Eclipse Crystal Grid – December 4th, 2021


The Crystal Grid I was called to construct to mark today’s Total Solar Eclipse is different from any others I have created. It has a specific theme: Frequency.

Our alignment with the natural frequency of our Planet has had deliberate distortions inserted through the centuries. One distortion was the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582 by Pope Gregory x111. Up until that time, a 13-moon calendar was used, which kept us in balance with the phases of the moon and the natural cycles. The disruption of that alignment makes it more difficult for us to be fully in harmony with Mother Nature.

Another disruption to that alignment came with the introduction of 440 hertz in music, used in virtually all modern music. This becomes important when we know that Science has proven music can heal the body and reduce mental and physical suffering.

In the 1970’s the ancient Solfeggio scale was rediscovered. This ancient 6-tone scale is  found in sacred music like Gregorian Chants. These unique tones have been found to impart specific spiritual blessings. Each tone comprises frequencies for balancing energy, and keeping body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

Yesterday, without any planning, I found myself creating a Crystal Grid to re-calibrate our frequency to that of Mother Earth and the Cosmos. The huge Amethyst sphere at the centre represents Planet Earth. It sits on a beautiful cloth woven by the Shipibo Indians of the Amazon who heal through song. The Shipibo ‘see’ sound, and the intricate healing songs codes are then woven into the cloth.




Surrounding the Amethyst Earth in the Grid, are 3 separate forms of sound frequencies:

– 7 Chakra chimes
– 13 Sacred Tones of Creation Chimes
– 5 Crystal Bowls  – Gold, Diamond Platinum, Emerald Platinum, Rhodochrosite, Citrine Indium


The healing sound frequencies emanating from these tools  when I played them, were amplified by the crystals surrounding them:-

– 13 Crystal Skulls (representing the 13 Crystal skulls of ancient legend)
– The 5 Master Source Stones
– Optical Quartz Sacred Geometry Crystals
– Lemurian Crystal Healing wands
– Amethyst and Rose Quartz Tumble Stones


 And the final piece….the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ transmitted from Source, and emanated through me. 

As the sacred songs and Light Language came through me, I saw the Crystal Grid before me become the Earth. I saw and felt each tone, each note and word, pierce and bathe every person and structure upon our Planet, until they became suffused and saturated with celestial Light.

Everything in the Cosmos is vibration…everything is frequency.

Change the frequency and you change the reality manifested.

As you meditate upon this Crystal Grid, send your pure-hearted unconditional Love out to every living thing, and every structure and system on the Planet.