‘Journey of Love’ Testimonials

Mystical Ireland – 2017
Land of Faeries, Saints & Scholars

In September 2017, Lia and Stephanie and I took a group of soul seekers on a  ‘Journey of Love’ to the ancient and mystical land of Ireland. Without exception, it was a transformative and life-changing journey for every person involved.

It is Lia and Stephanie’s sincere hope that their ‘Mystical Ireland’ Journey of Love 2018, will be equally as powerful for all those who hear the call.

What People Experienced

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the remarkable and unforgettable two weeks we had! The two of you created a wonderfully inclusive, magical web of light which everyone seemed to fall into with ease as we visited so many amazing places. Time seemed to disappear, and our group unified into a wonderful collective of energy.
Pam Rosati 

It was an amazing trip for me in so many ways. Every day we thought it couldn’t get any better, and each day it did! I have truly shifted from my experiences on this trip, especially due to the spiritual/other-worldly experiences I had at St. Brigid’s Well and Tara. Life is so much easier now since I am in flow and in sync with the Universe. I laugh a lot more, and am more joyful and grateful for everything. I hope to join you and Stephanie on future ‘Journey of Love’ adventures!
Linda Bedard

For anyone who wish to experience a tour that includes love, beautiful energy, lots of the sacred, and the most precious experiences this world has to offer, I recommend one of Lia Scallon’s and Stephanie Phelps ‘Journeys of Love’. They work beautifully together, each bringing different gifts that create a synergistic flow that keeps one excited and in the flow of life experiences. If you ever have the opportunity to become part of one of their tours…jump at it!
Wendy Everett 

You had a profound impact on my heart and my soul when we journeyed through Ireland in 2017….I’m incredibly grateful for the experiences and the enlightenment!
Belinda Morrison

I wish to thank you both you for facilitating such a magical journey to beautiful Ireland. The amazing photos you sent are another proof of the blessed time we shared there. There is no doubt I will be joining you on further adventures of the inner calling.
Judi Khan 

Our Journey of Love really had a profound impact on me. I now move forward without fear and have just bought a house! I am so grateful for everyone in our group. Each of you have helped me take another step of my journey. 
Kelly La Fleur

The trip was so heartfelt for us. Now if we see footage of Ireland – or England – and its special places, greenery, hedges, we puddle up. We are still awestruck by it all. Such a Wow experience.
Mary Newport & Paul Hurst

Thank you so very much for providing all of us Mystical Ireland Sojourners with so much love and the ability to hold ceremony. I had such a wonderful time.
Mai Calev

Gather oh energy of life
Touched by the earth
Celebrated by the crystals
Annointed by the Fairies
Blessed by the bite of an apple
A path into the sky
A wonder of the Universe
May the energy clear the world to an ever lasting love.
Scott Calev



‘Journey of Love’ – Mexico 2016

In March 2016, Lia and Stephanie took a wonderful group on a ‘Journey of Love’ to the sacred Lands of the Ancient Maya in the Yucatan, Mexico.This It was another transformative and a life-changing journey for all concerned and as you will see from the comments below, the group forged deep bonds that bound them together as family. Those friendships continue to this day, and several of the group joined Lia and Stephanie again on their subsequent ‘Journey of Love’ to Ireland.

Dear ‘Journey of Love’ family, we really shared a divine time together, opening our hearts and joining/re-uniting as a family in the Yucatan ancient Maya magic. I am still profoundly connected to you all, through the space of our ceremonies, particularly the final closing ceremony. When I tune into this space I find it is as strong now in existence, as when we were actually there in 3D. Love to you all.
Nicola  (Australia)

‘Journey of Love’ was the most profound experience of my life. I am so grateful to have been there for this experience and transformation!
Mary  (USA)

Dear ‘Journey of Love’ Family, I feel so connected with each one of you. I have been searching and searching, and my soul is so happy to finally know what my path is. I feel very humble and thankful to be a part of this wonderful soul family. Thank you Lia, Stephanie, Trudy and Miguel Angel for this wonderful Journey of Love; for all the Ceremonies and Initiations; for waking up my inner wisdom; for reconnecting me with the Land, the Maya’s, the Mother and Father Energy and the Source. There is so much more inside me, but there are just no more words to express all my feelings.
Esther (Singapore)

Thank you for our special journey. I watched the transformation of others and I include myself in that list. Being with a group of Angels was extraordinary.
Klaus  (Australia)

I embarked into the unknown by attending 10 magical days in Mexico. All I knew was that we were going to visit old sacred Mayan sites, and do Ceremonies, meditations and sharing circles. Little was I expecting to find 24 beings of Light who I would not only make friends with, but also share unconditional love. As our Journey unfolded through the sacred Mayan land, it was clear to us all that we were there not only to work on ourselves. We were re-united from previous life times to reactivate the knowledge we carry deep in our souls, and release the knowledge held for so long within these sacred sites. The ‘Journey of Love’ did change us…for sure.
Mara (Australia)

I know I found my true self at Ake. I am still feeling absolutely wonderful – peaceful and complete.
Linda (USA)

I feel so blessed to have met you all. I miss you and look forward to when the Universe brings us together once more. Since I have been back I am clearer on what I need to do to live my truth, and how to do the will of Infinite Spirit. It was such an amazing time of healing, friendship and love.
Cathy  (Australia)

I feel so blessed by this ‘Journey of Love’ and by the mystical adventures we all shared.
Gemma  (Australia)