Diamond Light Meditation For Men – Reviews

“This is no ordinary relaxation CD – it is a powerful series of songs and words channelled from Sirius, which will soothe and comfort your mind and your body. This is a blissful experience”.
Living Now Magazine

‘Diamond Light Meditation for Men’ is an exquisite healing journey of sound and guided exploration – an exceptional tool for profound relaxation. From the male ‘pulse’ of the drum, to the incredible intonations and evocations of Lia Scallon’s channelled vocalisations, this CD weaves folds upon fold of memory, visualisation, creativity and energy.In the workshops I run for both heterosexual and gay men, I am always extremely selective in the soundscapes I utilise. Men, alone or in a group, are often very vulnerable and sensitive and unable to ‘let go’. This meditation – with either a single or multiple listenings – provides a potent, safe and empowering sanctuary for any man to retreat to, to experience his own emotions, vulnerabilities and strengths more deeply, enabling him to embrace a more immediate understanding of ‘self . How exciting it is to have such a powerful energetic tool, to use in my workshops. I believe his CD will go a long way to fostering a greater healing of men”.
Yen Wynddanncer- Men’s Workshop Facilitator

“Lia’s expressive voice caresses and guides you through a transformational journey into the heart of a Cosmic Diamond, bringing a deep inner resonance with the sounds of Creation. Journeying through a gentle stream of bells, toning and Sirian voice, you will find yourself transported into a profound meditative realm.”
Soltec – Star Language Codex

“Lia, I don’t know were to start with reference to your CDs! I have had the most amazing experiences while listening to them, and my life seems to have changed. I have had closure in so many areas, so I am prepared for my future. I found that when listening to any of the CDs while writing or reading, I would suddenly stop breathing and listen so intently. The language that you are using is so familiar to me, as though I know deep within what is being said. I have had some tears with the listening, as I enjoy each new experience. I love the sound of your voice – my feminine side is drawn to it. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, Lia.
John Parsons

“Thank you so much for your music! I have experienced rapid healing with three of your recordings, especially with “Diamond Light Meditation for Men”. On two separate occasions while listening to the meditation, I experienced a dream of being taken to the edge of a huge vertical cliff face of great height, on the top of a mountain, but I did not fall from the mountain top. It’s like my fear was being healed rapidly but not in a traumatic way. I have also been listening to ‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’. All of these recordings are healing a lot of the fear in my consciousness, and I’m sure they are doing much more for me than that. The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ certainly do have a magic to them. They are unique and beautiful and they heal fast. I understand that the Divine Mother is working through you. Encouraged by these healing experiences, I have ordered your other recordings.”
Gilligan Joy

“Lia, thank you so much for your ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Men’. It has helped me a lot in my healing during the past months. Now my Spirit is back, my energy and especially my body is healing faster than the doctors expected. May Spirit keep manifesting itself in such a wonderful way through you, and fill your life with all the Love, Blessing and Abundance of the Universe. Thank you so much for bringing to our planet these amazing healing energies. With deep gratitude…”
Hernando Angarita

“I love what you do and I love your voice. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I have been listening to the Diamond Light Meditation for Men. Wow! The opening tones vibrate my being and if feel my left side totally stimulated and opened. I even listen to it in the car on the way to work along with your other CD’s. I am sending the ‘Meditation for Women’ to a dear friend.”
Martin Dunn

Lia, thank you to you and your special gift. The Sound of Sirius CD’s are amazing. My husband, Greg and I have been having some wonderful healing sessions with them. The CDs are making such difference to our relationship and us. They are very relaxing, and soothing and help in giving us a good night’s sleep. The ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Women/Men’ is great too. Greg can’t quite remember his experience as he always falls asleep! I never knew I had so much that needed healing.
Cheryl Goodsell

“Recording with Lia was a rare, powerful, profound and very intense experience. I felt we were acting as instruments to bring special healing, uplifting vibrations into the very fabric of sound and voice. It is my pure wish is that all who take the journey of these CDs, may be spiritually healed, nurtured, inspired and uplifted”.
David Jones – Musician