February 23, 2014

Featured Online Specials

Here are three great Online Specials for you to avail of for a limited time only!

SOS ~ Source Stone

A flat 10-sided Lapis Lazuli crystal, precision cut with Vogel-style facets. 50mm in Diameter, it sits comfortably in the palm of one’s hand. Presented in it’s own SOS~Source Stone black velvet bag with gold trim.

On direct Guidance from Spirit, Lia commissioned the creation of this powerful 10-sided, 10-triangled Decagon, which she was told would greatly assist people in receiving, and utilising the high frequency ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’ to the fullest. A set of Master Source Stones travel with Lia to every SOS ~Sounds of Source event, for the purpose of establishing a crystalline grid within each space, in preparation for the Transmissions.

Source Stone Altar Mat

Size:  Approx 32cm x 32cm

This beautiful black and gold embossed, pure silk cloth has been custom designed for the SOS ~ Source Stone, to reflect the core Cardinal Point aspect of the ‘Sounds of Source’ project. It is equally suitable however, for use with any of your special crystals or crystal skulls. Your Source Stone or Crystal can be placed on the golden sun at its centre, and the cloth then turned in the relevant compass point direction. Carry this Altar mat wherever you go, so that you can honour your crystals in a fitting way wherever you may happen to be.

Solar Radiance

A Vibrational Essence is imprinted with the signature energies of

The Master Skull Solar
The Solar Rays of the Sun
The SOS ~ Master Source Stone
Unique Sound Frequencies from Source

This powerful essence is a perfect tool to use in partnership with the SOS ~ Source Stone or when working with any of your crystals or crystal skulls.

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