How to Use the Sounds of Sirius

How ‘The Sounds Of Sirius’ can heal you

SOS-LOGO3The beautiful melodies and words of ‘The Sounds of Sirius’ touch us at many levels of our being, both conscious and unconscious. At the very deepest level they bring healing to our soul. The soul resonates so profoundly with the healing vibrations carried within these sacred harmonics, that for many people the feeling when listening, is one of recognition and remembrance. It is the feeling of ‘coming home’.

Although Lia received strong guidance as to some particular areas of healing that would be gifted with each of the individual channellings, she realises now that she ‘consciously’ receives only a fraction of the picture.

“This work has evolved over the years along with my own spiritual growth” says Lia. “My own expanded experience, coupled with the wide range of feedback I have received from people who have been using the CDs, has brought the realisation that ‘The Sounds of Sirius’ are working on many more levels than I had ever dreamed of. We are all connected – part of the great universal Oneness – but we are also unique. On listening to ‘The Sounds of Sirius’ then, each individual soul may respond in a myriad of ways, which reflect the unique stage of their own journey at that particular point in time”.

Therefore, although each CD has a description of the guidance Lia received about it, please keep in mind that you may have been drawn to it for a totally different reason altogether!! Let your own Higher Guidance be the judge of what your soul is calling for right now. Use your intuition to interpret the energy or feeling that you may be receiving from the covers or the sound bites or the descriptions. You are the one who knows best what your soul is craving right now……

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” icon=”none”]‘The Sounds of Sirius’ are the Divine Eternal Mother’s Song of Love for humanity. If you have found this work, know that She has drawn you to Her, quite specifically, to speak to your soul at this particular moment in time…..[/box]

How to use “The Sounds Of Sirius”

Choose a place within your home and dedicate it as your Healing Space – somewhere to which you can retreat for rest, recuperation and solace.
Make it special.
Light a candle, burn some incense or essential oils.
Allow yourself this one, uninterrupted hour,
to set aside all the worries and concerns of the day.

Invite your Angels and Guides to surround you.
Ask for their protection and help in opening your heart,
to receive this healing from the Divine Mother.
She, above all, knows what you need.

Close your eyes and feel your body relax.
Surrender fully to this journey as you ask
the Divine Mother to heal your soul.

Do not worry if feelings of grief, pain or discomfort surface at first –
these are coming up to be healed and will pass.
Feel yourself letting go of old hurts and wounds,
anger and loneliness, grief and despair.
See all those old patterns flow effortlessly, out of your life, into a sparkling, cleansing, ocean of Love – transformed forever,
as ‘The Sounds of Sirius’ wash through your being.

Resist any attempt to understand the language,
for these are the words of the Eternal Mother, which speak to the soul.
Don’t worry if you fall asleep!
With the conscious mind out of the way,
healing can take place at a very deep level.

You cannot overuse these healing sounds.
You may wish to listen to them each night when you go to bed.

Artwork by Lise Nilsen