’ is by far the most beautifully intense meditation I have experienced. The depth and serenity in Lia’s voice, carries me to a place of true belonging. I have seen a wonderful change in myself and in my ability to better handle challenging aspects of my life. I am feeling more in tune with my true self, as well as harbouring far more self love, appreciation and confidence. This has been a true gift to my family and one of my best investments. Thank you, Lia”.
Elizabeth Sharp

“Lia, your work has touched me deeply. It has helped me find happiness and to feel like I belong. Thank you for changing my life!”

“Lia, I’d like to thank you for the gift of “The Sounds of Sirius”. I use the series during my Isis Lotus/Egyptian energy healings and both clients and other practitioners I have introduced to your work to, comment on the Divine presence and remembrance your work invokes. You have given us a great gift.”
Gihan Kaneel

“Your CDs are just amazing! When I listened to ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Women’, it was amazing to feel that my conscious mind move off from my body, to a higher place. The frequency of your voice and music affected my soul, mind and body. I don’t really understand the words, but they are definitely familiar to me. All the CDs with your beautiful voice, words, music are absolutely unique! I cannot wait to let my baby niece listen to your CDs. Lia, thank you again for your being.”
Makiko Kinoshita – Osaka, Japan

Lia, thank you very much for the ‘Diamond Light Mediation’. It’s amazing! I had a phenomenal experience last night . The previous two times I must have fallen asleep and don’t recall much, but last night I heard the whole tape and wow! I was floating, receiving and cleansing all at the same time. I do feel as if I’m going through a transition at the moment and this was sent to me at just the right time.”
Andrea Appleby

“My son gave me your set of CD’s for Christmas. While listening to the ‘Diamond Light Meditation’ CD, I was totally transported away, and I awoke just minutes before the CD finished. Throughout I would come back to awareness and hear your voice and then, off I went again. Afterwards, I slept for an hour. What has really ‘spun me out’ hearing your CD’s is the toning….I recognised it immediately. I feel a strong shift in awareness when I listen to your CDs. I know that it is time to shift the old fear and move fully into my own vibration. I am so happy I’ve found you! With Love and Appreciation.”

“I love your new ‘Diamond Light Meditation’ CD. It is so relaxing – so much so, that I still haven’t heard the middle of it yet! It’s not that I am fully asleep – I seem to zone in and out as if I am suspended in another ‘space’. Your voice is amazing – a true gift. As soon as you start to sing, I am immediately relaxed and I love it”.
Donna Morrighan

“I play your ‘Diamond Light Meditation’ CD each day and the results are wonderful. I feel peaceful…. body relaxed and the ongoing, ‘letting go’ takes me deeply into self and spirituality.”
Joan Ward

“Thank you so much for the beautiful CD.  I am so excited about it all.  This is absolutely just what I needed and without knowing it, had been looking for. I will now have many nights of peace and inner warmth. Congratulations on what you are doing and on your ability to give so much to others”.
Ronnie Tucker

“Thank you soooo  much for the CDs. I have been playing them quite a bit and I love the Diamond Light Meditation for Women. I intend using the men’s one in my practice when I have men who may prefer to listen to a cd rather than have me speaking.”
Jenny Wales