Equinox Crystal Grid

Today’s Equinox Crystal Grid incorporates some of the things spoken about above. We are the Rainbow Warriors whose mission it is to create a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The two beautiful contrasting clothes made by the Shipibo Indians of the Amazon, reflect the these two dimensions. The magnificent Amethyst sphere representing Planet Earth, rests on an intricately woven white cloth emanating the ethereal energy of the heavens. Beneath it lies the rich, dark, red-brown hues of the earth. Both clothes incorporate healing sound made manifest, in the patterns of the  Shipibo songs woven into the fabric.



The grid features four powerful sacred geometry sculptures. Everything on Earth and in the cosmos is composed of sacred geometry, including us! These complex forms which reflect the very essence of both Heaven and Earth, can be found within every cell of our own body.







Sitting beneath each of the sacred geometry sculptures is a Master Source Stone which represent the four cardinal directions, North, South, East and West. They also call in the powerful Pillars of Light anchored in many Australian regions and cities through the Sounds of  Source events. These Pillars of Light create a vortex of celestial Light that increases in size and strength as more cosmic floods into the Planet. Today is such a day, when we are gifted the opportunity to fill our human containers with more Light.

I have always thought of the Selenite as crystallised White Light. The shimmering  Selenite swords, bars and eggs in the grid represent that heavenly Light. The Clear Quartz laser wands and vibrant orange Agate stones that encase the grid, ground that celestial Light into the Earth. The Tibetan wands, Tibetan Malas and other artefacts call in the energy of the high mountains of the Himalayas, one of the most spiritual places on the Planet.



Equinox Crystal Grid Meditation

As you contemplate this Crystal Grid, know that you are a conduit. Like this grid, you too can act as a Portal, to raise the frequency of humanity on this day of intensified celestial activity.

– Cleanse your field with sound, with smoke or with pure White Light.

– Open your crown chakra and allow the new cosmic codes to cascade through your being;

– N0w with your attention focused at your heart centre, send those codes out to everyone you Love; to every human being, and living thing; and to every political and corporate entity across the globe, envisioning them transformed and elevated to a place of balance, justice, truth and compassionate Love.

May it be so….