October 3, 2016

Inner Child Healing


When used together,Starsong’ and ‘Song Of The Earth’ have proven to be profound Inner Child therapy. The Light Codes embedded within the music and Light Language, activate and code the body into the Light. ‘Song of the Earth’ assists in healing memories from the womb and the first few years of life, which shape so much of who we become. ‘Starsong’ is a gentle and joyous celebration of life, that helps to heal the inner child from the age of two onwards. The high frequency vibrations contained within these two albums have been gifted to help reconnect us once more with our soul’s true essence. Together, they are a comforting, calming and deeply relaxing gift from Spirit, that brings solace and healing to the child within.

CD Set
Normally  $50
Special Offer – $40

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