February 23, 2014

Festival of Dreams – August 2014

I’m very honoured to have been invited by Sydney Sounds of Source host Rosie Shaloub, to present alongside renowned International guest Lisa Williams and a host of other hand picked practitioners, at the impressive ‘Festival of Dreams’ event she has planned for Sydney in August.

After spending over 20 years as a professional psychic, teacher, retailer and entrepreneur, Rosie who is the founder and creator of Embrace Australia, felt that there was something missing in a world where spirituality and love was meant to prevail. She decided to take matters into her own hands, to help provide that missing link.

Festival of Dreams

Saturday August 23rd and Sunday August 24th 2014

Sydney’s renowned Hordern Pavilion

Festival of Dreams was created as a result of a strong need in our spiritual market for a gathering of like-minded individuals who work with integrity, ethics and strong spiritual values.

The primary goal of Festival of Dreams is to be a catalyst for spirituality, personal transformation, wellbeing, health, fitness, self-empowerment, education, community, love and togetherness.

We believe that life can be awesome, fabulous, positive, empowered and inspirational! Festival of Dreams will create a safe space where our visitors can be free to be themselves, and to explore a variety of practices and beliefs presented by professional and true-to-form experts who have been selectively hand picked.

Fuelled by a desire to help people discover the spirit within, and open themselves up to possibilities previously only dreamed of, Festival of Dreams is that open doorway where you can nourish your soul, believe in magic, love your life and be who you truly are!

If you are a therapist or retailer in the healing industry, Festival of Dreams is an event that will provide you the opportunity to place youself and your product or service in the hands of thousands of potential new customers, and get your brand name in front of a huge demographic.

Festival of Dreams will reach thousands of people across Sydney. We have been blessed to have the International Psychic Association as one of our very special sponsors, whose database reaches not only Australian but International shores as well. With such a broad demographic, this is a golden opportunity to present your brand and message to your target audience.

If you would like to be part of this breakthrough Australian event, contact the Festival of Dreams team at:

Tel: (02) 9531 0009

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