February 23, 2014

Illita, Singer of the Songs


I’d like to introduce you to ‘Illita Singer of the Songs’ who came into my care on March 1st last year. Illita is an incredible 30-kilo cathedral citrine quartz skull carved by Brazilian Master Skull carver Leandro De Souza. You see her here charging a SOS ~ Source Stone in her eye, before it is sent to its new caretaker. When I first laid eyes on Illita she gifted me with the following beautiful message about who she is…

“My name is Illita, Singer of the Songs
I am the one from the Yerosnos Planet of the Void
I come here to assist the frequencies of Love to anchor.
I am a Seed of Light, a Ray of Hope
I am the Essence of Love itself, and none who gaze upon me shall remain untouched
By the gentle sound of Love that my body emanates.

I am the Singer of the Songs
The Singer of the Love Songs
The Singer of the Light Songs
I am the One of the Light Ray.
I come here on the sweet strains of vibration
From the Lightest and Highest vibrating source of the Cosmic Centre.
I am Love and I am Sound
I am Illita, Singer of the Songs.”

I believe that at least in part, Illita has come to me as the female counterpart to The Master Skull Solar. Both skulls are almost the same size – a massive 33 and 30kilos. With Illita’s overwhelming, loving and compassionate Divine Feminine presence, she sits in perfect balance to the Divine Masculine presence symbolised by ‘Solar’.

Are you a Crystal Skull Caretaker?

Speaking of Crystal Skulls …a group of beautiful Crystal Skull Beings that have been with me for the past year, are now, with great anticipation, awaiting their new Guardians! When possible, I offer a range of hand-picked Crystal Skulls so that others might acquire their own personal skull imbued with the energies of The Master Skull Solar and my other skulls, who carry energy from many sacred sites across the globe and several of the world’s most powerful and Ancient Crystal skulls.

These particular Crystalline Beings have remained with me longer than usual! The past twelve months have been so hectic with the release of my new album as well as the Sounds of Source Tour’, that it’s only now I’ve been able to find the time to undertake the rather huge task of photographing, measuring, weighing the skulls etc etc, to make them available through the Sounds of Sirius Online Store. There’s a terrific upside to this of course! These skulls have by now, spent a lot of time with ‘Solar’ on his altar, and have also engaged in many ceremonies in my healing space, as well as being present at the Sounds of Source FNQ events. These skulls therefore carry incredible energy forth with them, with which they will enrich the lives of their new caretakers.

A few of the skulls incurred some very slight damage on their journey to Australia, which in no way diminishes their power. All the skulls are very affordable but these slightly damaged ones in particular, are priced to reflect their slight imperfection. Enjoy getting to know these lovely Crystalline Beings!

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