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“It was an absolute delight to meet you and hear and receive your gifts of sound and healing. I was so deeply moved at your capacity to carry the range and breadth of healing that the Sirians channel to you….it speaks of your very beautiful, loving heart. Blessings and Light to you.”
Deni Bluestein – USA

“My treatment with Lia was a totally unique experience – inspirational and deeply spiritual. The sounds are both healing and profoundly comforting. I feel that the healing has elevated my awareness and connectedness to a higher vision of myself.
Joanie Galvin – Make-up artist

“A healing session with Lia is quite extraordinary. Her voice is exquisite, quite literally out of this world.”
Rebecca Stewart – Counsellor. 

“The most memorable aspect of Lia’s healing was her melodies. They filled the space around me. The soft vibrations touched me making me feel very relaxed and happy. I knew they were expressions of love that could mend my emotional pain. Lia’s work helps me get through one of life’s most difficult lessons…..grief.”
Corrine Smyth – Marketing executive 

“When I first saw Lia I was very sick. My body was so disoriented that, at times, I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. No medication helped. After the first session, I slept like a baby for the first time in months. After five sessions I was my normal self again. The experience was beautiful – so peaceful, so calming, so relaxing. It was like heaven to me. You can’t find anything that would be more relaxing than that.”
Rosa Afonso – Home carer/nurse’s aide

“Working with Lia’s sound healing over the last few months has been a wonderful experience. It has accelerated and smoothed my journey along the spiritual path, assisting me with past life, chakra and auric work and much more.
Deirdre Davis – Dentist

“I felt my soul rise up from deep within to embrace the beautiful and magnetic Song of Sirius. Lia’s unique gifts, combined with her love and commitment to Spirit, created a truly profound healing experience.”
Jennifer Starlight – Metaphysical teacher/Healer

“A truly amazing awakening, the Sounds of Sirius unearth, unlock and release channelled messages that stir the soul and assist with one’s life purpose and enlightenment.”
Frank Fulham – Project Manager

I met Lia In Sydney In a crystal store 2002. When I saw her I knew that I had to speak to her – I lost interest in looking at the crystals! Later, in the healing session I had with her, she assisted me in letting go of a dark angel. This created great awareness for me around what I was carrying in my energy field, that was no longer serving my best interest. I am so grateful that I trusted my intuition to go into that crystal store. Lia is one of a kind she is a true gem working and anchoring the light here on earth”.
Annick Toussaint

“My healing session with Lia was on of the most nurturing and beautiful experiences of my life.”
Carmen Warrington – author

“Lia has been given a gift. Through her voice and her connection with the Archangels, she heals through dimensions and time. I felt a deep sense of peace and tranquillity.”
Kerrylin Holm – Spiritual massage/energy healer

“Through the unique resonance of her beautiful voice. Lia created a sacred space of absolute safety and tranquillity, within which healing at the deepest level of my being could occur. Cutting through the chaos of my life to a newfound peace deep within me, Lia’s healing voice brought to life the music of my soul, supporting my quest for a deeper, more satisfying meaning to my life. I am eternally grateful for the gifts of Lia’s healings and to those Angelic Beings who work through her, with whom she is so closely connected.”
Virginia Pearce – Lawyer

“Lia’s singing creates a vibrational shift bringing a profound level of healing , the like of which I have rarely experienced.”
Kevin Taylor – Electrician

“I left my first healing session with Lia re-energised after a tremendously positive and deeply rewarding experience. Subsequent sessions helped me re-connect with my inner spirit, reawakening a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose and my uniquely individual qualities. Lia is a very special person, blessed with unique gifts. I am fortunate that my life has been touched by her. It has taken a new and exciting course.”
Paul Meehan – Management consultant

“A truly unique healing – a must to experience first hand. Lia, thank you from my singing heart.”
Catherine Finn – Corporate trainer

“A healing session with Lia is like a massage for the soul. The energies she channels are deeply nurturing, soothing, sometimes gently cajoling. and always uplifting for the spirit.”
Frances Robertson – Artist

“During the meditation, I saw what I thought was my chakras being swirled around below me to my left and they didn’t seem to be the ‘normal’ colours – I have problems with my left side from my waist down to my thigh area. Last night I slept like a log!!  You don’t know how wonderful that was for me, as every night I wake when I turn in bed when my side gets uncomfortable. Not to wake up once, to me is amazing! I have played ‘Starsong’ again and look forward to many pleasant and relaxing hours with it. You have a beautiful voice, so clear and yet so resonant – it reverberates to one’s very core. Many thanks again….may you always be in Love and Light”
Betty Templeton, Perth WA

“I have always enjoyed sound healing and the idea of hearing light language fascinated me. So when Lia Scallon came to Sydney, I jumped at the chance of having a healing session. Lia channels the ‘Sounds of Sirius’, Sirius being the brightest star in the night sky. She works in conjunction with the Council of Sirius, the Ascended Masters, the Archangelic Realm and the Divine Mother energy.

Lia’s soft Irish lilt made me feel calmer and as she anointed me with essential oils and gave me some Shell Essences, I could feel the tension dissolving. She laid crystals at various points on my body. I was astounded by the clarity and range of her voice. At times I felt as though I was listening to a harmonic choir and then her low toning resonated like a crystal bowl that I could feel vibrating through me. It was not what I was expecting to hear from this ethereal Irish lady. I had to keep reminding myself that no, it was not a CD or someone playing the bowls.

As she channelled the Divine Mother energy she would occasionally touch a certain body part, resting her hand in a very soothing way. She moved around the table and it was wonderful when she whispered the harmonic intonations into my ears. The purity of her voice and the interchange between toning, speaking, singing and silence was beautiful and the experience will stay with me for a long time. I could feel stagnation disintegrating from around my hips and legs, dropping down into the earth. I received some beautiful guidance at the end of the session and timely validations. After having the best night sleep I had experienced in weeks, I felt peaceful and serene.

Celebratory Meditation for the Goddess Energy
Two days later, on Monday 1st May, the Festival of Beltane in the Celtic Calendar, I again experienced the Sounds of Sirius in a celebratory meditation for the Goddess energy.
The group invoked the Goddess energy with a beautiful prayer:

Oh Great Goddess, Bless this night
Keep me safe and whole.
Oh Great Goddess, Bless my path
Help me to act on thy wisdom.
Oh Great Goddess, Bless my family living on this Earth.
May this night be blessed with gifts, lessons, understanding and friends
May my energy be a gift to all I meet.
Let me be centred, healing and open
May I face this night with courage, kindness, insight and compassion.
May my spirit and body honour this night.

Lia then anointed us with Spikenard essential oil, used by Mary Magdalene to anoint Jesus. Each attendee had a personal experience and though we may not have understood a literal translation (although one lady said she did), we could certainly feel the meaning behind the words and sounds. Pure love and compassion cannot be mistaken in any language. A very moving experience which I hope to repeat in the future.

Sounds of Sirius… A gift to all

The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are a gift to all and our souls recognise the messages they carry. I will be certainly working with the CDs to re-experience the magical sound in my own space and with clients. So thank you very much to Lia for this exquisite gift from the Divine Mother for us all.
Michelle McGrath


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“Lia, I want to thank you so much from the deepest part of my being, for choosing to be a vehicle – a gift to humanity – with these beautiful, angelic vibrational ‘Sounds of Sirius’. I am in deep gratitude for being led to you and to your exquisite creations. Words cannot convey the joy my soul feels when listening to the healing Sounds of Sirius. The vibrations within these songs, carry one deeply into one’s inner ‘Diamond Light’ dimension, which we have but forgotten exists within each and every one of us. Bless You…”

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