January 3, 2019

Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

Over the last 24 hours, as a brand New Year dawned, people across the planet embraced the opportunity for a fresh start by making a promise to themselves to change in their lives for the betterment of themselves and humanity.

I sent my promise out to the Cosmos on the wings of the Crystal Grid below! Crystals are the physical manifestation of the pure, high frequency Light of Gaia. They are known to store and amplify energy, and they carry within them, the records of our Mother Earth. As such, human beings from kings to queens, to priests, and the common man, have recognised the healing and supportive qualities of crystals, and have utilised their powerful energy to enhance their journey through life.

I created this crystal grid, as a basket for my intentions on New Year’s Eve, in the hope that it would amplify my prayer for graceful, personal and global transformation at this time of great change upon our planet.

For we are surely at a tipping point. Despite all the disturbing chaos and confusion, we’ve witnessed around us in 2018 however, there is an equal amount of powerful Light, Love, and heart-based desire for good, emanating from many millions of souls across the planet. We just don’t hear about that on the evening news!

My fervent hope for 2019 is that this Light and goodness will become more brightly visible…so bright that it will graphically transform everything it touches, and kickstart the creation of the world we all long for at the deepest core of our being – a world of harmony, tolerance and peace, where differences of race, creed, gender and colour are celebrated as enriching the human experience, not used as weapons to separate and divide us.

A fanciful Utopia? Perhaps… but unless we dream it, and believe in it, it will never become a reality. We are more powerful than we’ve been led to believe. We CAN dream this new world into being!

Wishing you a magical beginning to 2019! May it radiate with luminous, transformative Light my friends, to blossom into a year of hopes made manifest, and long-held dreams fulfilled!

Love and Blessings,


 My New Year Crystal Grid


Imagine our beautiful Earth surrounded by wheels of Light! My big Smokey Rainbow Quartz Crystal sphere surrounded by four huge generator crystals, encircled in Selenite, Clear Quartz, Citrine and Lapis Lazuli, along with 8 candles – the number of manifestation. May this Crystal Grid open a portal of Light to help manifest the New Earth we are dreaming into being.

Black Obsidian Unicorn

Unicorns are associated with the magical! They are a symbol of strength, freedom, power…qualities I’m sure we would all wish to have feature prominently in our lives during 2019!
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Om Tat Sat 

The Om Tat Sat (from Fostac) is the expression of a perfect Creation of love. It represents Harmony, centering and unconditional trust.

OM TAT SAT promotes expansion of love in our hearts for everything living. OM TAT SAT teaches us to be aware of everything that we think, say and do, and especially aware of all that we feel.

It helps us to get to know ourselves, to see where we have lost our orientation, where we tend to judge others and where we have lost our neutrality. It leads us into our own center, into an attitude free from prejudice, into absolute BEING. The living awareness leads into the light, allowing us to maintain and increase our positiveness, so that it can move on from manifestation to materialization.

SOS Source Stone

The Sacred Geometric, Vogel style, Lapis Lazuli Source Stone, was created under direct Guidance from Spirit.- Imprinted with the sound and energy signature of the high frequency ‘Sounds of Source’

– Imbued with the Sacred Indigo Ray, and the Golden Solar Ray

– Embodies the sacred numerology of No.10 – the number of Perfection.

– Charged by Lia in sacred ceremony with the extraordinary ‘Master Skull Solar’.

Purpose of the SOS Source Stone

– To gracefully anchor transformative new Solar codes into your body

– Elevate your vibrational frequency exponentially each time you use it.


Happy New Year!

May the gifts of Self-Love, Joy and the realization of your own Divinity reveal themselves to you from deep within, now that we have entered the New Age of Wisdom. Let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.

With Love and many Blessings

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